We found ourselves a fun little bimbo by the name of Nikki. Her blonde hair is about as real as the oddly shaped fun bags hanging off her whore body. The boys waste no time ramming her face with cock, feeding Nikki man meat until she was gagging and soaking her whore self in spit and bile. She could have a half decent body if she would firm up that wiggling belly of hers, one would think if you get naked and fuck for a living you’d hit the gym more often than Mc Donald’s drive thru. You sure can tell that this whore’s been around the block a few times by look of those roast beef curtains and gaping red anus. A few years of partying, being treated like a dirty whore, and doing whatever drinking and drugs she’s done sure has taken its toll, can you believe this beaten up slut is only 20 years old? The boys really put Nikki through the ringer on this one, I’m just disappointed these guys didn’t double stuff this cunts gaping anus, there’s no doubt they could have stretched out this cum loving whore a little more:-)
Kelly Taylor
Kelly Taylor is fucking hot, blonde hair, big tits, sweet pink pussy, a tiny bit of meat to grab on to... it’s hard to find something wrong with the way this bitch looks. She takes on two guys at a time, sucking one while the other is filling her box, I think my only complaint about her is that she didn’t take it in the ass. I can’t blame her for that, I blame these useless excuses for stunt cocks, you have Mr. Beef who just sits there while he’s being blown and doesn’t ram her head down on his cock, and some skinny kid who looks like he should be in the movie Philadelphia instead of a fucking porn shoot. On top of these two fucking losers, I want to know what retard thought it would be a good idea to shoot this in a hot tub. There’s a reason you don’t see a lot of porn shot in hot tubs, it fucking loud, who wants to hear those god damn jets shooting out water nonstop, might as well have a fucking plane going over head the whole time. It’s a damn good thing Kelly saved the day, as a reward she got 2 chunky loads splashed in mouth and all over her pretty overly made up face!
This week we bring back hard body hottie Vanessa! In the last few years we’ve shot and had our way with hundreds of whores, big, small, short, tall, we’ve stuck dick into them all. Most of the whores aren’t memorable at all, these dumb cunts are a fucking dime a dozen, and you can be sure they don’t forget us as quickly as we forget them. There are certain whores we can never forget, Kelly Wells, Julia and Anna are just a few of the memorable ones, now you can add this horse mouth whore to that list! Other than having some big white chompers Vanessa has to be one of the hottest cunts that we’ve shot. Where the majority of the sluts have a bit of jiggling belly fat and look used and abused from years of malnutrition and partying Vanessa is rocking a six pack and looks younger each time we see her. She isn’t the smartest of the bunch, or the most hardcore, although she takes an anal reaming and skull fucking like a champ but her body beats out just about any of the other sluts we’ve put through the ringer. Shame her voice isn’t as hot as her body, after listening to say “Oh yes” 1000 times with her nasal whiney voice we wanted to knock out that mouth full of veneers that her parents probably spent thousands on. They will be happy to know the mouth they put so much money into is now getting stuffed with cock so their princess can pay the rent and her gym membership!
Rebecca and Kapri
We\'ve got two hot hoochies for you this week, Rebecca and Kapri, and we teach these selfish cock hungry whores how to share. We started off testing each sluts gag reflexes as Ben rammed his cock down their throats, then they gave Ben every man\'s dream a nice double BJ. Fucking their pretty mouths is fun but there are other holes that need a good stretching, after a few minutes of fucking their tight pussy\'s Ben would pull out and have Kapri suck Rebecca\'s cunt juice off his dick. To make things fair he\'d have Rebecca taste Kapri\'s cunt juice, you wouldn\'t want one of the whores getting out without sucking cock straight out of the others snatch. Being the sick fuck that Ben is he moved to the ass and had Rebecca suck his dick right out of Kapri\'s dirty arse. In true sharing fashion the whores snowballed Ben\'s cum, semen swapping so each got a taste of his nut butter.
This week we double stuff sexy little Samantha. When this slut came into my office there was just something about her face that bugged me. She’s mediocre looking and had the usual bleh personality most of these whores carry around with them. I couldn’t place it but something about her made me want to just toss my stapler at her and see how good her reflexes were. I needed something other than her face to look at while I interviewed her so I told her to take off her white trash jogging pants and stained hoody. That’s when I saw what a smoking body this whore had and my opinion of her started to improve. I knew right away we could toss this bitch around, crack her open and have some serious fun with her. Her engrish was no so good so we made sure to give her that extra import abuse, a serious double stuffing and hole stretching. The cunt took it like a champ, I’m always amazed how these small chicks with tiny asses can take such large cocks in them. You ass guys are going to enjoy this scene, much more than the boob men out there.
For those of you who aren\'t familiar with Ashley Blue, she\'s a porn starlet known for her gagtastic skills. This hot little whore, can swallow cock like a champ, mouth, pussy or ass, just stick it in any hole and go to work. She\'s quite cute but it\'s hard to tell in this shoot because the guys bend her in ways that make her look like a disabled little person (My New Years resolution is to try and be more respectful to the whores, woops I mean women that shoot for us, that\'s why I opted to describe her as a disabled little person rather than a retarded midget who\'s so fucking dumb she can\'t even put on lipstick or shave her overly hairy snatch properly:-) The guys have a good time tag teaming Ashley, double penetrating her, giving her a little ass to mouth action, basically feeding her their man meat every way possible before unloading their loads all over her.
Harmony and Mia
It’s double trouble this week as we have blonde bombshells Harmony Rose and Mia Bangg! We’ve had Harmony here a few times, she’s fucking hot and always puts on a good show being the dirty girl that she is. Her partner in crime is Mia who must look hot as hell in a dark room, talk about a butter face, damn near perfect body and a face like a post opp tranny! Who the fuck cares if she looks like a gapped tooth whore, she’ll swallow a cock after it’s been slamming Harmony in the ass, and any girl who will do that is alright in my book. These classy ladies take turns deep throating and gagging on dick before taking in the pooper. They both clean the cock after it’s been in the others ass and have great chemistry together. My lousy writing won’t do these girls justice so watch them and enjoy the snowball ending, this week’s update kicks ass!
We have a tight little sushi roll for you today, extra spicy! Katzumi is an Asian cutie that can take a cock almost as big as she is, what a fucking trooper. We love pairing up the small girls with the biggest cock we can find, try and split these little fuck tarts apart. She had a bit of a hard time taking the foot longer down all the way, but like any good whore she persevered and managed to deep-throat 12 inches of man meat. From the mouth to the ass and back, we filled this little slut with cock. Katzumi had an all you can fuck ass buffet and we made sure to stuff this bitch till she was full and top her off with a nice load of cock sauce.
Vanilla Sky
So this cunt walks in and tells us her name is Vanilla Sky, not only does she pick a name that\'s completely unoriginal, she chooses one from a shitty movie at that! Okay so thinking isn\'t one of this whore\'s strong points, thankfully she doesn\'t need to do much of it working for us. For all you guys who are sick of these cunts that scream \"fuck me, I\'m a whore\" and all the other things some of these douche bags don\'t stop screaming while being fucked you\'ll be happy to know Vanilla resorts to mainly moaning as she gets railed. I guess making sure there\'s a cock in their mouth most of the time helps shut them the fuck up. Although she doesn\'t look like a complete fucking whore at first glance, any slut that comes to a job where she has to get naked covered in bruises you know they\'re freaky little bitches on and off camera. Unless the bruises are on their face, then you know they just don\'t listen:-)
Taylor and Roxy
This week we have porn stars Taylor Rain & Roxy Jezel sharing some dick. Oh man you are gonna love watching these girls deep throat Lee’s dick, while Taylor is bobbing up and down, Roxy is forcing Taylors head down on Lee’s cock so she gags and takes him deeper and deeper down her throat with each bob. Then these two fuck sluts take turns riding Lee’s foot long schlong, making sure to suck each others cunt juice off his dick for a mid fuck cock cleaning. Roxy is a screamer, then again I would imagine anyone getting pummelled with a 12 incher would scream their fucking head off. I’m not sure why Roxy was screaming it was Taylor that took Lee balls deep in her anus. School was never my strength so I don’t know the inner working of the anatomy but I question how it is these classy ladies are able to fit so much man mean into their bodies, I always assumed they have organs and other parts closer than 12” from the rim. But what do I know; I sit at a desk watching porn and writing halfwit descriptions of other people fucking.
Bailey and Vanessa
We have two tasty tarts for you this week; meet Bailey and Vanessa. Because we have two whores for today’s shoot we called up our big boy, we’re talking baseball bat monster cock sick fuck Chris. This dude was born for porn, he was blessed with over a foot of man meat and puts it to good use, slamming in into cheap dirty sluts! You’d have to be a complete whore to take on a guy like Chris, what normal girl could take a forearm worth of cock slammed up their twat. I don’t think is humanly possible to deep throat all this dick but Bailey and Vanessa do their best to pull it off. The whores take turns pulling the giant rod out of each others stretched out pussies and sucking off the other girls cunt juices as they attempt to shoving the third leg down their own throats. Chris is one lucky son of a bitch, having Bailey lick and suck on his nut sack while he’s railing Vanessa and watching her big fakies bounce in his face, damn lucky sob. Even the girls got in on the rough stuff, choking one and other and pulling each other’s hair as they take turns being rammed with dick.
Channel and Angela
This week have proof that if you have tits and a vagina you can be in a porn scene. You don’t need experience, or have to be that great looking, shit if you’re Chanelle Chavez you don’t even have to be charismatic. I don’t recall the last time I saw a so called whore fucking on film that was as boring as this lazy cunt. She didn’t even take the time to trim that revolting beaver patch. So enough about the Mexican mutt, I’d rather talk about sexpot Angela Stone. Thankfully Angela not only saves the scene with her deep-throating and gagtastic blow job skills but she gushes all over the place. That’s right fuckers, she squirts halfway across the room while riding Brian, you can fake a lot of stuff in porn but you can’t fake a squirt like that. After watching this little fuck fest I think Angela needs a bonus for putting on a stellar performance, taking in the ass, squirting multiple times right across the room, eating Brian’s cock straight out of her own ass and Channel’s fuzzy box. As for Channel, this bore needs to take her bushy pimply cunt back to cleaning hotel rooms.
We have dark haired horny hottie Monica for you sick fucks this week. This Latina bitch sucks a cock like a champ; she seems so passionate with a face full of dick. What a tight little body on this bitch, the only extra meat on her is in her nice round ass. We double-team this whore and stretch out every hole we can ram a cock into. Taking turns fucking her pussy, ass and mouth, usually in that order so she could taste herself like the dirty whore that she is. We put this Mexican mutt through the paces, 30 minutes of gagging, spitting on, slapping, double penetrating her tight holes, feeding her cock out of her ass, and no matter we did the bitch asked for more! If you guys haven\'t seen a standing DP before you\'re going to love angle as we hold her up and pound her two holes simultaneously. I don\'t know if getting completely violated, sodomized and having two guys blow their load in her freshly fucked anus will help Monica get her green card but if she does this with the guys at immigration she should be a citizen in no time!
Brooke and Courtney
I can’t believe how many whores actually enjoy being mistreated. Only them and their therapist knows what happened while they were growing up that would make them actually enjoy having cock rammed down their throat until their eyes swell up with tears while gasping for air, then being sodomized and made to taste their own dirty ass. Our job isn’t to care about their fucked up childhood, it’s to care about their fucked up adulthood! We make sure they still get the attention they seek by having them to do some seriously fucked up things, giving them the feeling like their actually good at something. Ben has banged the crap out of Courtney off camera a few times, can you believe this dumb cunt not only keeps coming back for more but this time she brought a friend! Brooke & Courtney must be close, it’s one thing to taste your own ass but to gag on some guys cock that just plowed you’re friends ass is pretty fucking gross. Enjoy watching Ben and Sasha bang the crap out of these two whores then feed them their cum.
Sarah O\'NeillSarah O\'Neill
Hey perverts this week is a little blast from the past with hottie Sarah O\'Neill. We shot this a while ago and for some reason it got lost in the shuffle. It would be a crying shame to have stuck it to such a fine piece of ass and not shared it with you sick fucks. I mean this slut took it in the ass, sucked the ass juice off our stunt cock and got a face full of sperm, the least we could do is show the world what a whore she is. I used to be more of a fakie fan, the bigger and faker the better, maybe it\'s my old age but I\'m starting to like the natural racks more and more and Sarah has some nice naturals. Although watching her ass gape after being pummelled is far better than watching her tits flop around while she\'s being fucked. This is a short video our guy obviously had too good a time fucking her face and ass, hey who can blame the guy for popping early!
Tyler and Tiffany
T’was the week before Christmas and all through the house there were dirty whores and an elf on steroids that’s hung like a horse. Yeah yeah fuck you I’m aware that didn’t rhyme, I’ll do better next week. We have two hot and nasty blondes this week tag teaming poor Lee. Man this guy has it tough, he’s built like a fucking house, has a foot long schlong and gets paid to fuck hot women. Poor bastard has to try and please 2 women, pulling his cock out of one pussy to slide it deep into the other. Imagine going from one sluts pink pussy into the other one’s throat, and then back and forth having each one try and deep throat that massive dong. I don’t know which of Santa’s helpers I like best; they’re both sporting some kick ass bolt-ons! I have to give credit where credit is due Tyler & Tiffany both have fantastic tits, not all boob jobs come out as good as theirs. I think this year I’ll ask old Saint Nick for one thing, to be Lee for a day... with my luck it’ll be the day Lee shoots his first gay scene!
This week we bring back another favourite fuck itzi bitzi Kat. For some reason at the start of this clip Lat says she’s never been tag teamed before, I’m not sure why she would say that since this is the third time we are filling her two cocks at the same time, I guess she lies about that for the same reason as she still claims to be 18, because some people believe it. I’m always amazed how much dick this tiny thing is able to handle, doesn’t matter what hole we stick it in she can take the dick balls deep. Even when we fill her cunt we can still stuff another slab of man meat into her tight ass. These guys twist, turn and fold Kat into every position they can think off, tossing her around like a worthless rag doll. This isn’t the best scene we’ve shot with Kat but I blame that on the guys not lasting all that long, then again give me the chance to fuck her in the ass and I’ll be lucky to last five minutes! On the plus side there are some killer ass gapes, if you look closely you can see her lower intestines;-)
Brooke Haven
We have a return visitor for you guys, welcome back Brooke. The majority of the girls we shoot don\'t usually come back for a second helping, I have no clue why that is, maybe they found Jesus. The ones that do come back usually look like they\'ve aged quite a bit and don\'t look as fresh as the first round, that\'s why we were so happy to see Brooke, she looks fantastic and was in town so she came in for a quick fucking! We paired her up with ex rocker Kurt Lockwood, who has some serious fun shoving his cock down her throat and flipping her into a standing 69. He doesn\'t spend much time in her pussy before moving to her tight ass and then back and forth fucking her ass to mouth. Her ass must taste like candy because both her and Kurt couldn\'t stop tasting it. Brooke just kept getting better, looking good walking through the door, looking even better when she was gagging on cock and best of all with a face full of cock sauce.
Leah and Claire
You guys are in for a treat this week; we have the adorable Leah Luv and cutie Claire. These two girls look sweet and innocent with Leah rocking the braces for all you sick fucks that like em looking young. They might look innocent but these two whores are about as dirty as they come! How can anyone not love these ass eaters, not only do they eat and finger fuck each other’s asses they munch down on some man ass as well. It’s like an all you can eat ass buffet and the chow is served fresh! These girls play monkey in the middle, while one is on all fours being face fucked the other is right behind sticking whatever they can up the monkey’s butt! How many girls so you know that can simultaneously deep throat and stick out their tongue to lick the nut sack? This scene should be called Ass-a-palooza with all the ass fucking and butt munching. Ben repeatedly takes his cock out one ass and gets the other girl to suck it clean then back and forth he goes, ass to mouth to ass to mouth. Just when you think this can’t get any better the Leah and Claire cum swap and snowball the load back and forth, you guys are going to love this shit!
Lauren Pheonix
This week we have kinky cunt Lauren Phoenix getting double teamed. Lauren isn’t the hottest chick we’ve ever used and abused, she’s a cute brunette and let’s face it her body is maybe a little above average at best. With that said I’d still rather tag her then just about any of the hot pieces of asses I’ve met over the years. Lauren doesn’t even need to put in that extra effort because she enjoys being treated like a worthless piece of fuck meat. This whore loves the cock, getting double penetrated then sucking off her pussy and ass juices and getting a face full of cock sauce. On top of being a kinky little slut she’s a really nice girl, always joking around and extremely down to earth. Unlike many of the snobby cunts we hire who think they are god’s gift to mankind, the ones that spend their time in the bathroom texting their drug dealer pimp boyfriends before we stuff them with cock Lauren just likes to hang out and shoot the shit. If you want to be liked and make friends personality goes a long way, licking a guys balls until he cums on your face doesn’t hurt either!
We give Jordan what she wants and more this week. We highly respect and appreciate the input and opinions we get from the women that work for us, as you can see in the beginning of this shoot:-) Honestly I don\'t know why these dumb fucking whores even open their god damn pie hole to say anything, telling us how horny they are or how much they like being fucked. We\'re going to do whatever the hell we want to them, treat them like the worthless pieces of cunt that they are, so why they think we give a flying fuck what they like is beyond me. Lets face it, they like money and being mistreated and we are able to provide a little of one and a shitload of the other. We seriously stuff this blonde slut, filling her face, pussy and ass with cock, moving back and forth from hole to hole stretching them all. Slapping, chocking, hair pulling and ass tasting are just a few of the fun things Jordan got to experience before being showered in cock sauce. I hope we met her expectations:-)
We have another newbie this week, meet Saana. She’s not new to fucking for monry but she is new to our site and that’s all that really matters, because the only thing better than pussy is new pussy. I don’t recall the last time I watched a video with a real blond with real tits, I didn’t think it existed. Forget about what Saana has; let’s discuss the things she doesn’t have like a gag reflex for starters! She takes down both cocks balls deep, basically has her mouth fucked like it’s her ass and she doesn’t gag, not once, amazing how it’s impressive and disappointing all at the same time. Another thing she lacks is boundaries, our boys took turns slamming her face, pussy and ass, swapping back and forth before double penetrate her. Her gag reflex or their lack of must have helped her keep her lunch down after being fed dick that came fresh out of her anus. Saana might have started the day with perfect vision, but she leaves up with one eye glued shut, and a face and chest covered in splooge.
Ben met this European whore at a club, he claims to have picked her up at a trendy club downtown, I think he’s full of shit and met her at one of the dive strip joints he frequents. Either way the important thing is he got her to come over so we could use and abuse her imported skanky ass. One bonus to her not speaking much engrish, is she didn’t talk all that much, thankfully. We took turns gagging and fucking this whore, ramming cock down her throat till she had balls on her chin, fucking her ass nice and hard then gagging her straight out of her dirt box over and over. This cunt sure knows how to move her ass as you’ll see in the first minute of clip 2, and Ben claims she’s not a whore from a titty bar, right! She sucked both cocks at the same time before swallowing 2 nasty ass loads, welcome to America bitch!
Tory and Tiffany
Happy New Year mother fuckers! We start off the New Year with a bang, Tory Lane and Tiffany Holiday getting banged to be more specific. This scene should be called the schooling of Tiffany, I don’t know who was rougher on the prissy whore our man Mark or Tory the super slut. If she isn’t jamming Tiffany’s face down on dick, Tory’s trying to feed Tiffany cock that is fresh out of her ass and you can see Tiffany wants no part of it but Tory won’t let her off that easy. Watching this you can see why Tory is a fucking pro and why Tiffany is just a wanna-be snuggle tooth slut. Tory puts Tiffany through the ringer, pulling her hair, spitting on her, smacking her ass as she’s ramming her down on Marks dick, berating her like the worthless cunt that she is. I would hate to see Mark and Tiffany fucking without Tory there to make it a real fuck session, if I sound like a huge kiss ass Tory Lane super fan it’s because I am, this slut rocks. Not only is she off the fucking wall she’s funny too, around the 3 minute mark she had cock rammed so far down her throat she almost loses her lunch, man this bitch cracks me up.
Jeannie Marie
Hey guys this week we have the mediocre Jeanie Marie. Not only is she just average in the looks department but she’s a complete retard when it comes to math, she claims to be 18 yet born in 1986, umm yeah okay. I could talk all day about her shortcomings, dumb as dirt, face of a meth user, muscle tone of a wet noodle, but I’m a nice guy so let’s not focus on the negative! Okay positives, well if you like small tits hers aren’t half bad and her ass looks pretty good, her best quality has to be that she talks a good game. She plays the young and innocent girl turned slut extremely well, calling Lee “Daddy” and letting us know how much his foot long meat hammer hurts, as she gets repeatedly slammed. Our man Lee tosses her around like a worthless rag doll while railing her with his giant foot long dong before feeding her his cock sauce through a baby bottle.
Lauren, Trina & Vanessa
We’ve become a society of instant everything, instant messaging, instant coffee, even instant porn! The bad acting and story lines have pretty much vanished, it’s all become straight to the fucking with no dialogue before the sex, which is fine by me. But these girls like to set a scene so we let them have their fun and do a little banter before they get down and dirty. We’ve been getting a lot of great responses to the all girl scenes so we’ll pop them in every once and a while. As long as the girls keep sodomizing and eating each other assholes then I think we can give them a chance. To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the all girl stuff but watching the pile driver double anal dildo fucking is pretty fucking awesome. Each of these whores are dirty pigs on their own, put them together and they just feed off each other. Pushing themselves to try and out dirty the other; licking, sucking, fucking and stretching out each other’s pussy and anuses. We’ll have our steroid riddled dumb as bricks stunt cocks back next week, so enjoy this week’s penis free video!
In the spirit of Christmas our boy Ben bangs the shit out of a little elf whore. Veronica is a tiny little slut weighing in at 95 lbs. Don\'t let this lil mini mites size fool you she\'s as big a dirty slut as the other pigs we destroy. Ben doesn\'t even bother sticking his dick in Veronika\'s petite pussy he goes straight for the tight stink star. The only break he takes from administering a serious ass pounding is to ram his ass juice covered cock down her tight little throat. After tossing this little mini whore around and fucking her ass in every possible painful position Ben paints her face with a big load, it\'s going to be a white Christmas for Veronika after all:-)
Tiffany is a dumb cunt from merry ol England. Like so many other young naive sluts she came to California in hopes of getting noticed and making it big as an actress. Unfortunately for Tiffany reality has set in and she\'s found out that hopes and dreams won\'t pay the rent. Being the companionate do gooders that we are, we offered to help her out and give her a role she was guaranteed to land! Getting reamed on camera is a part this slut hasn\'t played before so we knew we could have some fun with her. You can always tell the newbie girls, they\'re the ones who concentrate more on catching their breath and not crying over screaming how much they love to be fucked. Tiffany just might be able to put that acting degree and years of college to good use after all; getting degraded, choked with dicks and doughnuts, being slapped around and used like a cheap piece of meat. It ain\'t exactly Shakespeare, but it\'ll help keep her from being evicted, for another month at least:-)
Jessi and Daisy
This week we have horny hotties Jessi Summers & Daisy Marie. Some days you go into work and you don’t know what to expect or what issues will be thrown at you, such is the life of a stunt cock. You show up on the set which might be at a studio, some random house or a cock roach infested rent by the hour hotel room and then you find out who you’re going to be fucking that day. It’s a roll of the dice, you don’t know if you’ll be at bottom end of a smothering video with some heffer for Hairy Plumpers or if you’ll be getting lucky with two fine ass Biohazard Bitches. Today our stunt cock got very very lucky, he gets to face fuck and gag Jessi and Daisy. Just imagine yourself doing the dip test back and forth between these two fuck tarts. Start off testing their gag reflexes and having them suck each others saliva off your dick. Then the two dirty whores take turns riding your dick and licking each other’s cunts while you’re deep inside them. Then place one chick on top of the other so you can alternate fucking them, going back and forth until you blow your load all over their faces. I suppose if you’re a stunt cock it’s worth the roll of the dice nine time out of ten, and those are great odds!
Melissa and Mica
Melissa and Mica are in for some double destruction. The punishment starts with some serious face fucking and gagging as Ben rams his cock down Melissa\'s throat until she soaks herself in her own saliva. You know when it starts like that it\'s going to be one hell of a dirty fuck session. These guys go crazy banging the shit out of these dirty whores, and the best part is these sick bitches love every minute of it! Melissa & Mica\'s parents must be so proud of their little angels. Now it\'s one thing to suck a guys cock right after he\'s been banging you in the ass, it\'s fucking gross but not half as bad as taking dirty cock out of some other sluts ass and sucking off all of her dirty ass juice. Nothing a little mouth wash and therapy can\'t fix I guess:-) As if having 2 guys railing you isn\'t bad enough, Mica grabs a strap-on and rams it into Michelle\'s mouth as the guys are banging her pussy and ass, so much for the girls sticking together. Michelle get\'s the brunt of it; spit on, gagged, having to eat dirty cock out of her ass and her friends ass, having her pussy and ass seriously reamed, then just for shits, giggles and a little bit of pain, the guys double penetrate her ass! That\'s right these guys stick both their cocks in her ass at the same time, OUCH! I guess swapping cum loads with your dirty pig friend and licking the remains off the floor isn\'t that bad after 30 minutes of the roughest sex you\'ve ever had.
There is only one thing that would make this week’s Biohazard Bitch Misty look better... a bag over her head, a plastic one fit nice and snug at that! This dumb fucking cunt somehow thinks she’s hot, saying she’s too ugly for video is an understatement; this bitch is too ugly for radio! Shit even Stevie Wonder can see how ugly this slut is. She expects us to believe that her overly made up face is that of a fresh young 19 year old, which is much more believable then her bull shit about being in Med School. Our guy is one brave son of a bitch, ramming his cock into that mouth full of fucked up teeth, each of them pointing in a different direction, he’s lucky he didn’t wind up with a shredded dick. Misty actually has a decent body, but someone has to teach this clown how to apply makeup, or maybe she needs to put a light bulb and mirror in her bathroom so she doesn’t look like an overly made up ass clown. I apologize for hating on Misty so much, she’s actually a really sweet girl and not a stuck up cunt like many of the twats that we shoot, she put a valiant effort in and took the face fucking we administered like a champ.
Selina Silver
Think back, can you remember your best birthday? Maybe it\'s the one where you got the best gifts, or the one that hot girl gave you a Happy Birthday kiss? Well as luck would have it, the only date we could schedule a shoot for Selena was on her birthday! We made sure to make this a birthday this dumb fucking whore will remember, getting gagged, fucked, sodomized, double penetrated, made to lick bens dirty ass, fed cock straight out of her own gapping anus, and left with a face full of cum. Any fucktard that\'s willing to spend the day getting railed by two strangers, slapped and spit on just so she can get some extra money that she\'ll blow partying that night and probably go home with a couple guys and get railed again (for free) is a natural born whore. So Happy Fucking Birthday Selena you dumb fucking slut, we hope to see you next year when we\'ll have 10 guys ready to tear you apart!
Taylor Lynn
If you know your porn then you should know Taylor Lynn. If you know Taylor Lynn then you know she\'s a dirty little slut that loves to suck cock and get fucked, hard. Taylor has a great rack, for a set natural boobs they\'re quite nice, ok enough of the compliments:-) This bitch has the worst gag reflexes I\'ve ever seen, you\'d think if you chose to swallow cock for a living you\'d get used to it being rammed down you\'re throat. This slut is drooling all over herself from just a few throat pokes. What she lacks in swallowing cock she makes up for in taking a good ass pounding. This dirty pig has no inhibitions when it comes to sucking cock that\'s just come out of her dirty stink hole. Taylor was a nice girl, I sure hope she comes back so we can tag team her and really put those poor gag reflexes to work. She left us with a sore ass and bad taste in her mouth (literally:-) but I\'m pretty sure we\'ll get another crack at that ass sooner or later.
We have a real cock gobbler this week for you perverts:-) This Hawaiian hottie just loves to gag on cock, she\'s such a good little slut. Any whore that slams her own face down on dick until she\'s drooling all over herself is our kind of gal. Our guy should have never taken his dick out of Keanni\'s mouth, she just doesn\'t shut up while he\'s pounding her freshly shaved fuck hole. She\'s actually pretty amusing to listen to, for a bit, then you just want to stuff a dick in her mouth. Keanni\'s tight little exotic body is a nice change from the bleached blondes with big fake tits. We need to team her up with two of our more aggressive guys and see what this mini slut is really made off.
Roxy Deville
This week we have funny girl Roxy Deville for you sick fucks. Some girls have a pretty face, some have a nice rack or a nice ass, and some have a great personality, this cute little slut has all of the above. Roxy is the ultimate girl next door, if you had a hot neighbour that loves to suck cock and lick balls. She’s got decent sized natural titties, personally I’m a fan of the big fakies but Roxy’s look damn sweet even to me. Watching Roxy’s fine ass bounce up and down as she’s riding cock is almost mesmerizing. She’s one of the few girls on this site you’d actually feel comfortable bringing home to meet your parents, she’s visually presentable, can charm your mother with her humour and whit, and suck down your fathers cock balls deep, the whole family would love her. Enjoy watching Roxy suck her cunt juice from our guys big rod and swallowing his load of cock sauce...
Tiffany and Alexis
This week we have the dynamic duo Tiffany Taylor & Alexis Silver! We\'ve had Tiffany here a few times already; she\'s a hot and feisty brunette who has proven on more than occasion that she loves the cock. I\'m not 100% sure if Alexis has been here before, she looks familiar but I could be thinking of some other gapped tooth whore. For you guys that like big naturals these boobalicious babes have some fantastic floppy fun. Big, small, real, fake, doesn\'t matter to me as long as they are nice, and Tiffany has near perfect titties in my book. I won\'t say anything negative about the rack on Alexis, after all with a face and mouth like that her heavy hitting flap jacks are a pleasure to look at. These two cunts have good chemistry and play off each other, licking the other\'s pussy juice of our man\'s cock and pushing the other to get fucked faster and harder. Alexis did score some extra points for trying suck out the last drop of cum, which is why I like these not so great looking girls, they usually put in that extra effort to be that much more of a dirty pig, and we love our dirty pigs!
Vanessa & Lauren
In the spirit of the girl on girl madness last week we decided to start things off with some more girl/girl action this week. Unfortunately this isn’t even close to being as hardcore as what you guys got last week, so we had to toss in a cock to liven things up a little. Sure enough that’s exactly what happened, it’s amazing how someone’s attitude changes when a big dick is shoved down their throat, up their ass then back down their throat:-) The great thing about having two sluts is they get competitive as to which can get nastier, taking the cock out of the others ass and sucking it clean. Alex has it tough, pulling out of one tight ass and drilling into the other before cumming all over Vanessa’s freshly shaved snatch and watching Lauren lick up every last drop.
We brought back dirty fuck pig Victoria for you sick fucks this week. Victoria is looking mighty fine, seems she’s lost a bit of weight since we shot her last year. She doesn’t have much muscle tone so I guess she’s been on the typical whore diet of fast food, throwing up and cocaine! By the way she was eating cock and balls I would guess she skipped breakfast and lunch before coming in, skipping a few meals prior to having ones ass stretched out and reamed is probably a good idea anyways. I was surprised and impressed this slut hasn’t gotten her tiny tits done yet, maybe we found a chick that’s actually happy with the way she looks. Usually the first things these cunts save up for is a boob jobs, even if it means cutting out some of life’s extras like paying rent and the electric or phone bill. I should be nicer to Victoria, she took a big cock deep in the ass with a smile and never complained when we pulled out of her dirty anus and face fucked her. Chances are her anal cavity was one of the first things she had to eat that day, that and a big load of cock sauce. We had a new guy shooting and it seems he turned out to be some kind of dumb ass artsy film student prick, spinning the camera and directing. I apologize for using this fucking douche!
Sandra Came Back!
We have a biohazard first for you sick puppies today… Triple Anal! We just love getting these foreign hoochies, they let us do whatever we want to their poor imported asses. We know we’re going to have fun when the stupid bitch tell us… “I am wanting you to fuck me more harder, yes, for the chance for living in US and A!”:-) We’ve had plenty of whores come through and get abused by one or more of our romantic gentlemen, having all their holes stretched like pieces of meat. Each of the classless cunts gets their share of being chocked, face fucked, double penetrated, eating ass, liking toilets, swallowing cum (you get the idea:-) but Sandra is the first filthy pig that took 3 cocks in the ass at the same time. Having one dick stuffed up your poop-shoot can’t be comfortable, having 2 cocks and a dildo rammed up your ass while being choked and spit on is an experience I hope no one reading this ever has to endure (being on the receiving end that is:-). Welcome to America bitch, the land of opportunity… opportunity to get your ass stretched and torn up so bad you wish you were back in Kazakhstan drinking warm goat milk from a dirty wooden cup!
This week\'s cute little cock sucker is Samantha Roxx. This little slut is a real \"girl next door\" type, really cute but not model type material. If the cunt was ever in a beauty pageant she might win the talent portion for her ability to suck and deep throat cock. Her voice is a little annoying so we made sure to keep her mouth filled with man meat as much as possible. Unfortunately we didn\'t have another guy to stuff her face while we plowed her pussy and tight little ass. We didn\'t spend too much time in her pussy, with a sweet tight asshole like she has we wasted no time sodomizing the stupid cunt. Besides it\'s much more fun to feed the whore cock out of her ass then her pussy:-) After being fed ass flavoured cock Ben gave her a nice load to wash it down.
We have a tight little sushi roll for you today, extra spicy! Katzumi is an Asian cutie that can take a cock almost as big as she is, what a fucking trooper. We love pairing up the small girls with the biggest cock we can find, try and split these little fuck tarts apart. She had a bit of a hard time taking the foot longer down all the way, but like any good whore she persevered and managed to deep-throat 12 inches of man meat. From the mouth to the ass and back, we filled this little slut with cock. Katzumi had an all you can fuck ass buffet and we made sure to stuff this bitch till she was full and top her off with a nice load of cock sauce.
Tory and Vanessa
We take a ride down a two Lane bi-way this week with super sluts Tory Lane & Vanessa Lane! They aren’t related but they sure do have a lot in common, like Barrett’s dick in them for starters. I love these two whores, they are fucking hot and know how to fuck on film! They play off each other and are always striving to outslut the other one, if Vanessa is getting her pussy pounded Tory will pull Barrett’s cock out to suck it clean then lick Vanessa’s snatch and ass hole. Not to be outdone Vanessa will pull the cock out of Tory’s ass and lick it clean. I don’t know what’s hotter watching these girls slobber all over dick or seeing them spit on each other. I have seen hundreds of these girls come and go over the years, all shapes, sizes and colours and if you asked me which ones I like the best, Tory and Vanessa would near the top. I’m a clean freak that likes my women dirty, and these chicks are just the right amount of dirty.
Harmony and Sammi
It’s double trouble this week with blonde hardcore hotties Harmony & Sammi! Girl on girl action is fun to watch for a bit but porn just isn’t right without some cock, and these whores love the cock! The guys start out face and titty fucking these two interchangeable sluts, swapping them back and forth giving each slut a try. The blonde bitches each pick a dick and hop on for a ride while their tits flop all over the place. Being good little whores they make sure to suck the other sluts cunt juice off the cock before jumping on and giving the other guy a try. Our guys have fun flipping these sluts into all kinds of positions, swapping them back and forth and making them suck each other’s juices off their dicks. After being tossed around Harmony & Sammi play nice and share the two loads of cum like good little sluts.
Julie and Darryl
This week we have hotties Julie Knight and Darryl Hanah turning the table on big bad Ben! Well it starts off with these two babes treating Ben like a biohazard bastard. As fun as it is to watch them boss him around you know it isn’t gonna last long before he fills their mouths with his man meat. It’s a tough life for Ben having one chick gag on his cock while the other sucks on his balls, while both of them drooling all over each other. Then the poor bastard has to watch the girls eat each other’s pussy while he is balls deep in the other, pulling out only so the other check can suck the pussy juice off his dick. Ben doesn’t play favourites, he fucks their face, pussy and ass, making sure he takes a dip and does a little stretching session on each hole. You sick fucks will love watching Ben pile drive Julie’s ass while repeatedly taking it out of her freshly fucked anus to gag Darryl with it. After some dirty ass to mouth action the girls spit swap Bens sperm, trading it back and forth before finally swallowing his load.