Leah Love
Ah Leah Love such a sweet and innocent looking girl, Jesus fucking Christ looks can be deceiving! This cunning little slut knows how to play the game and use her small fame, tiny titties and braces to her advantage. While 95% of the other cunts try and make themselves look like over made up whores with the painted on makeup and big fake racks Leah takes the young and innocent route and does it better than almost anyone else. She’s fun, bubbly and just the right amount of dumb blond. She comes off as so innocent until you slam a cock into her braces filled mouth, then the whore in her comes out. If you didn’t think she could get any cuter than when she’s sitting there in a pony tail with that smile shrugging her shoulders then wait until we flip her upside down fuck her face until her eyes swell up with tears and she’s drooling all over herself. It doesn’t get much hotter than that!
This week\'s blue-eyed blonde bimbo is Aurora Snow. Seems Aurora loves to talk and tell stories, then again if I knew I was about to be skull fucked, I\'d waste as much time telling useless boring stories as I could too. I don\'t know if her voice or the stupidities she\'s saying but next time we\'ll be teaming her up with two guys so we can have that mouth stuffed with dick and not listen to her dumb ass banter. I don\'t want to be too hard the dirty little whore, she takes an ass reaming like a champ, and we appreciate any slut that likes to have her hair pulled and get slapped around. If you\'re the type of sick fuck that likes to see the freshly fucked ass gape then you\'re going to love this scene, we jam it all the way up her ass and stretch it out over and over. If you\'re wondering what that stretched out ass tastes like just ask Aurora, we keep feeding her cock fresh from her. Apparently nothing adds to the taste of ones own anus like a mouthful of some stranger\'s semen, this cum slut can\'t get enough of it!
We have another imported whore today that took a serious fucking reaming. Victoria is one dirty pig. Any whore that loves licking some strangers ass and getting his cock rammed so far own her throat she can\'t even gasp for air is perfect for Biohazard Bitches. The boys put this dumb whore through the ringer, they took turns fucking her ass then ramming their dirty cocks down her throat. I sure hope this twat had some Listerine to wash out that filthy mouth of hers after eating the amount of ass she did. A little bit of bum breath is a treat compared to the torn rectum Victoria left with after being sodomized by 2 big cocks. Our boys finished this bitch off by painting her face with 2 gooey loads of cum adding the icing to the cake or whore in this case. Something tells me we broke Victoria\'s spirit along with her ass. Welcome to the biohazard zone, bitch!
This week we ass fuck wannabe porn star and genius Sammy Cruz. I hate to talk negatively about any of the dumb fucking whores that we use, abuse and treat like worthless pieces off fuck meat. They have feelings and I would never want to say anything that would offend the submentals in any way. I always wonder about people who get names tattooed on them, especially when they ink their own name on their arm or chest, is it just in case they forget their name, I mean what the fuck, I always thought that was so damn dumb up until I met Sammy. This whiz kid must be a member of mensa because she has completely changed my view on the subject. This braniac inked her lower back with a massive SAMMY! This way when you\'re done cock choking her and go to bang her tight little ass you know exactly whom it is you\'re sodomizing and about to cover in semen.
This week we have creative cunt Chrissy Cums to use and abuse. This stupid slut must have put weeks of thought into that realistic stage name, idiot. She’s tall, thin, and has really nice small perky tits. She was also blessed with beautiful blue eyes that look even better when they swell up with tears from having dick rammed down her throat. We got three dopey jokers to bang Chrissy, the only way we could have found bigger stooges is if we had Larry, Curly and Moe gang banging this whore. It’s a good thing Chrissy was so enthusiastic about being nailed by the three amigos, I can’t even imagine the gong show this would have been if she wasn’t good at directing these half wits. We’ll have to add an extra few bucks to her Christmas bonus for putting up with these fucktards. They face fucked her and took turns stuffing all of her holes simultaneously, sticking a pole in each hole while she screamed and moaned. Lucky Chrissy left us in full Christmas spirit with a stretched out anus and a smiling frosted face.
Ding Ding Ding we have a winner! Meet Shannon the winner of our Most likely to be a post op. tranny award LOL. When this ass clown walked through my door I wasn\'t sure what the fuck it was, other then really fucking strange. She\'s actually a really sweet person but at first glance you\'d probably bet that she has a cock or had one at one point:-) But once you see the roast beef curtains hanging from this whore you know the only cock she has are different ones stretching out her loosey goosey snatch each night. Her cunt might me a little used and worn but her tits are brand spanking new and fucking massive, I guess when you have a face like Shannon you do what you have to do to draw people\'s attention elsewhere. Don\'t get me wrong, Shannon does have a good face to stick a cock into after you pull it out of her stretched anus, and she definitely looks better when she\'s on the ground with a face and mouth full of sperm.
Missy Monroe
The saying goes “The only thing better than pussy, is new pussy” no one can argue with that, but there’s something to be said for a whore that’s tried, tested and true! There are those that fear the unknown and prefer going back to the same hole, they feel secure knowing they won’t be disappointed. We love fresh meat but a solid whore that knows how to take a fucking just can’t be beat. That’s the case with girls like Missy; she takes the cock like a champ! Whether it’s being rammed down her throat until she’s gagging and drooling all over herself, sliding into her pink pussy or stretching out her anus, Missy takes it like a proper fuck slut. She’s hot, dirty and not too smart, just the way we like them. How big of a slut do you have to be to tattoo your name on your ass so that guys fucking you from behind remember your name? This isn’t the best scene we’ve shot with Missy, she works better when two guys are abusing her, we’ll be more prepared for next time, but we did have fun cracking her ass and filling it with nut butter.
Elf Sandra
T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house something was stirring and it wasn’t a mouse. We have a Christmas treat this week for you this week, a look into what really happens at Santa’s workshop and why those elves are always so cheery. You see boys and girls when Santa’s elves aren’t busy building toys for spoiled, snot nosed bratty little fucks they are tag teaming one of the she elves. When they aren’t being abused as slave labour’s the elves keep themselves mighty busy. At least the female elves are kept busy by all those over worked pointy eared perverted man midgets. We have none other than Sandra Romain to deck the halls and jingle some balls. James and Alex put some Christmas spirit into Sandra, well they jam it, cram it and jam it into each and every hole of hers. If you’re good you might get a model train or a video game but if you’ve been naughty you get to ass fuck a filthy whore and clean your cock off in her mouth, now there’s a Christmas Carol in the making for you. Santa get’s cookies and milk and Sandra the elf gets a face full of frosting:-) All of us at Biohazard Bitches hope you sick bastards have a great holiday season!
Missy Monroe
We bring back the mouth watering Missy Monroe this week. If this were any other girl I would almost feel bad and have pity for the punishment inflicted, but this is Missy and she\'s the master of disaster! I don\'t care how big the dicks are or how rough the guys try to be, time and time again we destroy the dumb fucking whore and she doesn\'t just take it, this crazy cunt keeps coming back for more! Needless to say when I call Missy a cunt, whore, slut, bitch, worthless piece of fuck meat, it\'s a term of endearment and meant as a compliment, she knows that and I want to make sure you guys know she feels the same. We\'ve destroyed hundreds of whores and few have the spirit Missy does, this chick is fucking amazing. We rip her apart, tearing her ass up to the point you could probably fit your head up her poop shoot, should you want to that is. I think I\'m in love with the cum gargling sperm sack, if only she would return my calls.
Chelsea and Lexi
This week we have some reverse tag team action, two girls on one guy! As much as these gals work together Chelsea and Lexi do their best to push the other past her limits. The pair of whores start off taking turns gagging each other, each bitch forcing the other sluts head down on the cock, then sharing the cock like the good little sluts that they are. This week pussies are reserved for licking, finger and fist fucking, the cock is reserved for ass poundings only. By now you sick fucks are used to seeing us feed these whores cock straight out of their own ass, we love good ass to mouth action. As disgusting as eating cock fresh out of your own ass is, it can\'t be half as bad as eating ass soaked cock straight out some other dumb whores ass. I don\'t care how close you are with your friends, some people share tooth brushes, some share a bar of soap but we know we\'re crossing the line when we feed these hogs the ass juice of the other, it\'s just disgusting. Not to be outdone by ourselves we don\'t just use and abuse these two whores, we blow a dirty load of sperm into Lexi\'s ass then have Chelsea feltch it out, you read it right we get Chelsea sucking the cock sauce right out of Lexi\'s stretched out anus!
If you like exotic whores with nice big tits you\'re gonna love this weeks Biohazard Bitch Satvia. Ben calls and tells me has this hot little whore at his place and she\'s willing to fuck on camera, I told him to stop calling me with stupidities and to go crack that ass. Satvia has a really cute face, with great \"fuck me\" eyes, and plump lips perfect for stuffing with hard cock, which Ben wasted no time doing. The slut really had fun playing for the camera, but playtime only lasted a short time before Ben started ramming her in the ass and then feeding his dirty cock to her, showing Satvia what being a filthy whore is really like. This first timer took it like a pro, getting gagged, having her tight little ass stretched and gaped, and like a true fuck pig swallowing every last bit of cum that landed on her whore face. I just hope Ben doesn\'t send me the cleaning bill for his couch; this pig was so wet she soaked the fucking thing!
Nadia Hilton
This week we went against our better judgment and brought back Nadia Hilton and some whore who\'s name I can\'t remember. After the last mess of a fuck session with Nadia we thought we\'d never see that smug face of hers again, we were wrong! She said it was an off day and wanted to come back, she told us she\'d bring a nympho friend so we agreed. I wish I remembered her friends name because she was great, riding Lee and even taking his foot long schlong balls deep into her ass. She was loud and vocal which could get annoying but anything that makes Nadia seems the least bit better is welcome. The chicks took turns getting fucked but not once did Nadia take Lee\'s cock while it was soaked with ass or pussy and clean it off in her mouth. She was a bit better than last time but still a major disappointment, Nadia if you\'re reading this... You went and bleached your hair, got great big fake titties now it\'s time to at least learn how to fake looking excited and take cue\'s from others and get dirty you fucking waste of a hot body. Your friend did all the hard work and you go and steal the cum shot, you a greedy emotionless cunt!
Brooke is a real sweet heart, she’s not your average whore with the “I’m a porn star” attitude. Which is good, because the whores with the egos don’t stop to think that when any guy can pay them a few hundred bucks, ram them in the ass and blast their face with cum, film it, sell it, it doesn’t make them a porn star, that makes them a bigger whore! I think Brooke is nicer because she has a little more cushion for the pushin’ then most of the skinny girls we get usually. That’s okay we at BiohazardBitches understand that fat girls need love too, they just have to pay for it lol. Lee took it easy on Brooke, I’m gonna have to have a talk with him, just because this bitch smiles like she has down syndrome doesn’t exempt her from getting a serious ass pounding. She’s got more to pound, he should be taking full advantage of that, our boy better not me getting soft in his old age!
Vixen is one of the few red headed whores we’ve met where the curtains actually match the rug. As with most red headed sluts we expected her to have a serious fucking attitude, but she was surprisingly subdued. Vixen is new to the whole porn thing so we made sure to start her off nice and easy with a double stuffing of cock. Ben and Sasha waste no time in ramming Vixens pretty face, taking turns stuffing cock down her tight little throat. The boys have their fun double stuffing this pig like she’s a Thanksgiving turkey, followed up by basting her face with some cock gravy. Either this dumb bitch gets railed by two cocks on a regular basis or we need to have her paired up with some of our less gentle guys. I find her moaning too monotonous and one would think being banged in the ass would bring out more expression on her face. Then again her enjoyment is not high on our priority list. Next time we’ll make sure to bring out more expression… and tears.
This week we stick it to blonde bimbo Kinzi. Can you guess what sets Kinzi apart from all the other blonde whores that we shoot? Is it her looks, nice boobs, fake and bake tan, ability to gag on cock and drool all over herself, nope, none of that sets her apart! The fact is nothing sets this dumb fucking cunt apart from 95% of the other wannabes we shoot. I’d give her extra points for having a nice ass but she loses them for not knowing how to shake the damn thing. She talked up her cock sucking skills which were average at best, not that’d I’d tell her to stop if she was polishing my knob. The problem with girls like Kinzi is every guy she’s ever blown has probably told her she’s amazing and the best they’ve had because they are just happy that a this somewhat hot chick is blowing them. She’s already got your cock in her mouth, there’s no need to feed her ego with compliments, call her a dirty whore and jam her head down, she’ll respect you more for it later, trust me.
Vanessa Lane
We get all kinds of cunts that shoot for us but none are as fit as this week’s biohazard bitch Vanessa Lane. This girl keep sherself in shape, maybe it’s all the fruit she eats or the fucking random men on camera work out routine. She’s not just a hot body, she’s got great eyes and a mouth you want to ram your cock into. Don’t go ramming it in too fast now, she’s got braces and can do some serious damage if you’re not careful. We were trying out some newer stunt cocks and showed them showed them the video of when Vanessa visited us last. When we asked which guy wanted to fuck her this time, they all wanted a piece. We like to keep our stunt cocks happy and decided to let all these guys have at it, this way if they want some they can have a sword fight and compete for face time. They took turns fucking her while she blew the last guy who was penetrating her pussy, and round and round she went. These guys were like college kids in a cunt store, each wanting a taste and a turn, I’m amazed they lasted so long before blowing their load. When they finally were ready to pop Vanessa took each load and made sure not to waste a drop.
This week we double team hottie Trina Michaels. This bleached blonde with big fake tits is so original I\'m surprised the bimbo didn\'t have a barbed wire tattoo across her bicep. Trina has a nice looking face, but it looks so much better when she\'s being smacked by two big cocks and having then fed and rammed down her throat. The only problem with banging the crap out of whores with big fake boobs is the only thing that jiggles when you\'re pounding them is their belly fat. We\'re not complaining, those big ass fun bags are fun as hell to motor boat and slap around. Trina was born for porn, we see many girls come and go, giving the porn thing a try and then going back to whatever miserable life they had before but I think we\'ll see Trina around for a while. Not just because she has big ass clown fake boobs or loves the cock, but because she truly is a dirty fuck pig. Any bitch that likes it and swallows when a guy spits in her mouth, takes two cocks at a time and loves every second of it will do well making smut films. She just has to make sure she stays slim and trim! On the day of our shoot all she ate was a couple of freshly ass soaked cocks and a mouth load of semen, if she keeps this diet up she\'ll lose that extra pudge in no time at all:-) This one fun fucking whore…
Jasmine B
This week we’d like you to meet two of three people that will never be back here at Biohazard Bitches. The third is the camera guy that shot this whole scene just a tad out of focus, idiot. Jasmine is pretty cute if you like exotic looking whores, she’s got small tits but a killer ass that makes up for it. Eric is pretty good at his job of stuffing Jasmines face with his big cock, ramming it down her throat until she’s gasping for air. He tosses her around and fucks her all kinds of cool standing positions. This bitch was cumming all over Eric’s cock just about the whole time, coating it with pussy juice. Hope that cunt cream tasted good for Jasmines sake, in between each position change she licked, sucked and cleaned off his cream coated cock. All in all I have to say these two put on a pretty good performance, so why won’t we be bringing them back you ask… Jasmine has such a fine ass and not once did Eric stuff his fat cock in it. We don’t ask for much, is a romantic skull fucking followed by ass tearing anal with a little ass to mouth action then all finished by a face full of cock sauce too much to ask for, I think not!
We bring back itzi bitzi teeny weeny cum loving cunt Kat! It’s amazing what some girls do for love and money, or maybe it’s just for the love of money. Surprisingly it doesn’t even take too much money to get girls to come over and get face fucked, used and abused by total strangers. I’ve been on dates that ended with me going home and spilling my seed into yesterdays dirty t-shirt that cost me less than it cost to have Kat double teamed. For a small girl it’s amazing how much dick she can fit in her tiny body. We double stuff this little bitch, a pole in hole and then feed her the dirty dicks so she can suck them clean. You wouldn’t expect Kat to be such a little fuck pig, she doesn’t look the part what so ever but what she lacks in looks she makes up in performance, and then some. She is a cutie, but you’d never think this 90 pound teen with braces would be such a cock craving whore. She takes it all and with such enthusiasm, you’d think we offered some type of performance bonus, this scene is proof some girls just love a good fucking!
Estella and Sahara
This week we get away from the blonde bimbos and bring in some tasty darker meat! We call them Team Slop but you might know them better as Estella Leon & Sahara Knight. It\'s great when girls work together yet at the same time compete to come out the nastier whore. Here\'s a case of chicks that would normally rank a 5 or 6 before she goes down, then comes up a nine! They put in that extra effort and show why they\'re so much more fun to stick it to than a dead fuck like blonde fucktard Nadia Hilton. A lot of times when you put two whores together you don\'t have the comradery you find here, they encourage by example, when Estella is choking and drooling while being face fucked Sarah is right under her sucking up the drool from Anthony\'s nut sack. They are considerate too, making sure to suck each other\'s cunt juice off of Anthony\'s dick before re-inserting it into them. I have no fucking idea what any of them are saying throughout the whole thing and it makes no difference at all. I started by looking at some of the pictures of Sarah and thinking this was going to be a train wreck, after watching her in action this cum guzzling filthy pig will have top spot in my spank bank for a while.
Sometimes we get innocent young naïve women to have fun with and other times we get experienced fuck pigs like Isabel. This cum loving whore has a whole lot of class, unfortunately for her it\'s a whole lot of low class! Fucking for a living can be a hazardous career, all we ask is you show in tip top shape so we can destroy you, don\'t come to work with a bunch of bruises all over your crack whore ass, it makes you look cheap. We really went to work on this pigs ass, stretching her little stink star, making sure she leaves with a few extra bruises to her ass (and self esteem:-). We choke, gag and sodomize this pig before feeding her three loads of cum.
This is the first time we\'ve shot with this kinky bitch. When we interviewed Aria she told us she liked it rough so we made sure not to disappoint this fit fuck tart. You gotta love it when you find a whore that will swallow 12 inches of man meat with hardly a gag, have their drool slapped off their face then smile back up at you. We gave this whore the ass drillings of her life, 12 inches of pipe rammed all the way in and she fucking loved every fucking inch of it. You know the kinky bitch isn\'t faking it when she cums and squirts all over the camera soaking the lens. We put this bitch through the ringer! Just wait till you see her sweating like a pig from being fucked so hard, slapped and choked like a worthless piece of meat and amazingly loving every damn minute of it. Good girl Aria you\'re welcome back any time!
Nikki looks like a bit of an ass clown, I think she did her makeup in a dark room with no mirror. It’s not like a professional make-up job would do much for this brown bagger anyways. The boys wasted no time in ramming their cocks down her throat then jamming one right up her dirty stink hole. With some whores looks can be deceiving, but not with Nikki, this whore really is a dirty dirty whore! The guys double stuffed this pig in just about every position, and didn’t let up on pounding Nikki’s ass. Wait till you see the swollen, gaping asshole this cunt left with, it even grossed me out and that’s not so easy to do:-) This cunt sure earned her $40 letting 2 strange guys blow their loads in her ass, I hope she spends it wisely!
This week we have this dumb fucking blonde Dara. Oh man what a cluster fuck of a mess we dealt with this trying to get this shoot done, no fault to the whore she was dumb as dirt but at least she showed up. When I tell you this chick was dumb I mean semi fucking retarded, I’m about 30% sure she was sober because no one in their right mind could sound and act like this mental case. Our stunt cock was a no show so we had our cam guy call in his friend that was visiting from Lithuania or someplace like that. The guy was actually pretty good, I have to give him props for doing as well as he did with such short notice. If he plans to do more of this he might want to learn to control his breathing and learn some more English other then “you like, like this” but other than that he might actually have found a new career. The whore was alright when the camera went on and she stopped talking, she wasn’t too bright but we were in a pinch and found this flighty fuck on craigslist. I fucking love Craigslist, where else can you find an oak bookshelf, a used samurai sword and a whore that is willing to let a stranger bareback her in the ass and cum all over her face, all within a few clicks for a total cost of $200! This new guy watched a few of our videos to see what it is we do and tried to emulate as best possible, stepping on her head while sodomizing her, feeding her his dick when he pulls it out of her ass, and dropping a solid load all over her mouth and face.
You gotta see the size of the cock on our new guy, he’s a fucking monster! If most guys had cocks like this you wouldn’t see half the Porsches on the road that you do now lol. We knew the perfect whore to hook up with Chris, there aren’t many bitches out there that can handle such a big piece of man meat, but we knew Hailey would be up for the challenge. She was a little nervous leading up to the scene, and for good reason, Chris’ job is to tear this little cunt apart! Chris cracks me up, it’s not enough he manages to ram his foot longer all the way down Hailey’s stretched throat, he smacks her on the back of her head just to pack in that extra little bit. I have to give credit where credit is due, this stupid bitch actually works through the pain of chocking and gagging and manages to deep throat his massive cock, and miraculously doesn’t toss her cookies, not an easy task! It’s a good thing Hailey’s been in L.A. long enough to have developed some type of eating disorder. If she had anything in her stomach while Chris was pounding her in the ass, her lunch would have been pushed back up and out her mouth! This bitch is a fucking champ, any whore that takes a monster cock like this in the ass then down her throat and begs for more deserves a serious pay check! If you read this Hailey; spend that $55 wisely, you fucking earned it!
We have an active blonde cutie named Harmony for you this week. Are you looking for a girl to lick your ass hole? Do you want to come home to a woman who likes it when you ram your cock down her throat until she\'s gasping for air and drooling all over herself? Well boys this gal is single so if you\'re looking for a cute girl that likes to travel, ski, and get cock jammed in her butt, this sweet heart of a slut just might be for you. I\'m not sure if she cooks, cleans or does laundry but who needs that when you have a hot blonde that loves it when you fucker in the pooper and then licks and sucks your ass soaked cock clean. When you have a girl like Harmony you\'ll work the extra hours to hire a cleaning lady and get take out:-) It\'s a lot cheaper to get a bitch to clean your house then take a cock bareback in the ass and have her choke herself on her own fist, trust us we hire both. So if you\'re looking for that special someone to take to church on Sunday, bring to family dinners, sodomize and skull fuck then we have just the girl for you. Feel free to leave her with a dripping anal creampie, we did:-)
We love getting foreign meat around here like this imported beauty Annette. The European whores are usually the dirtiest pigs and let us do just about anything we want to them. It\'s not often we get a natural blonde with natural tits, and what great rack at that! Annette has mad cock gobbling skills, this whore can take a throat poking like it\'s nobody\'s business. Sasha skull fucks this blonde beauty until she has saliva bubbling from her nose and dripping down her chest. If you\'re the kind of guy that likes a good meaty pussy you\'re going to love watching Annette getting her meat hole pummelled. As much as we love a nice meaty snatch we prefer to go to work on tighter of the two. Slamming cock and a fist up her ass then feeding them back to her so she can taste her own dirty anus is just some of the abuse this cunt endured during her visit. Between the ass destruction, violent deep throating and face fucking this bitch took it all.
Alicia Angel
It’s not often we get whores that want to come back a second time so when Alicia Angel called and said she wanted to be used and abused by us again we told her to come on in. We paired her up with 2 sick fucks and they went to town on this poor cunt, I think she got a little more then she bargained for this time. I`d be amazed if Alicia will be calling us back anytime soon, shit I`d be surprised if she’ll be doing anything but holding an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas to her abused and stretched out holes in the next little while. We double stuffed this petite hottie and rammed a pole in each hole nonstop. The only time Alicia didn’t have her cunt and ass slammed with cock is when she was having then shoved down her throat and licking them clean. These guys tossed her around like a worthless rag doll, twisting and turning her every position imaginable while the pummelled her with dick and only taking breaks to feed it to her. After 30 minutes of nonstop abuse Alicia gets her daily feeding of 2 cum loads and is sent packin like the good little whore that she is.
This week we give a serious stretching session to hottie Harmony. If you guys haven’t been able to tell our man Ben is one hell of an ass man, this guy loves shoving his tongue, fingers and cock up hot girls poop shoots. Obviously Ben isn’t the pickiest guy, he’d fuck any pig we paired him up with, sometimes he gets a hog and sometimes he gets a hot little number like Harmony. We have a gagtastic time with this sick little bitch, and we didn’t hold anything back. Feeding her cock until she’s gasping for air, drooling all over herself and we don’t let up until her eyes swell up with tears… of joy I assume. We’ve done some serious damage in the past stretching out whore anus but this poor girl has to be in the top 5 of destroyed rectums. We ream this girl and only take breaks from sodomizing her have her suck Bens ass soaked cock clean. Most girls don’t know what to expect and we have a blast with them but Harmony has been here twice before so she knew exactly what she was getting into, forcing us to up the ante and really tear her face, ass and sprit apart. Even after being reamed in the ass while being slapped, spit on, having her head stepped on our little Harmony said she’d be happy tome back again. I think I’m in love!
Tory is good little slut and no stranger to being treated like the whore that she is. She’s trying to make a name for herself, well we have a few names that suit this cunt just fine:-) Tory is fucking hot and on occasion you have to make sacrifices in life, so we traded giving this whore a swirly for destroying her throat and ass. It always amazes me how the whores with aspirations of stardom have a fucked up sense of reality; having their head stuck in toilet is a bad thing, but chocking on a massive cock, getting fucked bareback and tasting some strange guys cock right out of her own ass then eating a load of cum, is a smart career choice LOL. We rail this bitch 8 ways from Sunday, gagging her, fucking her, gagging her again, then sending her on her way with enough money to get a pack of Halls for her raw throat and cream to sooth her gapping soar asshole.
Jayna Oso
This is the second time Jayna has come to visit us to get used and abused. It always amazes me how some whores love getting mistreated so much they actually call us back to get reamed again. They either love the abuse or they need crack money, Jayna seems to have put on a couple pounds since her last visit, which means she comes back for the love not the quick crack cash. When these sluts come back for second helpings we make sure they leave satisfied, getting chocked and gagged by 2 cocks, having both holes stuffed is just the warm up for this exotic tart. We haven\'t done our job if we don\'t leave a lasting impression, so we celebrate her return by jamming 2 cocks up her ass at the same time and stretch this little bitch until she almost breaks. I don\'t think she\'ll be calling us back for round three so soon:-)
Holy Holly this whore is hardcore. We double-team this Brit bitch and bring her to tears ramming cock down her little throat until she’s drooling and gasping for air. There’s no fucking around with this slut, we went right from her mouth to her ass, and of course back to her mouth so she could taste her dirty stink hole. All these whores have different reasons for taking this type of biohazard punishment. Holly just like being mistreated, she gets off on being used, abused, gagged, chocked, spit on, slapped, having her ass reamed, basically treated like a piece of dirt. She’ll suck on anything that’s shoved in her mouth and swallow anything we shove up her ass!
Peyton is proof we are equal opportunity employers and even hire the mentally and physically challenged. Okay maybe that\'s not fair to the handicapped, Peyton is just a dumb fugly whore that looks like she ran the 100 meter dash in a 90 meter gym. Fortunately for this pig our guys aren\'t that picky and will stuff their cocks into pretty much anything with a pussy. I don\'t want to be too hard on this slut, she already has to live with a face like that, so I\'ll give her props on her nice ass and sweet pink slit. Shame she can\'t walk around with her ass out and her head covered with clothes. You sick fucks that like watching a girl get her ass pummelled are gonna love watching our guy go to work on her, reaming the pig and stretching out her stink hole. We had a few buddies over to watch the shoot and they decided to jump in at the end and blast her with cum while she was being sodomized. Enjoy…
I’m on the wrong dating sites and have to find new bars to hang out in. I have met many girls and can’t really complain about the amount of tail I get. I’ve had chicks deep throat, lick my ass and from time to time I get one who doesn’t mind taking it in the pooper. I’ve even tagged some chicks with a buddy of mine, doesn’t happen often but it’s happened. I have never met a chick that would even consider taking 2 cocks in the ass! This is the 3rd or 4th week that’s we’ve had girls like the classy Kisha here who take a double shot of cock in the anus and I’m thinking I’m doing something wrong. Most guys wouldn’t want to be crossing swords with another dude, I’m confident enough as a straight guy to not focus on the other cock. It seems I’ll have to take my next vacation in Europe in order to find some hot whore that will take a couple poles in the bung hole... Anyone know a good travel agent? I have some vacation time coming up!
Holly is a hot little whore that we wasted not time tearing apart. We started her off by ramming cock down her throat until she was gasping for air and drooling all over her slutty self. This cunt is originally from Holland where they learn how to take an ass pounding at a very young age, but no amount of training can prepare someone to be double teamed and creamed by us. I don’t know why she insists on talking, she should know her mouth is good for a couple things and talking sure as hell isn’t one of them. After some serious face fucking, double penetration and feeding her cock out of her gaping ass, we creampied her stink hole and fed her back the dirty cum. This dumb cunt got the works, enjoy…
Naudia Nyc
Have a few drinks because you’re gonna need it to watch Naudia get a serious reaming. Girls like Naudia are the reason night clubs and strip joints are so dark and encourage drinking. I’m not knocking ugly chicks, besides this pig doesn’t look quite as ugly as she looks dirty. From her gap tooth smile to her greasy hair this girl just looks like she’s going to be one kick ass Biohazard Bitch. The best things about the fugly chicks is they always put in that extra effort, they might go down a 3 but they come up an 8. I don’t know about you sick fucks but whenever I’m banging a not so hot piece of tail I get the best head and usually get my ass eaten out, I don’t know what it is but fat chicks love my corn hole. Naudia hasn’t had the privilege of snacking on my bung burrito, she had to stick with just tasting her own anus when she visited us. When it came to doing the anal taste test she didn’t hesitate at all when she took Sasha’s cock out of her anus and sucked it clean.
This week we have the Latin lover Persia Decarlo. If you look at Persia and think she\'s from some exotic country you couldn\'t be more mistaken, she ain\'t princess Jasmine and this pasty white dude sure as hell isn\'t Aladdin. She might be considered Latina but Persia was born and raised in Cleveland, that\'s right kids, next to Drew Carey this is Ohio\'s second best contribution to society. This 5 foot stick of dynamite has one hell of a fine behind, I could dine on that ass for hours before moving to her hairless clam. While I\'m giving props I\'m not usually a fan of small tits but Persia has nice little b cups and think it\'s great she hasn\'t gotten big fakies yet. Enough of the pleasantries, this little whore needs to rely on that ass, because with a face like hers and her whiney moan I think the only person who would enjoy her is Helen Keller and that\'s only because she could read her face for hours. Persia is a true butter face, unfortunately for her she has horrible skin, HD video is not her friend. While I\'m complaining like a whiney bitch I\'d like to know whose idea it was to pair her up with Casper the dopey white and pasty ghost. This guy needs a tan, gym membership and a barber that doesn\'t make him look like a dumb and dumber reject.
We have a hottie ready to love us long time this week, meet Tia. This little chopstick sure is cute but she ain\'t that bright at all. Any chick that wants to study anthropology and aspires to earn $200-$300 a week at a desk job should really take her porn work seriously, because she\'s way too fucking stupid to do anything else. Until she realizes her dream of answering phones and putting stamps on envelopes we\'ll help her pass the time by ramming her china doll face with cock. With such a nice rack and perfectly tight round ass we knew she would be a fun fuck. I don\'t know why she\'s want to do anything but get gagged and fucked by strange guys for money, she finally found something she enjoys and she\'s damn good at it as you\'re about to see. Don\'t ask why Marco has a band-aid on his leg, maybe the girly man cut himself shaving:-)
Missy and Julie
This week we bring in two competitive cock suckers Missy and Julie. You gotta love it when you have two girls competing and arguing about which whore is the nastiest. The two chicks started off by getting each other nice and wet, kissing, licking and spitting on each other. Then they had a fun little game of duelling butt plugs, eating out each other’s assed then stuffing a butt plug all the way in, pulling them out only to taste each other’s anuses. After the anal taste testing these girls decided to go all pulp fiction and broke out the gimp mask, that’s when we sent our man Lee and his foot longer in to see which of these whores really is the nastiest. Both bitches were able to take down every inch of his anaconda, bringing up spit and bile which the girls spat all over each other. Lee then railed each of them stuffing his rod into each of their asses then having the other to lick it clean. Truth be told there wasn’t any forcing at all these girls kept trying to out whore the other. If one is being fucked in the ass the other is shoving her fist up her ass, this is the type of competitive spirit we love around here. You guys are going to love how this one ends, Lee blows his load in Missy’s mouth then smacks her across the face, Missy grabs Julie by the hair then spits the load all over Julie’s face. These girls fucking rock!
Danielle Dark
I don’t know what the fuck happened during this fuck session or why the now unemployed video editor labelled it as Al and Vanessa’s earache. I guess the fucktard heard those names at the beginning and decided to have it scroll across the screen, and then he went and added a whack of “special effects” which just makes things look out of focus. Just so you guys know this cunt is Danielle Dark, she’s not famous or hot, just a cheap fucking skank. I’m really at a loss on this one guys, I don’t know why they are depicting this $5 crack whore as a coke head; there’s no way she can afford blow, shit she can’t even afford a happy meal! I can’t explain why the douche nosel spends so much time sucking her tits and licking her pussy, what’s with the romance, this is Biohazard Bitches you ass hat. I don’t know why the camera guy is either extremely close up or zooming in from across the room. This scene is a complete train wreck, shitty performers, shittier video guy and the editing guy needs to be sodomized with the wrong end of a hammer then beaten with it. I apologize, although some of you guys will love how much of a mess this turned out to be. The only savings grace is watching this overly tattoo’s retards nuts smack Danielle in the chin as he skull fucks her. I was happy to see Danielle getting her ass slammed not just her pussy and face. Our guy dropped his load in her poop shoot which she then expels and eats. Because I care about her well being I’m glad to see she is having something nutritious to eat;-)
Some of the whores that walk though our door enjoy the punishment we administer on them, some:-) From time to time we find ourselves a real trooper, a slut that loves to be mistreated, used, abused, a super whore some may say. Hailey is one of these women, and god bless her little heart for it. She\'s back for a third time and told us not to let her down, she wanted to be gagged, fucked and treated like (and I quote) \"the dirty little whore that I am\". We made sure not to disappoint her and she made sure not to disappoint you.
Missy Monroe
This week’s biohazard bitch wants to make sure you never forget her name while you’re fucking her hard from behind. I assume that would be the only reason she would have “Missy” tattooed across her ass cheek. I don’t get people who ink names on themselves, especially young chicks who put their boyfriends name on the small of their back or right around their cooch. No guy wants to be eating pussy or fucking some chick doggy style look down and see the name Steve written in some tribal font right above the hole he’s occupying. At least Missy put her own name on her ass, she’s obviously a thinker! Before you go nominate her for Mensa keep in mind “Missy” is her porn name, and isn’t remotely close to the name her proud parents gave her. Mark and Trent had the tough job of tag teaming Miss Missy Monroe. One would feed her his cock while the other penetrated her from the other end. They took turns fucking her pussy and ass, making sure to pull out so she could suck their cocks clean before they swapped holes. Over all Missy did an okay job with these two guys, she gave us a little show at the beginning and took a face load of spunk like a champ!
Jaime Ellie
In honour of Canadian Thanksgiving we brought in a special turkey to get double stuffed! Jaime is a cute blonde with a really nice natural pair that got booked for our man Ben\'s directorial debut, lucky girl gets to be double teamed and creamed. Since this is Ben\'s first time directing he wanted to make sure this scene kicked ass, well more like stretched ass:-) Jaime started off gobbling on both cocks getting her face stuffed with man meat. The guys had fun double penetrating this pig in just about every position possible, feeding her their cocks straight out of her pussy and ass, double dipping and moving from hole to hole, stretching any hole they could jam their cocks into. This pig holds down a normal 9-5 office job, if you saw her in her work wear you\'d never suspect she\'s a dirty fuck slut. You never know what that cute junior accountant does when she leaves the office; hopefully it\'s the same thing as Jaime does:-) Not wanting to let us down Ben had both guys blow their loads in this pigs ass, then had her fart it out on the floor and lick it all up, brav-fucking-o!
We have chunks o fun with red head hottie Kaci. The majority of sluts that we see are skinny bitches that are usually on a strict diet of fast food, meth and one or more eating disorders. We take a change of pace this week with Kaci, she also enjoys a fast food diet but without the dope addiction and need to purge after ever meal. We enjoyed having a little more cushin\' for pushin\' and feeding Kaci an extra large cock meat sandwich for lunch. We super size lunch today, feeding her all 10 inches and she takes it down like it\'s her favourite meatball sub. I just hope she doesn\'t drool this much when she\'s chowing down at Subway, I take that back, I would like to see her try and take down a foot long in one bite. As much as Kaci loves the taste of cock she prefers to add some extra toppings, and we give her fresh pussy and ass juice for her to suck off at no extra charge! Okay enough of the chubby comments she\'s not really that big and looks more like an average chick then the usual whores that walk through out door. We don\'t want to give Kaci a complex, she has more then enough issues to discuss with her therapist, like her obsession with being sodomized by strangers and her insatiable craving for a face full of sperm.
Teena’s a dumb whore that claims to be 18 years young, which is as believable as if she said she was a virgin. In true Biohazard fashion Teena gives a nice gargling and gagging symphony as she has cock rammed deep into her throat. Jeff isn’t a small guy and this dirty pig takes his cock right down her throat balls deep, which can’t hurt much more then taking it hard up the ass the way she does. I sure hope this bitch brought Listerine or a tooth brush with her, eating Jeff’s ass, having his dirty cock covered in gooey pussy and ass juicy in her mouth then swallowing his load has to leave a hell of an aftertaste!
We have a real cute 20 year old little slut for you perverts today, meet Riley. We paired this tiny little tart up with our massive tree trunk of a stunt cock. I gotta give the whore credit she put in great effort trying to deep throat the massive mound of man meat, shoving his cock so far into her face it made tears run from her baby blues. Riley was a ton of fun, pulling her pigtails while taking turns pounding her perfectly pink pussy and fucking her pretty face. It\'s fun watching her perky natural tits bounce up and down as she gets fucked, I know you guys are gonna love watching this slut:-).
We’ve had some real weird ass looking pigs come through our doors, a couple of the whores looked like they had down syndrome or something. Vanessa on the other hand is one hot piece of ass, this bitch has a killer body, pretty face and other then a bit of a horse mouth is one of the hottest cunts we’ve had the chance to destroy. Ben must have been thinking the same thing, it’s very rare he’ll start licking some whore’s ass or feet and he went all out on this sweet looking slut, can you blame him? Vanessa loves to be treated like a worthless piece of meat, having cock slammed up her tight ass then down her little throat. She deserves extra points for volunteering to stick her tongue up Ben’s dirty ass. Just because she doesn’t look like a pig doesn’t mean she doesn’t act like one, this bitch can’t get enough of sucking Ben’s cock right out of her tight little ass. Having a cock in her mouth really suits her, it’s the only time she actually shuts up and isn’t moaning “yeah, oh yeah”! There’s a reason this shit isn’t scripted and we don’t give them lines, no one cares to hear what they think or want.
Michelle B
I hope you guys aren\'t sick of big boob blonde babes just yet, this week we have another one, meet Michelle B. This one actually looks like she might be a natural blonde, a natural D cup she most definitely is not. Unfortunately you can see the implants through her skin when she\'s in various positions but for the most part her rack looks great. With her blow job skills she could have three tits and testicles and I don\'t think I would mind, just don\'t tell me about the balls till after I blow my load. Michelle takes down Alex balls deep, swallowing every inch of his cock and hardly gasping for air, something tells me she\'s done this before a few times. She is a moaner and a bit of a screamer which is a nice change from some of the girls we\'ve had recently who were silent, you can fuck them in church and not disturb anyone. Alex gave her a nice pussy pounding and got his knob washed each time he pulled it out, kudo\'s to Michelle for deep throating him and sucking off all of her cunt juice. The more I watch Michelle the more I hate that cunt Nadia Hilton from a few weeks ago, I can\'t get that worthless piece of trash out of my mind, what a waste of flesh that whore is.