Keanni Lei
This week we take it outdoors and seriously stuff Keanni Lei. Our boy Billy starts the stuffing by filling Keanni’s mouth with his man meat, there’s so much cock jammed into her mouth her saliva gets pressed squeezed out as she drools all over herself. We love this mini slut, she may be small but she packs a whole lot sexiness into that little frame of hers. I’m usually a big rack fan, the bigger titties the better but that usually comes with an ass that follows, unlike MC Hammer I don’t like big butts, I like small yet meaty asses and big fucking titties, but I’d make a serious exception for Keanni. Tits are like the mags on your car, they can be modified and swapped out at any point. With such a tight little ass I don’t think I’d spend much time on her cute little boobies anyways. The again after watching this video and seeing the punishment her anus goes through I don’t know how tight it is anymore. One thing is for damn sure, after seeing the shit she’s done in her three shoots with us I’d do some crazy things to her but I’d start with a bleach bath, I can get down and dirty but she’s had more cock sauce splattered on her and splooged into her than I care to think about. Gotta clean those holes good before I go in for a dip, not that I’ll ever get the chance to disappoint her with my 4 inches of fury.
Sophie Dee
This week we have the cute little blue-eyed blonde that is dumb as a fucking post, meet Sophie Dee. What this fucking twit lacks in brains she makes up eagerness, most girls prefer to answer questions then get skull fucked at first but not Sophie, even before the shoot started she was offering up blow jobs to everyone around. Our boy Ben is only getting half his normal pay since Sophie did most of the work ramming her own face as far down on Bens cock as she possible could. What a beautiful sight watching this dumb fuck pigs big baby blue eyes swell up as she takes down a huge cock meat sandwich. Most of the time when these dumb whores try and talk sexy they come off sounding annoying as hell and half retarded, but for some reason when Sophie runs her pie hole I don’t want to smack the shit out her quite as much as some of the other blabbering hogs. Sophie’s flappy ass tits were fun to watch bounce around as she took an anal reaming and only took breaks so she could suck Ben’s cock and enjoy the taste of her own anus.
Sasha Grey
This week we pair up our guy Sasha and pornstar hopeful Sasha Grey. What a champ this little cutie is, at just 18 the slut swallows cock like a pro. We love getting such enthusiastic whores, which take just about anything we throw at them, with a smile to boot! After destroying the amount of whores we use and abuse it gets pretty easy to tell when the bitch is really into it and when they just need a quick pay check, and this fuck slut is the real deal. When Sasha came in to shoot with pigtails and told us she loves having her hair pulled we knew this little tart would be a ton of fun. Next time we\'ll have to pair her up with two guys so we can shut her the fuck up and have a cock rammed in her face while she\'s being nailed to not have to listen to her talk non stop. I\'m confident you guys are going to love this little gag whore as much as we did…
Hillary Scott
Hillary Scott comes back for a serious Biohazard double-teaming. When it comes to being a cock hungry fuck slut, there aren\'t many whores that come close to Hillary. We wouldn\'t dare insult her by just giving her one guy, this girl knows what she wants and we are just the guys to give it to her, and then some. Any slut can gag on a cock, just about any can take an ass reaming, most can get double penetrated like a champ but it takes a special girl to take 2 cocks in her pussy at the same time and a real princess who can stuff two cock in her ass, then her mouth. Hillary it was a pleasure to work with you and fill both your anus and mouth with semen then watch you drip it out of your ass and gargle it before swallowing every drop. So Brav-Fucking-O Hillary, you\'re a champ!
Gia Paloma
The other day I saw a t-shirt that said \"Born 4 Porn\" and it made me think of this week\'s Biohazard Bitch Gia Paloma. This little fuck pig has been doing porn for a few years now and like a fine wine she just gets better with age. We\'ll pop the cork now before that fine wine turns into a bottle of vinegar piss:-) The last time we shot her she didn\'t have her big fake titties, it\'s nice to see she\'s investing the money she\'s making wisely. Gia loves the cock, we ram it down her throat, slam it into her pussy and jam it all the way up her once tight ass. Being the efficient whore that she is Gia is able to gag on cock while being fucked in the ass and have cock jammed all the way up her ass while another is fucking her pussy, now she can add multi-tasker to her resume. We double penetrate this slut, stretching out both her holes simultaneously and taking turns feeding her the cock straight out of the pink and the stink. After a serious double stuffing we cover her face with two big loads of cock sauce and as an added bonus she got a squirt right in the eye.
Rio Mariah
We double team tight little whore Rio Mariah this week. If you like hot Brazilian babes this week’s Biohazard Bitch is one of South Americas hottest exports, she’s cute, has a nice meaty ass, big fake tits and can deep throat like a champ! We cram as much man meat down her throat as we can, feeding her hard cock until she’s drooling and spitting up all over her fine self. While one guy is face fucking Rio the other is pummelling her phat ass, they keep spinning her around so she can suck the fresh ass juice off and give the other guy a chance ream her anus. If her mouth isn’t filled with dick she has her tongue buried in man ass or sucking on sweaty balls. These guys go at her hard, I don’t think a second goes by where cock isn’t being rammed up her ass, down her throat or in and out of her cunt. Most of the time she’s being double stuffed and has two of three holes filled at one, talk about multi tasking. This bitch got smacked and tossed around like worthless rag doll, fed dick fresh out of her pussy and ass, made to suck her spit and bile off sweaty nut sacks and made to endure fists and cocks being rammed up her ass and then got blasted with two loads of cock sauce. Our new video guy tried to get fancy with editing and add some music, next time he pulls this shit we’ll fit his ugly face with a ball gag, and lock him in a room with Rio and her 12 inch strap-on!
Jasmine Tame
This week we have the not so tame Jasmine. This isn’t the first time we’ve shot this hot little whore, but it’s the first time we’ve stretched her out with a giant a foot longer! There aren’t many girls that can deep throat such a huge piece of man meat and Jasmine is no exception but she does put in some extra effort to get it down as far as possible. I don’t expect anyone to be able to take every inch of this dick down their throat, I am somewhat realistic. Then again when it comes to having her pussy and ass stuffed Jasmine takes Chris’ giant cock balls deep in both her holes. I am not an expert on anatomy but I’m pretty sure that there is some type of organ or something this dude has to be hitting when his dick is buried deep inside poor Jasmine. Most women say size doesn’t matter, which is only true unless it’s really big or really small. I would hate to see the look on some poor girls face that doesn’t get fucked for a living if she ever brings a guy like Chris back to her place, undoes his pants and this anaconda hits the floor. That can be some scary shit for most women, or man I suppose! If any city wants to drop its crime rate among straight men all they need to do is place life size posters of Chris with a full on erection and the headline, “Thinking of breaking the law? This is what awaits you in prison!”
Kelly Wells
This week we have our very favouritest whore Kelly Wells. I know it’s not politically correct to pick favourites, it might make the other whores in the zoo jealous but they just can’t compete with the great KW. Last time we saw her she was wearing a pig nose, gagging on cock and showing us what a cumhog she is. That was nothing compared to what we put her through here, it’s time for a tag team double stuffing like you’ve never seen. Kelly loves being a whore, she even describes herself as a dirty fucking cunt; you just gotta love this Biohazard Bitch. Kelly swallows both cocks at the same time, gagging and drooling all over her nice natural titties. The guys take turns penetrating holes simultaneously; one fucks her pussy while other slams her ass. With most girls that’s about as dirty as they get, not with Kelly, that’s where she starts. We double penetrate her pussy, filling her cunt with both cocks at the same time. But the fun doesn’t end there, our sick bastards then double stuff her once tight anus! You heard that right, we ram both big hard cocks up her poop shoot at the same time. It takes a special type of whore to be able to take two cocks in the ass then lick the ass juice off each cock before swallowing both loads of dirty cock sauce. Now do you understand why we love Kelly so much.
Eve Laurence
It\'s December and you can\'t escape it, everywhere you look there\'s something to remind you Christmas is coming. Not because people are happy and excited, because everyone is losing their fucking minds. Fighting over parking spaces at the mall, pepper spraying other shoppers because some junk is on sale, getting hammered at the office party, and racking up debt to buy shit for people who don\'t appreciate it. Well bah humbug, there\'s no jolly fat man, just a horny drunk that likes to fuck whores. Each week this month we\'ll have our degenerate Santa or one of his little elves bang some slut from the naughty list. This week we have big tit bad girl Eve Laurence, getting her stocking stuffed.
Jayna Oso
This week we have a Biohazard veteran porn star Jayna Oso. I’m amazed when girls come back to us a second time, it’s like they haven’t learned their lesson just yet, but very few come back to for the abuse and humiliation trifeca. We weren’t exactly easy on her the last time she was here, so Jayna is one of those whores that really and truly loves the abuse. This time I actually paid attention when Jayna told me where she was from; this little slut is originally from Brunei but grew up in Hawaii and now is a proud resident of some slum near east Los Angeles. This chick can deep throat like a mother fucking champion, I’m amazed how much we can fit into such a tiny slut. Getting face fucked is like a day at Disney compared to what we did to her ass. We stretched and pried her butt so far open you could a family of gerbils in there. After watching what this dumb cunt went through I have to add a small disclaimer to our model release, something like “Prolong exposure to Biohazard Bitches abuse might cause anal leakage”. Seriously after the stretching session on Jayna’s stink star I’d be amazed if her farts ever make sounds again! I can’t continue to talk smack about this crazy cunt, she is beyond hardcore and we love her dearly. So remember as the holiday season approaches nothing says “I love you” quite like shoving both your hands up a loved one’s ass and having her lick them clean then filling her face with two goopy loads of cum.
Maya Hills
We have an exotic looking, dirty talking whore for you perverts this week, meet Maya. Something really amazing happened during this shoot, Maya started off looking like a hot exotic daddy\'s little girl and after a serious skull fucking, she looked like a clown that spent the night crying after being hit in the face with a bat. It\'s no joke she went from a hot chick you\'d love to fuck to so some scary looking hog that you wouldn\'t fuck with you friends cock. I guess getting choked, spit on and having your face fucked like an overused pussy will do that to someone. Although once her ass clown face was covered with a load of semen it did look a bit better:-)
Amy Lee
Amy Lee was another potential for my fake TV show Porno Fear Factor. These whores are ready to do whatever it takes for the chance of earning a few bucks. Its all about pushing the limits with these whores, having them taste all kinds of shit, their pussy and ass, my feet, balls, cock and ass, basically whatever I can put in their dirty mouths. This tiny bitch isn’t used to big dicks, wait till you see what ramming that tight pussy bareback did to her!
This week we have some nasty ass interracial hardcore fucking with Jessica Fiorentino. I’m sure most of you haven’t heard of Jessica before but she has been in some very classy can educational adult films, like Cumstains 38 and my favourite The Art of the Cumfart! When you star in a movie like Art of the Cumfart you know you’ve made it as an actress and that you’ve honed your skill and have become one with your craft. Jessica has the skills to pay the bills, she takes down Franco’s chocolate rod until her pretty eyes get red swelling up with tears. I don’t know if it’s the deep throating that’s making her cry or when she has her tongue buried deep inside Franco’s poop shoot that does it, either way I’m sure they happen to be tears of joy:-) Someone needs to tell Jessica that Franco has evolved and doesn’t need to work through that jungle Bush of hers, someone need to give that bitch a razor. Showing off the tricks of the trade she’s picked up over her short career as a cum slut, Jessica expels the semen deposited in her anus with precision aim onto Franco’s feet. Then being the obedient cunt that she is, she proceeds to lap up every drop of his cock cream.
This week\'s dirty little whore is Kissy Kapri. Are you an average girl that wants to do porn? Do heads not turn when you walk down the street? Do you leave the house without looking in the mirror to see if your teeth are full of the overly applied overly red lipstick you shouldn\'t be wearing? Are you a complete pig in the bedroom, loving when a guy dominates you and stuff you with cock? Do you want to pay the rent doing something you enjoy? If you said yes to most of those questions then you can be like Kissy, an average looking girl with an above average appetite for cock. We stuff this pig with cock, down her throat, up her ass, and then back down her throat, giving both a serious stretching. On camera or off this bitch is ready for anything you throw her way, a true home gown whore, just the kind of girl we like here at BHB. Kissy takes a mouth full of sperm and swallows every last drop, such a good little whore.
Carmella Bing
Big sex drive, big attitude and big boobs, this week’s biohazard bitch is Carmella Bing. This slut is for all you sick puppies out there like me that like big ass breastesess, the bigger the better! With big titties usually comes a little meat, for some odd reason any broad that gets bolt-on boobs usually grows into them. It may take a few years but the rest of their body always ends up getting bigger to match the rack. No biggy I don’t mind a little extra cushion for the pushin, the extra meat gives us something to grab on to while slamming these dirty whores. I was going to say that I can forgive a little belly fat jiggling around if the tits are massive, but fuck that, if you’re getting naked and fuck for a living, attempting to be some type of so called “model” then put down the happy meal, pick up a carrot and go run your ass around the block a few times. This is your profession, act like a fucking professional! Our two stunt cocks didn’t seem to any issues with Carmella they tag teamed her and double stuffed her without any hesitation. Taking turns jamming their dicks into each of her holes and going back to have their dicks sucked clean from any pussy or ass juices then painting her face with their cock sauce.
Dana Vespoli
This week we have the Asian sensation Dana Vespoli. Actually Dana is a mix breed, I believe she’s part Asian, part cockasian and part Indian. Don’t quote me on that, I can be way off because I don’t really pay attention when these whores talk to me and tell me about their irrelevant lives. I don’t mind shooting the shit with women who actually have a head on their shoulders, it’s the dumb broads that every second word out of their pie hole is “um” or “like” that I want to hit in the face with a shovel. Luckily I didn’t have that issue with Dana, she’s actually a smart cookie and has directed some porn herself. Like a true professional Dana takes Bens big dick balls deep in any and all holes. This slut isn’t best looking or hottest chick we’ve ever shot, she’s doesn’t even act like the biggest fuck pig but for some reason I would love to stick it to her. Must be her personality, or the fact she takes and anal reaming and facial creaming like a champ:-)
Amber Rayne
Meet the dumb, ditzy and delectable Amber Rayne. She’s kinda cute in an everyday average girl kind of way. She’s down to earth, really nice and very funny. She could have all the personality in the world or none at all, she could be hot as fuck or an ugly hound wouldn’t make a difference once you slip your cock in her mouth. This bitch has skills; Amber is a deep throat master! Just watch her take down every inch, coming up to drool all over the cock then slurping it all off! I don’t know why this dude even bothered fucking her at all, I would have just lied back and enjoyed watching her slap herself with my dick. Any girl who takes down every bit and tries to stay down with a throat full of man meat for as long as possible, comes up for air then goes back to break her record is marriage material! Okay maybe not marriage, eventually losing half my shit is a stretch, but I’d give up a couple paychecks to fuck her face and fill her mouth with cock cream and watch her swallow every drop!
Brooklyn, more then just a city to get mugged in, it’s also the name of the whore Ben and Steve used, abused and left with a soar gaping anus. Its like a slut gargle symphony listening to her gag on cock as she being pounded in her pussy and ass. When we interviewed this cunt she mentioned she loves being double teamed, I don’t think she was ever double teamed like this before. Wait till you see her gasping for air and her eyes popping out of her whore face as we ram cock down her little throat. Good thing this cunt came in with her clean STD tests, any bitch that can take an ass pounding like she does has been around the block a few times, shit who knows how many times she’s stopped to work the corner on those blocks. Any bitch who tastes dirty cock straight out of their own ass is a dirty, dirty girl, just the kind we love here at Biohazard Bitches. After taking a load in the ass she takes one to the face, if you get queasy watching cum dripping out of a red gaping asshole, you’ll love this scene:-)
Lela Star
This week\'s biohazard bitch is hottie Lela Star. We get some real pigs that come through our door, some have nice tits or a nice ass that makes up for their fugly faces, and some have nice faces but not such hot bodies. Well today we have the whole package when it comes to looks, Lela is a fucking hottie, great smile, hot ass and a great rack. But no one is perfect, this hot little number is holding out for some schmuck to pay her $20,000 for her to do anal. We\'ll wait a year until she\'s hooked on meth like most of the other whores and get it for $150:-) Besides we can have fun raping her face, skull fucking that pretty thing until she\'s gagging and drooling all over her nice big titties. Along with the face, rack and ass she has a pretty pink pussy, that we stuff full of cock and slam till our hearts content. Taking breaks only for her to lick her cunt juices off the cock. It\'s funny how she thinks she\'s somewhat less of a whore because she doesn\'t take it in the pooper. Lela if you\'re reading this (assuming you can read)… Honey you get face fucked, have your pussy rammed and take a mouth full of cock sauce and swallow ever drop, don\'t be such a princess, you\'re a whore like all the others!
Mika Tan
Happy Halloween mother fuckers! This week we have all treats and no tricks, unless you consider stuffing two big cocks inside tight and tiny Mika Tan at the same time a nifty trick. I know it\'s not proper to talk about a woman\'s age but after a face raping and being sodomized I don\'t think letting the cat out of the bag on Mika being 33 will be pushing our limits. I think this Hawaiian hottie looks fucking awesome for her age, after all most girls get into this business around 20 and don\'t last all that long fucking for money. Seems with age comes experience, and the ability to deep throat a 9 inch cock. Growing up Mika was a model and appeared as an extra in television, commercials, and the theatre. So let this be a lesson to all those girls who move to California with big dream of becoming a star, odds are you\'ll wind up on a low budget porn set getting cock stuffed by two strangers and left with a face full of cock cream and a soar ass.
Taryn Thomas
We have a treat for you perverts this week, we bang the shit out of aspiring porn star Taryn Thomas! If you\'ve never heard of Taryn she\'s a hell of a fun fuck and can take a cock like it\'s no body\'s business! We fuck her whore face like it\'s a wide open pussy, jamming cock down her throat and having her gargle and choke on it. We here at BHB love the dirty girls, and Taryn is a real dirty whore. Most of the whores we destroy taste their own ass over and over but it takes a special kind of dirty slut to stick her tongue up Ben\'s hairy poop shoot. This girl can play bottom and top, being the submissive slut doing whatever she\'s told and also being able to take the ropes and be a dominant bitch. We let her play the boss for about a minute, the rest of the time we treat her like a dirty little fuck toy. Ben swaps holes over and over, going from her mouth to her pussy to her ass and then back and forth from one to the other. He focused mainly on stretching out her anus and dirty little fuck face, slamming her so hard you can see her eyes roll into the back of her head. I don\'t know how Ben does it, slamming the fuck out of her for over 20 minutes with her saying the dirties fucking things and not blowing his load, I guess that\'s why he\'s on camera fucking all the hot babes and I\'m sitting behind a desk writing text, summarizing it for you sick fucking perverts. When he finally does pop his load in her mouth she\'s a good girl and swallows every last drop!
Kelly and The Gang
This week we went for something little different, five girls and no cock! It\'s still a kick ass hardcore rough sex scene, Kelly Wells gets slapped around and fucked hard by four other chicks! You think our guys are rough, wait till you see what these crazy cunts do when they get aggressive, slapping, spitting, hair pulling ramming huge dildo\'s down Kelly\'s throat and up her ass, not necessarily in that order. Watching a rough blow job never get\'s old but it\'s good to see Kelly grabbed by the hair and her face mashed into a tight pussy. These girls are ruthless, you\'d think they\'d have some sympathy for Kelly but they don\'t cut her any slack, stepping on her head while fingering and fisting her pussy and ass! We don\'t get a cumshot but there\'s no shortage of rough sex and gaping ass holes!
Roxy Jezel
This week we have Asian sensation Roxy Jezel getting tag teamed. Last time roxy was here we teamed her up with two guys so this time we couldn’t disappoint her with just one. This spicy Thai whore loves the cock, the only thing that would have made her happier would have been another dick to fill any open hole. Roxy is a tiny little thing at barely 5 feet tall and maybe 95 pounds she would probably be turned away from most rides 6 flags. Luckily at the Biohazard fun house we only have height and weight maximums, not minimums! Little Roxy takes her double stuffing like a champ, practically begging for more as she has a pole slammed in each hole. The only think that seems to shut her up is covering her face and mouth in ball batter!
Alicia Angel
We have a real cum slut for you guys today; this sweet piece of meat is Alicia Angel. Our boy Sasha rams his cock into this sluts face so hard that spit, puke and bile comes out her nose, a biohazard first! You know when you start with some nasal barf it\'s going to be a fuck of fun time. This bitch loves to suck cock, especially right after it\'s been pulled straight out of her gaping corn hole. We have a blast stretching this slut, just about ripping her mouth, pussy and ass apart. Once the destruction is done we surprise her with four loads of cum, it was her lucky day:-)
This week we bring back one of our favoritest little whores; Katsumi. We love this little chopstick, she can take a cock that’s almost as big as she is, in this fuckfest she takes on two of them. There aren’t many limits for Katsumi, for the right price she’ll love you long time! Just to be clear by “love you” we mean she’ll swallow a cock balls deep right after it’s been buried in her tight Asian ass. It’s rare we bring back the same sluts, they are a dime a dozen and the only thing better than pussy is new pussy. When it comes to a handful of hotties like Katsumi, Lauren Phoenix, Vanessa Lane and Jana we can’t get enough of them. Not just because they are the hot pieces of ass, that’s easy to find, these women are pros, they know how to fuck and be fucked, they have killer personalities and never bring any drama with them. Usually the hotter the piece of ass the more of a pain in the ass diva we have to deal with. It amazes me how some of these cunts will gag on dick until they puke, suck ass juice off a sweaty cock, take a face full of cock sauce and then complain because the bathroom is messy or bitch because they are drinking out of a glass that hasn’t been washed well. There is no end to the things these dumb cunts complain about, that’s why we love Katsumi and girls like her, their only complaint is when our stunt cock cums too fast.
Keri Sable
This week we have blonde babe Keri Sable. Yeah yeah this whore is hot, she’s tall with perky natural tits, a tight ass, big bright eyes and long blonde hair, big fucking deal! She’s the type of cunt that knows she’s hot, dresses like a fucking tramp and then gives people dirty looks when she see’s their eyes on her. Any cunt that gives off the “I’m too good for you” vibe I want smack in their overly made up face. Girls out there like Keri seem to forget that for a few hundred bucks they’d let any guy face fuck them, take a cock bareback in any hole and then get left on their rug burned knees with a face full of sperm. Know your place bitches, you’re whores not an actresses, you fuck strange guys on camera for money! Get that nose out of the air and use it for something you know you’re good at, snorting coke! Sorry if I seem bitter, I love whores, I make my living filming them fuck, without them I’d probably be behind a cash register asking people if they want to supersize their meals, but I can’t stand the stuck up cunts that think their shit don’t stink and Keri is one of those whores. She came in and started her bull shit about her rules and limits; I was so close to tossing her out on her whore ass. Fortunately for her I had too much invested to tell her to go fuck herself so we shot the scene, we splattered her face in cum and we will never film her sorry ass again!
Rita Faltoyano
Alright you sick mother fuckers all the deep throat face fucking was fun but now it\'s time to get back to stretching out something other than a whore\'s mouth. I don\'t know how much more we can possibly stretch out on this week\'s biohazard bitch Rita Faltoyano, this cunt has been around the block and by that I mean she\'s had more big black cock in her than a urinal at the Apolo. We didn\'t have a dark piece of meat to slam into her but we have the next best thing, Lee Stone and his famous foot long schlong! For some reason our editing retard thought he\'d be creative and put a nice romantic musical intro, consider it foreplay before Lee stuffs Rita full of man meat. I\'m amazed that any chick no matter how many times she\'s been fucked has no issue taking every inch in her ass. I understand that my pencil dick isn\'t going to have a whore screaming, but this dude has a big fucking cock and Rita takes it with ease. I guess the saying practice makes perfect isn\'t just for hitting a baseball or memorizing state capitals, it also applies to being sodomized by cro magnon man.
I always mention how amazed I am that these whore actually enjoy being mistreated. Most of the whores that come though our door take the abuse, a few bucks for their crack fix and we never hear from them again. Bonnie came back to eat cum off the floor and drinks some piss and this time Hillary came back for one of the most brutal face fucking we’ve ever administered. She came close to puking so many times but amazingly no food came up, I think she can credit her eating disorder to not blowing chunks everywhere. She thinks she’s a star so we let her speak her mind for a little bit before the action starts, then Sasha comes in and shows her the only thing her mouth is actually useful for. He fucks her face like it’s her pussy; ramming cock into her throat until snot bubbles are coming out of her nose, this bitch is hardcore! He goes back and forth from face fucking to reaming her tight ass then back to shoving his dirty cock full of her ass juice back down her throat. Personally I like when Sasha’s banging the crap out her and stepping on her head at the same time, multitasking at it’s best:-) This cunt is loud, she fucking girgles, gargles and moans so much you just wanted to smack her, or shove more cock down her throat so she can’t even make a noise. Even when you think enough is enough and Hillary swallows Sasha’s dirty load, he grabs her slut face and rams his cock down her throat one last time! Welcome back Hillary, hope to see you again soon!
Jenaveve Jolie
This week we have sexy Latina porn star Jenaveve Jolie. Chances are you’ve never heard of this filthy slut but she’s been in over 250 films, and by the way she drools all over herself while gagging on cock you can tell she’s no amateur. Jenaveve is a tiny little thing; I’d be surprised if this little fuck tart breaks five feet and 100lbs, which makes her easy to toss around while we treat her like a worthless piece of fuck trash. You’d think being called names, treated like a meat hole, made to gag and being choked while getting slammed with dick would turn a girl off to fucking on camera, not this whore. She loves the cock, she loves the abuse and we love her for it. If you like somewhat normal sized fake titties and not the jumbo ass clown racks then chances are you’re going to be a fan of this sluts boob job. Even though she was born and raised in California she looks like one hot little import with her exotic features, which look even better covered in sperm.
Katja Kassin
Week in and week out we have a new girl that comes in and we do our best to rough her up and treat her like a worthless pig. On occasion the girl is expressionless and boring, sometimes she’s chunky or ugly, we’ve had weeks where the stunt cock was a useless meat head and on once in a while the video editing guy has made his share of fuck ups. This week we have none of that garbage, Katja gets tag teamed and double stuffed. The only part I could criticize is the tit fucking looks more like our stunt cock was taking a Cleveland steamer on her chest, but that would have just made the fuck session that much better! We face fuck her and ram two cocks into her throat so hard I’m amazed she doesn’t puke. Then they went to work putting a pole in each hole, which for most women would be enough to have them leave in tears. We didn’t just fuck her pussy and ass simultaneously our guys shoved two cocks deep into her gaping anus. That’s right mother fuckers, you read it right, double anal! Finish it off with cum gargling two big loads and you have yourself one kick ass video, enjoy...
Chelsea Zinn
Happy Monday mother fuckers. I was going to rip into this whore Chelsea Zinn for having saggy tits, then I double checked her age and god damn she looks fucking fantastic for over 40! Looking at her tight ass I would never have guessed Chelsea was even 30. With age comes experience, she’s no stranger to being fed cock fresh out of her poop shoot and tasting her own ass. Mark and Otto must have had a blast fucking both her face and ass with the same enthusiasm, only penetrating her pussy when her anus was already fully cock stuffed. This cunt doesn’t shut up, even with a mouth full of dick she’s still yapping away and talking dirty. As annoying as she can be at times, she’s way better to listen to than the retard holding the camera and his whispering directions... someone needs to punch the ass clown in the throat and shut him the fuck up. Chelsea goes through a serious stretching session, before swallowing two loads of cock sauce.
Nadia Styles
This week we bring in hot little brunette Nadia Styles. This fun little slut has mad oral skills, which is works out well since she’s chosen a career in cock sucking. Any whore that can deep throat and manage to stick her tongue far enough out of her cock filled mouth to lick balls has talent. Nadia told us she has an oral fixation so we made sure to take every opportunity to stuff her face with pussy and ass soaked dick. Nadia is cute, tiny, has a tight little ass and perky tits, the only thing on this bitch that isn’t small are her big floppy snatch flaps. This chick has some serious wizard sleeves; if you’re into meaty pussy you’d feast Nadia’s roast beef curtains. I don’t know what it is with these tiny girls and the ass reaming they’re able to endure. We sodomize this whore repeatedly only taking short breaks to give Nadia a chance to get skull fucked with Bens ass covered cock and she took it all with a smile, such a good little whore.
Tory Lane
Last week we feel like we disappointed everyone with that white trash crack addict Lexi, this week we make it up and then some with the hot and fucking amazing Tory Lane. Talk about going from a 2 to a 10, Tory is one of the hottest and dirtiest whores shooting porn today. She’s got just the right amount of meat in the right places, big fucking titties and is simply beautiful! She looks like she gives the most unbelievable head, deep throating and spitting on it, I’d have a hard time smacking her across the face while she’s balls deep on my cock, good thing Anthony is the stunt cock and not me. I feel I wouldn’t do her justice, I’m simply not worthy of this calibre of fuck slut. It takes a real man to admit it, even with a valiant effort Tory Lane would have me beat, but I’d give up almost anything to have a crack at her. Besides how much fun would it be knowing you can’t win? Watch the skull fucking and anal reaming she takes and ask yourself if you could administer this type of punishment, cover her gorgeous face with cock sauce, you’d be spent and exhausted, yet she’d be ready and waiting for more, could you handle it? Oh to be given the chance!
Holly Wellin
You know when a whore starts off sticking her finger up her ass then tasting it, it\'s going to be a fun session. Actually anytime we have Holly Welling come in we know we\'re going to have a fun fucking time, she\'s fuck pig and fucking proud of it. Holly is the perfect slut for a guy with no arms, she drives her own head down on cock until her eyes swell up with tears. It\'s one thing for Holly to taste her neatly primped pooper hole but to stick her tongue in the hairy ass of our stunt cock and sucking on his stinky feet is going above and beyond the call of duty, bravo biatch. Unfortunately for Holly her small finger is nothing compared to the big cock that we jam up her ass, but just like her finger she\'s going to taste the cock time and time again straight out of her freshly pounded anus. By the size of the giant gapes we give this sick slut it\'s my guess that she\'s no stranger to sodomy. By the looks of it she\'s no stranger to having a load of semen blown all over face, being the good whore that she is she scooped up and swallowed every last drop!
Nikki Hunter
We bring back big boob blond bimbo Nikki Hunter this week. Nikki is dirty fucking slut, she has a filthy mouth, looks like a nasty whore and fucks like an animal. This bitch was born for porn, when she’s not being fucked by some random guy I bet she’s at home shoving the remote control up her twat. From all the years of being fucked and stretched open if Julie ever needs some extra money she could rent out that cavernous crack as a self storage unit. It’s a good thing this big tit whore still has a tight asshole because fucking her pussy is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. These guys treat Nikki like she needs to be treated, ramming cock down her throat nonstop hardly giving her a chance to gasp for air. Julie reminds me of this slut I used to date, the bitch once looked up at me while I was banging her and said “Making love is for Valentine’s day, now fuck me like the bitch that I am.” Needless to say I fucking blew my load right then and there. I don’t think we have enough guy on our roster to wear out Julie, this bitch can take a pounding like no other whore I’ve ever seen.
McKenzie Miles
This week we have somewhat innocent newbie McKenzie Miles. So this girl first gave it up a year ago when she lost her virginity at 18, a little over a year later she’s fucking for money and on camera, amazing how things have changed! McKenzie’s roommate told her how much she had shooting for us so McKenzie figure she’s make some quick money and gave us a call. Since this was McKenzie’s first scene we wanted to break her in nice and slow, our boy started off by wrapping his hand around her neck and squeezing all her worries right out of her. This blonde bimbo might have taken her sweet as time before having her first fuck but we can tell by her deep throat skills she’s been sucking dick for a long time. This tight little whore can take down a 9 incher balls deep without drooling or gasping for air... much. We shot this video last year when McKenzie was just 19 and thinking of doing some softcore pictures to help pay the bills, we opened her mind, mouth and freshly shaved pussy to a world of possibilities. You’ll be happy to know McKenzie is still shooting porn, but unfortunately won’t return our calls, perhaps we left her with a bad taste in her mouth;-)
Nikki and Holly
We have big treat for you sick fucks, we bring back Nikki and Holly. We have and even bigger treat for these two blonde whores, the biggest white cock in porn today! Two mouths, three hands and this massive slab of man meat still isn’t fully covered, it’s enormous! This cock is so big that it squeezes out every bit of air in the Holly’s once tight pussy, giving us a classy quife every time our boy rams his cock in. I can’t tell if Nikki’s pussy does the same because it’s hard to hear anything over the screaming from having her cunt torn apart. These three keep busy, while one bitch is being fucked the other is being eaten out, at any given time someone always has a hole or a mouth filled with cock or cunt. This guy is the zen master, I don’t know how he keeps himself from blowing his load, slamming his massive cock doggy style into Holly’s pussy while Nikki is underneath tonguing his balls and ass hole. The girls also take turns pulling his dick out each other’s pussy’s and licking it clean. When banging two whores at the same time you have to make sure to give each of them equal attention, you don’t want one feeling like she got left out. Holly swallows a load halfway through the scene after pulling the massive piece of man meat out of Nikki’s pussy, then a new load is built up so Nikki gets a taste too.
Kelly Wells
We brought back the princess of penis, the champion of choking, the first lady of fucking, the queen of cock miss Kelly Wells! They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and judging by the way Kelly devours the man meat we put in front of her face I don’t think she’s eaten in days. Someone needs to get this bitch a bib, she soaks herself in her own spit and bile and whatever else comes up as she gets violently skull fucked and gagged. This girl is fucking nuts, off-the-wall batshit crazy, stick just about any whore into a room with two guys sporting ten inch cocks and they cringe at the thought of having a pole in each hole. Not Kelly, she takes a dick in each hole for breakfast, this crazy cunt takes the two dicks in her ass balls deep! Now that’s a true double penetration. We stretch out her anus and ram cock so far into her face you’d think she was made of rubber. We’ve met some crazy bitches over the years who would do some nasty shit, but there are very few who are as twisted as Kelly on camera. Off camera she’s fucking funny, always cracking jokes and quite the wise ass, I think I’m falling in love...
Laurie Vargas
Hey you, yeah you, the sick the fuck reading this, we know you\'re into this hardcore shit, if you also like a natural, juicy, hairy, snatch you\'re gonna love Laurie Vargas. If you like a nice smooth clean shaved pussy then you might just throw up in your mouth a bit when you watch this, then again why should the girls be the only ones swallowing a bit of gagged up vomit:-) Shaved box or not Laurie is one hot exotic whore with a great talent for swallowing cock and sucking balls. Along with a cute face, nice natural boobs and great oral skills this hot import also comes standard with a hot, tight ass ripe for a serious fucking. Laurie mentioned she was hungry before the shoot so we made sure to feed her; Pussy soaked cock was a good appetizer, then a main course of anally lubed cock straight out her freshly fucked ass, and for desert she got to munch on some man ass and top it off with a mouth load of cock sauce. You did a great job Laurie, now hopefully you\'ll have enough money to go buy a Big Mac and have enough left over for a fucking razor.
Adrianna Nicole
Meet Adrianna Nicole, I know nothing about her except she has the perfect face... for fucking! This video should serve an instructional video to women on how to suck cock like a proper whore. Gagging herself and drooling on the cock then slurping it all up just have a full mouth of regurgitated saliva when she takes the cock down again balls deep into her throat. I was going to say watching the mascara run down her face as her eyes swell up with tears is like the icing on the cake, but the face full of cum then watching Adrianna spit, slurp and swallow it is the perfect ending!
Tory Lane
This weeks fun little dirty fuck pig is Tory Lane, and we have a new guy up at bat. Because he\'s new we won\'t bust Anthony\'s balls too much for starting off by eating Tory\'s pussy and ass, he starts off all gentlemanly like but doesn\'t waste much time before he jams his rod into Tory\'s throat. He\'s new to us but this guy is good at what he does, besides with the amount of muscle on this fucker we don\'t want to bash him and piss him off, we\'ll save that for the cum drinking fucktards we love to abuse and sodomize. Tory has a hella nice rack, which makes up for little bit of extra meat on the loud mouth slut. A few extra pounds is probably one of the only negatives I can find, she talks like a nasty whore, deep throats a cock balls deep like a champ, takes an ass fucking like it\'s no body\'s business, sucks cock with passion after it\'s been pulled out of her freshly fucked ass and pussy, and like a good girl tongues the balls as our man blows his load all over her face, mouth and nice fucking titties. Good job you dumb fucking whore, now hit the gym with Anthony and drop that extra few pounds:-)
Nikki Hunter
Nikki Hunter sure is an enthusiastic whore. This dirty little slut is proof that any pig with big fake titties and beached blond hair can get into porn. Actually that\'s not fair to say about Nikki, this bitch also has a few other things going for her, a dirty fucking mouth that you just want to smack or shove something in to shut her the fuck up and a never ending appetite for cock. Okay, I\'ll admit this mutt faced fuck doesn\'t come off as your run of the mill whore looking to make a couple bucks. This bitch is an all out whore and loved to get plowed and have all her holes filled with cock, smacked around and treated like a little fuck doll. This bitch doesn\'t quit yapping, next time we\'ll have to pair this cunt up with three guys so there will always be a cock in her mouth. I do have to give her credit for giving an awesome performance, good job you dirty fucking pig.
Jasmine Byrne
This week we have the hot little Latina Jasmine. You wouldn\'t know it by looking at this tiny Mexican cutie but she\'s also a dominatrix, so our guys better be careful, she can take it and dish it out. I love me some big titties, usually the bigger and faker the better, but there are certain cases where I\'m a fan of small cups and this is one of them. Couple Jasmine\'s tiny frame, perfect b cups, shaved pussy, love for double penetration and Mexican heritage and I think I found the perfect maid! Then again cleaning my place would be such a waste of this little whore\'s talents. With her skills there\'s no way she\'ll be knocking on doors saying \"house keeping\" when she puts such effort in shoving two dicks in her mouth. And let\'s face it I think we can all agree that watching her get spit roasted, is far better than watching her vacuum, except for you vacuum fetish perverts. Jasmine you found your calling, so keep you day job of getting your holes filled with jizz then drinking the drippings out of the bowl my dog drinks from, it suits you!
This week we turn Xandy into a human oreo! The human body is an amazing thing, to be able to take a tight asshole that most people have issue putting a finger in and stretching it to the point it where you can sit on a coke can and suck it right into your lower intestines is quite amazing. While on the subject of the human body I’m not sure if having a foot long cock the width of a can is a blessing or a curse. Very few women can deep throat you, many will have issue getting into their pussy and only overused whores like Xandy will be able to shove it into their anus. So props to Xandy and her elastic ass and vag, taking two monster cock with relative ease, I’m sure her parents are very proud of their little girl. You would be amazed how many people dig some hot interracial fucking, I know a few guys how love to watch their white girls getting destroyed by some by big black cock. Skin color aside, because I personally don’t give a flying fuck about it, this is some great hardcore, ass pounding, double penetration tag team action!
Lezley Zen
This week big Ben Savage breaks in brunette milf Lezley Zen. You wouldn’t guess by looking at this slut that she’s a 35 year old mother of 2, she has to be one of the hottest MILF’s we’ve ever had the chance to stuff with dick. Many of the chicks doing porn over the age of 30 look beaten and worn out from years of partying but not this firm fuck-tart. She’s got big firm fake titties and a nice tight ass that most 20 year old chicks wish they had. As hot as she is and as nice as she seemed when I spoke to her she’s been divorced twice so she can’t be easy to live with. Let’s face it most guys deal with nothing but bull shit from their average looking wives and stay with them forever. This chick must fly off the handle and get bat shit crazy to have been able to scare off 2 guys before the age of 35, most guys would deal with a lot of crap if it meant getting to nail suck hot piece off tail. Any chick that fish hooks herself while you blow your load all over her face and mouth is alright in my book, maybe I’ll have a chance at becoming husband number three!
Alicia Rhodes
Hello. How are you? Nice to meet you… Those are three great examples of how to greet someone when you first meet them, something we need to teach the Neanderthal guys that work for us. These guy\'s animals, it\'s like they\'ve been behind bars and haven\'t seen a woman in years. They waste no time tearing Alicia apart; one guy rams his cock down her throat while the other politely shoves his cock right up her ass, and that\'s in the first 15 seconds of meeting this dumb whore. Poor Alicia, she had no clue she was about to get railed by two guys, double penetrated, stretched and gagged within 5 minutes of showing up. No need feeling bad for this stupid slut, she probably gets off on the thought of two strangers taking control of her so they can bust her hole and feed her cock straight out of her freshly reamed anus. We really put this whore through the ringer before unloading two massive loads and paint her pretty face white:-)
Jessica Jammer
Hey all you sick fucks this week we have blonde bubble brain Jessica Jammer. I know there are some guys out there that love small tits, if you’re one of those people who I don’t understand then you’re going to enjoy Jessica. Her tits are too small to be considered boobs or a rack, they are more like nipple bumps, hell this bitch is hardly an A cup! I might sound like I’m complaining but I would never, we are equal opportunity perverts and will cock stuff whores with any size boobage, especially when they have a nice ass! I hope Jessica doesn’t get bolt-ons her tits are nice as they are, too many of these skinny girls get implants and soon enough their ass grows into their tits and the belly starts, there’s no need for that. Shit seems this bitch can’t even put in the effort to get her roots bleached, I doubt she’ll be getting surgery any time soon, she’s too lazy to see a stylist or a pharmacy at the very least. With her sweet pink saved pussy I don’t think anyone will care about the dark roots, hell this bitch could pull a Britney and be bald on top too and I’d still spend hours downtown on her. Plus any chick that will eat not only her own ass but that of our stunt cock is alright in our book, no matter what her hair, tits or ass looks like, bury your tongue in my corn hole and I’ll love you long time.
Charmane Star
We have a spicy little number for you perverts this week, meet the tight and tiny Charmane Star. She\'s a prime example of some of hot women the Philippines has to offer, plus she isn\'t a pre or post opp tranny, fool me once... ;-) I\'m a fan of dumb blondes with big fake tits but I also love these hot little imports, kind of like my behemoth white Escalade and little rice burning 350z roadster, I appreciate the best from east and the west. Once is built for comfort and ego, the other for performance and a nice snug fit, works for the women and the whips. Gives a whole new meaning to pimp my ride! Personally I think our chemically enhanced stunt cock was having an off day, here\'s his opportunity to get out all the built up roid rage and destroy Charmane\'s tight pussy and virgin ass! Instead he seemed like he was more interested in making love to her, well up until he gave her a face blizzard.