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Karen Toilet Whore

If this whore is your taste I’m sure you’ll be seeing her on some street corner giving $5 handjobs for crack pretty soon. Karen is one high class bitch, a really piece of work that you’d be proud to bring home to meet the folks. Her resume includes eating cum out of a condom, gets fucked in the ass with a plunger, drinking dirty toilet water, and having her teeth brushed with a dirty toilet brush.

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Defrancesca Gallardo Extremely Hot Babes and Very Horny

Ya gotta love any video that starts off with two extremely hot babes, one blonde slut and one very horny brunette girl making out on the stairs. It gets even hotter though when these cum sluts are joined by two guys with very big and very hard cocks.

You run through the standard pussy pounding and cock sucking and both of these bitches know what they are doing. It gets really juicy as each of these slutty looking whores take turns getting fucked in the snatch and asshole at the same time.

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Glauren is chick is fucking nuts

We have piss pot toilet whore Glauren for you guys this week. This chick is fucking nuts, aside from the tattoos and piercings she’s off the wall bat shit crazy when it comes to sex. This chick loves being mistreated, used and abused on camera and off. When she wrote us she said she would only shoot for us if we gave her true toilet whore treatment, we were more than happy to oblige. She started off giving the toilet a cleaning with her tongue, being sanitary is important after all.

Glauren must really love being face fucked and having cock shoved all the way down her throat, she has tears of joy running down her face from the start. We didn’t want the tears to mess up her makeup so we washed her face off in the dirty bowl. You know when you start with a swirly it’s going to be a fun fucking time. This whore can deep throat like a fucking champ, taking down every inch of our stunt cock and holding it until she erupts with spit and bile trying to catch her breath.

Glauren is a bit of clean freak, she made sure to not only lick the spit and bile off the toilet but slurp up whatever hit the floor.

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Anna is Back


Ever since I banged Anna to repay her debt to me she drops in once in a while for a good fucking, kinky bitch. I showed her a tape of me destroying one of the other toilet whores and she asked me to do it to her. I showed this dirty whore what being a dirty whore is all about. She didn’t get off easy, I skull fucked her and fed her back her puke, flushed her pretty face in the toilet, banged her tight ass and fed her 2 loads of cum. I treated this cunt like the dirty whore that she is, what are friends for after all!



Catherine is a dirty, dirty whore with big natural boobs. She was actually a really nice and friendly girl, which is good because with a face like that you need to be a whore with a nice personality. She took anything and everything, throat fucking, spitting, tit slapping, ass licking, hard a fuck ass pounding, and I mean hard, ass to mouth back to ass and back to mouth, I even shoved a toilet brush in her cunt while fucking her in the ass, this dirty cunt got the works. Because she was such a good sport I let her wash the taste of my ass out of her mouth with some toilet water before cumming in her mouth.


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