Tory Lane
This week we have the titillating temptress Tory Lane. We shot Tory a little over a year ago and she’s gotten hotter and much more fuckable. A lot of the whores that we destroy are nowhere to found a few months after we shoot them, never mind a few years. Most of these sluts leave the glamorous life of wanna-be amateur porn star to focus on their other interests like smoking crack or getting fat and collecting welfare. Not Tory, she’s still looking as good as ever sucking and fucking strange men on film and making a name for herself in this well respected industry that I’m proud to be a part of. It’s important to love what you do in life and this career cock mobster shows that passion each time we stick a dick down her throat. Tory looks great being spit roasted, having a cock in each end and being bounced back and forth on each cock. Being rammed with dick and face fucked at the same time takes some serious coordination, I would imagine. Seeing Tory at the end of this fuck session on her knees, exhausted, soaked with sweat and covered in cum, reminds us of what an amazing fuck slut this bitch truly is!
Gia Paloma
In this glorious business of fucking for money on camera there are countless girls who come and go, no pun intended. Very few of these dumb cunts have any staying power, which is fine, after all, the only thing better than pussy is new pussy. I do respect those girls that stick it out and try and make a name for themselves. Gia is one of those rare gems that gives it her all and literally puts her ass on the line. Just about all girls take a face fucking until they are drooling all over themselves, even a cock in the ass is par for the course these days. Then again ass has become the new vagina. It takes a bit of a special girl to take a pole in each hole, and then you have professionals like Gia that endure a true double penetration, two cocks one seriously stretched out anus. Most guys would have an issue crossing swords with another guy, but how can anyone give up the chance to double sodomize a hottie like Gia! Finishing off with a double anal cream pie and feed her what come out, who needs a cherry on top of that!
Selena Silver
Selena is a hot little blonde and Ben is going to treat her like a dirty fucking pig. He starts by flipping the bitch upside down and fucking her throat while her face gets covered in her own spit and goobers. He was feeling nice and let her clean her face off after she almost choked on her own spit when she inhaled it up her nose, good things she’s hot, because she’s not too fucking bright. It’s not like these whores are finishing their Masters or on their way to becoming a PhD when they walk through our door and take the ass pounding of their lives. What these stupid cunts lack in the smarts department they sure make up with some mad skills. I suppose adding “swallows cock like a champ and loves getting pounded in the ass” to a resume might actually help her get just about any job she applies for, or at least that second interview lol. Selena told us she loves getting reamed in the ass, and by the huge gaping anus shots we have she wasn’t lying. This bitch gives some great gapes, I’m sure her parents would be very proud of their little sweetheart.
Hillary Scott
So think week we brought back one of our favorites whore, Hillary Scott. We don’t usually have little preludes to the fucking but Hillary wanted to do this little schtick where she got to ask someone if they were molested and call them a fag, so we let her have at it and she’s actually pretty funny. Personally I don’t give a flying fuck about her ability to be quick and witty, I just love watching her get her face fucked and listening to her slurp and gargle on her spit. Our stunt cock was nice enough to go down on her a little bit, I thought the guy was soft until he slurped up all that pussy juice and spit it right into Hillary’s mouth. As nice of a pussy Hillary has it ranks last on which holes I’d stick it to, ass and mouth have the snatch beat by a long shot. Better yet combine the two, have Hillary taste her own ass while sucking cock fresh out of her gaping anus, something she’s so good at doing. Finish off by blowing a hot load in her cornhole and watch as she pushes it out and eats it, how can you not love this dirty slut!
Sandra Romain
Last week I gave Brooke all kinds of praise because she always delivers, this week we have Sandra Romain who never fails to take whatever we throw at her. Sandra is polar opposites of Brooke, brown hair, natural small titties, thin tight body, from Kazakhstan or Romania or some other shit hole eastern European country (yeah I sound like an ignorant American fucktard, because I am one). As different as these girls are they are two of my favs, how can you not love a slut that loves to be used and abused, over and over. I’m realistic, I know these broads do it for the money, but you can tell when someone is passionate about what they do and Sandra has passion oozing out of her ass, at least I hope that’s passion coming out of her gaping anus. I’m not sure what happened to these girls growing up that made them into the classy self respecting ladies they have become. Maybe it was a strict father, an abusive father or no father at all, maybe their mothers were whores and the apple didn’t fall far from the overly stretched out rotten tree. I’m no psychologist even though I’ve gone to one most of my life, but whatever the trigger is that leads a girl to eat sperm off a dinner plate is something that needs to be studied!
With her bleached blonde hair and big fake bolt-ons it seems the only thing genuine about Dasha is the fact she’s a real slut! At closer look this chick might be an actual blonde, it seems the carpet matches the curtains. Having blonde pubes also means someone needs to get this whore a razor, pubes have no place in porn! Watching Dasha bounce up and down on Ben’s dick I couldn’t help but get mesmerized by her tight little stink star staring me in the face, I don’t why he took so long to penetrate it. This chick loves being fucked like the whore that she is, her pussy was so wet she was dripping all over big bad Ben. Her pussy kept dripping even when she was being drilled in the ass, and Ben made sure to drill her butt good. I don’t know if it’s from the ass pounding or she’s just an uncoordinated cunt but watching Dasha wobble on her high heels as she tried to just stand and turn is like watching a baby calf try and walk for the first time. Then again we didn’t hire her to walk like a pageant queen in heels we hired her to suck a dick and get sodomized like a dirty worthless whore, and that she managed to do like a champ.
Mya and Monique
We have a double dose of deliciousness this week with Mya Luanna & Monique Madison. Mya has been here before so we already know she loves the sucking sack, this Filipino beauty never neglects the balls when she’s giving a blow job. Monique is quick study and makes sure to have Brett’s boys in her mouth when Mya’s lips are his dick. Both these brown bitches have perfect perky tits, nice and small, beautiful and bouncy. They take turns riding Brett, after one slut slides her wet pussy off the other slides right on. Monique pays monkey in the middle as Brett fucks her from one end and Mya is sitting on her face having her box munched on the other. Before you call me a racist fuck I didn’t call her a monkey because she might be black, to be honest I can’t really tell if she’s a light skinned black babe or just has curly hair and a nice tan. It’s like trying to figure out the sex of Pat from Saturday Night Live, is that show still on? Her light nips leads to us to think she isn’t a sister, and then we are reminded of her name, Monique. Either way she’s hot and has a nice and smooth freshly shaved pussy, besides we’re equal opportunity and will stick it to just about any chick, regardless of the color of her skin. Enough dumb banter, the only other thing you need to know is Brett finishes off spraying his load all over Mya’a ass and has it drip down over her pussy into Monique’s mouth.
Bobbi, Jenna & Taylor
We are doing things a little different this week, all girls and no guys. We firmly believe porn isn’t porn without cocks and cum shots especially when it comes to hardcore. The chicks we shoot think they can strap-on a rubber cock and do the same job as one of our angry stunt cocks. We think they are full of shit and are just trying to get out of being sodomized by an oversized dolt with roid rage. A couple months ago Tory and Vanessa, they went batshit crazy on each other and proved us wrong. So Bobbi, Jenna & Taylor said they could do an even better job, we were wrong once, why not give these three hotties a shot. Turns out these wanna-be whores have nothing on Tory and Vanessa! Sure they stick dildo’s up each other’s asses and lick them clean then fuck each other with a coke can girth sized dildo but where’s the violent hate? From now on we’ll have a couple of our guys on the sidelines ready to jump in and pound the crap out of these dumb cunts if they don’t impress.
Deja Dare
This week we brought back the delectable Deja Dare. I love girls with tongue rings, not because they look good, they look pretty fucking stupid and they aren’t good for the teeth but because they have one purpose and one purpose only... To make giving head feel better! The best part is, it doesn’t even make it feel better for the whore sucking dick, it’s for the pleasure of guy whose knob is being gobbled up. How can I not appreciate a chick that goes through having a piece of steel put into her tongue so the blow jobs she’s giving feels better for the dude she’s about to get a mouth full of love spunk from. Couple the tongue ring with Deja’s love for deep throating, her fully shaved snatch and that she loves getting her ass reamed and you’ll see why I’m such a fan. Besides any girl who takes a cock out of her ass and sucks it clean is the right kind of dirty for me. Watching her fart the anal creampie into a bowl then take another shot to the face is just icing on the cake.
All you big boob lovers are going to enjoy the anal destruction of porn star Carmella Bing this week! This hot whore has one hell of a killer rack, giving Sasha one more place to plow his cock in between:-) Unlike being skull fucked and having their faces rammed down as far as they can go on hard cock then being railed in the ass until the bitch is left with a soar gaping ass hole we aren\'t quite sure what enjoyment chicks get out of being tittie fucked and hit in the chin with a hard cock over and over, but we enjoy it, so fuck it we\'ll do it as much as we like! It\'s fun to watch Carmella\'s giant juggs bouncing around and smacking her in the face while she\'s being railed over and over. Just because she\'s got massive fun bags doesn\'t mean we take it any easier on this dumb cum slut. The lucky cunt gets to taste her own ass fresh off Sashas cock, gets choked and has her face and titties slapped like any other dumb bitch we use and abuse. In honour of her big chesticles Sasha spares her face and covers her rack in cock sauce.
Hey mother fuckers this week we have a big boob hottie from over the pond, Michelle B. We told this Britt twit we were running a contest to find the next anal queen and that she could win cash and other make believe prizes. Like she was going to win something for letting us fuck her in the ass, she’s obviously a natural blonde. So we found one of our big boys with some serious girth to stretch out this dumb cunt. I guess when you only have certain skills you need to use what you’ve got to earn a living and win contests. She obviously wouldn’t do well on Jeopardy, who am I kidding she would fail at deal or no deal she so fucking dumb. Sure she’s got nice big tits and she does her best to unsuccessfully deep throat, we’ll even give her some extra make believe points for taking the cock ass to mouth a few times, but this is no award winning anal. She does take a serious reaming, I’ll give her credit for that. Shame she came in just shy of winning the runner up prize, better luck next time dummy!
Although this weeks Biohazard bitch Roxxy is just average looking there\'s nothing average about this extreme whore. This dirty little pig talked herself up in her interview saying there wasn\'t much she wouldn\'t do, so we put the sleazy skank to the test. We brought in two guys to stuff this bitch; it\'s amazing how much better she looks when her face is filled with cock. In case she ever wondered what she tastes like down bellow, we took turns fucking her tight holes then feeding her dirty cock fresh from the pink and the stink. We really used this slut like piece of meat, ramming cock down her throat while pounding her in the ass, chocking and slapping her as we double penetrate her once tight holes. The more we threw at this fuck slut the hornier and wetter she would get, just the type of lady we like here at BHB. Being the lady that she is, we creampied her stretched out anus and had her fart the semen out then covered her face with more cock sauce. This whore got seriously double teamed and creamed.
Gentlemen meet Barbara Summer a dumb blonde with a killer rack, not surprisingly all are fake, well the hair and tits at least, the dumb part is all natural:-). We waste no time filling this whores mouth with two big slabs of man meat. It didn\'t take more than a few pokes until the slut had tears of joy running down her pretty face. This bitch really enjoyed taking a pole in each hole then tasting her pussy and ass juice of the dirty cocks. This milf took the DP like a champ, being slammed in both holes like the dirty fuck pig that she is. We stretch her ass to the point you could store your Hot Wheels collection in her gaping anus. All this abuse and the bitch loved every minute of it. You did a great job sugar tits I hope to see you back again soon!
Eva and Tiffani
Lee Stone is one lucky motherfucker, this week he gets tag teamed by Eva Angelina & Tiffani Digiavanni! I see a lot of tits; big small, real, fake, some are works of art and other look like they were done by a blind surgeon out to get revenge. When it comes to great racks Eva and Tiffani fall in the fantastic funbag category. Tiffani’s tits are so fucking nice you don’t even notice her face looks like that of a clown school reject that’s just gone 3 rounds with Kimbo Slice. Lee tosses these big boob whores around like a pair of slutty rag dolls, flipping them upside down into a standing 69 and ploughing them with his foot long schlong. Normally I love a loud girl, nothing like hearing screaming and moaning as a hottie is being filled with man meat, for some reason listing to these dumb fucking cunts screaming, moaning and telling Lee to “fuck her hard” makes me want to shove my fist down their throats rather than my fat 4 inches of fury. Eva needs to take some credit, she is the one that makes this scene work, Tiffani is about as useful as a big beautiful pair of fake tits on an ugly bull with bleached blonde hair!
We have a lesson for today from the book of Genesis. As you would assume we at Biohazard are devout religious folk. So for those of you who don\'t know, the book of Genesis begins with an account of God\'s creation of the world, Adam, Eve, and creatures. It also describes their banishment from the Garden of Eden, Cain and Abel, Noah and his ark, and ends with Jacob and his son Joseph the guy with the coat of many colors. Well similarly to the book of Genesis our dumb fuck whore Genesis gets tempted by a guy with snake tattoos, indulge in sins of the flesh just like Eve; getting gagged repeatedly, sodomized and made to drink the loads of four wise men. I think that part was Genesis 2:69 if I\'m not mistaken. If we have offended anyone with this text we apologize, we are not comparing ourselves to the church, we abuse and sodomize women of consent not young innocent choir boys.
Ava Rose
This scene is for all you low budget sci-fi guys out there. Or those of you who want to see some whore get banged by four overly tattooed losers. Either way Ava is dirty cock slut who needs to learn how to shave her pussy properly so she doesn’t those ugly red razor burn pimples. When I first saw Ava I considered her very mediocre, she’s slim but soft, decent looking but not beautiful and her tits are meh at best. Then I watched her take on four guys, rotating around to suck one while the other fucked her from behind and it reminded me why I love below average girls, they always put in that extra effort! Take home some hot bitch and prepare to be on your game, bring home a minger and they go down a 3 or 4 and come up a 7 or 8. They try harder and it’s appreciated, even Ava’s looks improved... after had 4 loads of cum drenching her sweaty naked body.
This week we get back to the bleached blond big boob bitches we all love so much. The last little while we\'ve strayed away from destroying the typical porn whore, well we\'re back baby! Actually Barbara is back with her big fake titties and a face that\'s made for fucking. Ben did just that, grabbed Barbara by her hair and gave her pretty little face a good fucking! This slut has been here before so she knows the drill, or rather that she will be drilled in the ass to the point you can toss a golf ball into her gaping anus and not touch the rim. Ben has a great time working her ass, he spent the better part of this fuck session stretching it out, only taking short breaks to have Barbara suck her own ass juice off his dick. Not wanting Barbara to leave with breath smelling like her lower intestines, Ben was courteous enough to give her a mouth full of his spunk, sometimes I think he cares too much.
Ice and Cody
We have two hot little whores for you sick fucks this week, meet Cody and Ice. Anytime we bring in two sluts to perform together we know we’re going to have a blast. It brings out their competitiveness and they try and out do the other to show which can take the cock down furthest and be the bigger fuck slut. They also encourage the other whore to push the limit, pushing the others head down when they are sucking dick, smacking the other while she’s being fucked, and always willing to lick pussy while being fucked. The girls take turn sucking each other’s cunt and ass juice off Sasha’s cock, each time he pulls out of one of their holes the other slut is quick to suck his rod clean. The fluids were flowing, Cody and Ice were drooling all over themselves while gagging on cock and taking turns getting spit on by each other and our boy Sasha. Ice wanted man up so she strapped on a big plastic cock and double penetrated Cody while she was being fucked in the ass by Sasha. After almost 30 minutes of nonstop hardcore fucking Sasha blasted both bitches in the face with cock sauce.
Cindy Lauren
We have anal angels Cindy Crawford and Lauren Phoenix for you sick fucks this week. If there’s one person you don’t want to fuck with but you want to fuck its Lauren, she’s one hot piece of ass. She is a big talker and has the good and the skills to back it up, to be honest I think I’d be rather intimidated if I ever had a crack at her, no worries though, there’s no chance of that happening for yours truly. Then again Lauren loves to share, here she shares her man with Cindy. Man he’s one lucky son of a bitch, sitting back while Cindy rides his cock, then having Lauren pulling his dick out of Cindy’s ass to suck it clean and slip it back in her tight anus. I can sit here and describe in detail how he bangs both their tight asses, has them each feeding off his ass soaked dick, gets his cock and balls sucked at the same time or I can shut my fucking mouth and let you watch, so enjoy...
We have a fun and self proclaimed filthy whore, meet Lexi. This fuck pig knew she was a filthy whore at a young age, she\'s had a lot of practice being a complete slut before walking through our door. Letting her husband film her getting railed by all his friends, this cunt has no problems performing in front of a camera and being told what to do. After a little \"get to know Lexi\" time Sascha just grabs her whore face and rams his cock right down her throat. Let her tastes likes before it\'s been jammed all the way up her ass, because we all know she\'s going to know what it tastes like after it\'s been rammed up her anus. There\'s always a bonus when shooting for us, not only did Lexi get to be sodomized bareback by some strange dude, she also got slapped, choked and her hair pulled at no extra charge! I\'m amazed at what generous and giving people we are sometimes:-) You really have to love a girl that keeps asking for the cock to be jammed all the way up their ass, then tastes her own ass time and time again.
For all you ass men out there, we have a new whore with a nice piece of tail for you, just the right amount of meat. Because Lee didn’t do his job with Brooke we took it out on Katja and double stuffed this dirty little cunt with two big cocks. This slut is pretty good at multi-tasking; jerking off one cock while getting throat fucked by another, keeping a good rhythm, moaning and asking for more all at the same time, this whore has talent! I don’t know what backwards fucked up family and country this bitch came from but to compare getting banged in the ass and double teamed to Christmas is fucking hilarious! I would have loved to see Christmas morning at her house, “Come to here Katja, uncle Boris got you a special gift for this year!” LOL. We pull off a standing DP then feed her both dirty cocks before this pig gargles a mouth full of dirty cum and swallows it all.
Maya Gates
We have an imported whore for you guys today, meet Maya she comes to us straight from Romania. It\'s not often we get married women walking through our door, so when we do we make sure to ream them extra hard with a massive cock. This way they go home to their loving hubbies soar, stretched and exhausted. Even though Maya is new to porn you can see she\'s been playing the part of dirty cum slut off camera for a very long time. This little whore sucks cock and deep throats like a fucking pro, if all women in Romania are like Maya we need to take an extended summer vacation over there. After some skull fucking and pussy penetration we give her once tight ass a serious fucking. Hey Maya, I don\'t know what food tastes like in Romania but you\'re in America now home of the Big Mac, apple pie, anal juice covered cock, and sperm dessert, so enjoy all the delicacies we have to offer:-) With her nice firm fake titties, shaved snatch and an ass that can handle a pounding and a half this bitch is going to do well in this industry, her husband must be so proud of his darling wife.
This week we have our way with a real fuck pig. When we first saw Tatianna she looked like she might have been a post op. tranny, she\'s not a tiny little waif like most of the tarts that come in here, and the cheap hooker blue eye shadow didn\'t help matters. Tatianna actually got better looking as she was getting more and more beaten up from having her face fucked and ass stretched. Our guys concentrated mainly on those holes because they were much tighter then her loosey goosey pussy with giant roast beef curtains. She was fun to toss around and treat like a worthless piece of meat, choking and smothering her overly made up face, feeding her dirty cock straight out of her stretched out anus. We have a great shot of some standing double penetration before our boys unload and cover her face in cum.
Here\'s a little fairytale for you called Sally the Sodomized Slut. Once upon a time in a hood far far away lived a whore named Sally. Sally had skin as white as snow, long wavy red hair and the cutest little crack habit. One sunny day Sally found herself in quite a pickle, the rent was overdue and the big bad landlord was going to huff and puff and evict Sally\'s white trash ass if she didn\'t come up with the back rent. With only a few hours to come up with the money Sally found herself helpless and knew there\'s only one person she could call to save her… Biohazard Man to the rescue! With a quick slap to face Sally was on her way to being saved, Biohazard Man rammed his cock down her throat, choke and gag, choke and gag, Sally was working hard for that rent money. But it would take more then a rough blow job and loosey goosey pussy pounding to save her, with time running out Sally spread her cheeks took a deep breath… SLAM, BAM, Sally took it in the bum; she was saved and forever known as Sally the Sodomized Slut!
Most people welcome in the New Year with friends and family, going out for dinner and some drinks, we at Biohazard Bitches do things a little differently:-) We ring in the New Year by sodomizing some dirty crack whore, forcing her to choke on cock that was just pulled out of her skanky dirt hole. Genesis is true to her whoredom, any slut with welts on her ass like this bitch and the hunger to sucks her gooey ass juice off our boys cock is a dirty, dirty fuck pig on camera and off. It feels good to know we did our part to help Genesis kick off the New Year with a bang.
Tory and Destiny
It’s double trouble this week with porn stars Tory Lane and Destiny Deville. Most of you probably know Tory by now, she’s fun little fuck who’s been here a few times. This is the first time we’re filming Destiny, and chances are it’ll be the last. She’s cute, has nice tits and seems to love having cock rammed down her throat. So why won’t she be back, because listening to her makes my ears bleed, she’s growling like a fucking retarded hyena. These two fuck sluts were obviously having a lot of fun screaming their stupidities and pushing the other to the extreme. One of my favourite lines is when Destiny is riding Sergio with Tory choking her and Destiny screams “FUCKING SUFFOCATE ME!” Honestly this mental case is so over the top it’s hard to take her seriously and you’ll see quite quickly that you’d rather hit her with a fucking baseball bat then have her suck your dick. Okay let’s be realistic, take the BJ and then have her freshly fucked face meet your Louisville slugger. When she isn’t making animal noises Destiny’s British accent can be a turn on, shame she spends most time screaming nonsense like a special needs child in the McDonalds fun park.
Kelly B
This week we score with one of the hottest MILF\'s around, Kelly Broox comes back for some second helpings. Kelly has really nice eyes, I particularly like watching them roll into the back of her head when she gets face fucked and her throat filled with cock. This slut has nice pair of itty-bitty titties, it\'s not often we get a nice small natural pair. I guess she hasn\'t saved up enough for the plastic surgery yet, lay off the crack lady, you\'ll be able to save enough for boobs and rent! We had a lot of fun pounding her tight pink pussy and then her even tighter ass. Giving her giant gapes then feeding her cock straight out of her dirty ass was fun, but blowing a load of man mustard all over her face was the icing on the cake, and by cake I mean dirty whore.
Ava and Vanessa
This week we treat our stunt cock to Ava Vincent & Vanessa Lane, lucky bastard. It’s not enough this son of a bitch otherwise known as Anthony gets to fuck these two hot broads he gets to destroy them. Jamming his dick down their throats and having them drool all over each other as he gags them. It’s not often I would trade places with these brick house brain dead stunt cocks but you’d have to be fucking retard to not want to have your balls licked by blonde hottie Ava while ass fucking rock solid Vanessa. Most of you fuckers wouldn’t last long enough to experience taking your dick out of Vanessa so Ava can lick it clean then ram it in Ava and have Vanessa suck her cunt juices off! I know I wouldn’t make it that long, I don’t know if I’d make it past two minutes of looking down and seeing these two whores spit swapping while gobbling my knob. It’s a tough fucking job but I guess someone has to do it, lucky bastard Anthony!
We have dirty talking whore for you guys today, meet Angela. This cute blonde wastes no time swallowing cock, she has a gagtastic time taking down 8 inches of man meat and drooling all over herself. What this slut lacks up top she makes up down below, Angela has a sweet ass and nice shaved snatch. Her tits are also nice if you like \'em small, a nice change of pace from the big fakies we see so much of. We love a girl who enjoys the taste of her own pussy and ass, taking breaks from getting her holes slammed to gobble cock and taste herself, what a good little whore! When we first met Angela she told us she loves cum, so we brought a few friends to watch the scene and give her a little surprise finish, and the cum guzzling whore took the loads like a champ.
Melissa Lauren
This week we bring back anal angel Melissa Lauren. This is the third or fourth time we’ve brought back this kinky cunt, and you’re about to see why! When it comes deep throating and gagging on cock there aren’t many others that do it with as much class and finesse as Melissa. Taking down Alex’s man meat until it brings up lunch all while having a fist in your ass, this bitch can multitask! If you have a weak stomach and don’t like the sound of someone gagging and dry heaving then put on some music while you watch this romantic love making. We love bringing this porn princess back because she loves to fuck, better yet she loved to be fucked hard and rough. It seems if you want to keep a girl like Melissa happy, you need to stick it her pussy, up her ass and then feed her the dirty dick so she can taste herself and then she’ll return your phone calls. The more you rough her up, the more she wants to give, which works great for sick fucks like us. She recently got her tits done, so we’ll have to bring her back yet again and test those fun bags out!
Brittney and Rita
This week we have double trouble with Brittney Skye & Rita Faltoyano. Have you ever wondered why strip clubs are always extremely dark, it’s because of whores like Brittney and Rita! Put these two bitches in a club with low light and you’ll think they are hottest honey’s you’ve ever seen, add 3000 watts of light and reality sets in. Unreal how I come off slamming these cunts like they are horrid pigs, when the reality is I couldn’t even score a dry palm hand job from Rita’s slow overweight sister, and she has a lazy eye! All I’m saying is the light bulb is not a friend to these overly made up gremlins. Now that I’m done talking smack like the semi retarded keyboard warrior that I am I’ll come clean and admit I would give the one nut I have left to be tag teamed by these two fuck goddesses. Imagine looking down and seeing those green and blue eyes looking up as they shared some cock, talk about serious spank bank material.
Janet Alfano
This week we double team Czech whore Janet Alfano. Janet has been in the business a little while and was even nominated for a couple awards at the big porn convention in Vegas a couple years ago. Unfortunately she didn’t win and instead of being a giant star shooting for the big porn production companies she’s being smacked around and treated like a worthless immigrant whore. Our guys show no mercy as they feed her their dicks and ream her ass. Flipping her back and forth taking turns stretching out both holes simultaneously and then having her clean their cocks with her mouth. Maybe if she would have let the judges fuck her ass and cream her cunt she would have gone home with some kind of award.
We\'ve got a big surprise for our girl Nicole this week, and when we say big surprise we mean monster cock BIG! You\'ve got to give this fun little whore credit she tried as hard as she could to deep throat this foot longer and she came damn close. Getting hit in the face with this thing is like getting whacked with a fucking bat, imagine having a Louisville Slugger rammed onto your face and down your throat. After a solid skull fucking we split this bitches cunt apart, plowing her once tight pussy with a monster amount of man meat. If the government really wanted to bring down the crime rate all they need to do is show what awaits new criminals as they enter prison; having Mr. Horse Cock waiting for you on the inside is all the deterrent most would need to stay honest. For any of you guys with smaller peckers who are sick of hearing those dumb sluts say \"size matters\" send them our way and we\'ll split them right up the middle! You\'ll never hear another complaint about your mini wiener. That\'s why we like Nicole so much, she takes this giant anaconda with a smile, such a good little whore.
Katerina Kat
We have a flexible little circus freak for you guys this week, all the way from the land of Borat, it’s sexy time with Katerina. Yes this petite slut comes from Kazakhstan, she was number 2 prostitute in all of country. The saying “good things comes in small packages” holds true with this flexible fuck tart, any chick that can pin her own legs behind her head while sitting up is one we want to tear apart. Katerina was actually in the circus growing up and all that gymnastic practice hasn’t gone to waste, it might not be Cirque du Soleil but I think to think fucking strangers for money and being tied into a pretzel while being hammered with cock is also something to be proud of. When she writes her family in the old country and tells them of her adventures in America her parents must be so proud, and I’m sure brother Uri gets very jealous. This little piece of meat was fun to toss around and slam with dick, a cute face, small firm titties, a freshly shaven snatch, and loves a face full of sperm, what more could we ask for!
Candy Lee
We have a sweet treat this week, blonde bombshell Candy Lee. Okay I don\'t know if you\'d consider Candy bombshell but after last week\'s train wreck Nadia I\'m loving any other blonde bimbo with big titties. Candy isn\'t the most exciting whore we\'ve shot but she does suck cock with care and she enjoys having her ass eaten, then again who doesn\'t enjoy a good butt munching;-) Not that Alex was eating her ass for her pleasure, he was just being courteous adding a little mouth lube before stuffing his cock in Candy\'s corn hole. Candy is a French Canadian which means she\'s a dirty whore by nature. I don\'t know what it is with the frenchies from up north eh, maybe it\'s the cold weather or something in the maple syrup, but they love to fuck. I don\'t know what she\'s saying when she\'s speaking French but it sounds sexy as hell, then again I don\'t know if it\'s the language she\'s speaking or that she\'s being slammed in the ass while she\'s saying it. Either way... oui, oui Candy, you\'re welcome to do some cross border fucking any time you want.
Keanni Lei
This week we have Panamanian princess Keanni Lei. She’s half Chinese half Panamanian and full on hot and hardcore. This little stick of dynamite visited us once before and she made sure to set the ground rules if we ever wanted her back. She insisted we tag team her and make sure the guys we pair her up with are, and I quote “up to the challenge of fucking me like the dirty whore that I am.” Those are her words, not mine, although that does sound like something I would say. And that’s why I like Keanni so much, when she’s not getting stuffed with dick she hangs out and shoots the shit like one of the guys. She’s a hardcore surfer and skater and an all out beach bum. She lives a good life, spending a few days a month getting fucked and mistreated which as you can see she full on enjoys and the rest of her time at the beach. If she surfs half as well as she gags on dick and takes an anal pounding I’m sure she’s unreal on that board. I can’t wait to bring this Biohazard Bitch back again soon; I think I might have met another potential future ex-wife!
Gia is dirty dirty pig, just the type of whore we like here at BHB! Her wacky smile reminded me of the Joker from Batman, well holy hardcore Batman, this bitch is about to get destroyed! She told us she likes big cocks, but I don’t think she expected to have to swallow this big rod. She really impressed us, taking the whole thing down like a good little whore, swallowing 10” of man meat is a piece of cake compared to taking it in the ass. This cunt hardly had time to catch her breath, as we go from ass to mouth, and jam all her holes until tears swell up in her pretty eyes. Normally we let these bitches swallow the load on their own but Gia got a little help making sure it went all the way down. The points she lost for having a weird ass smile and cottage cheese ass she made up by being such a willing whore.
This week we have a not so well know porn whore Sheridan. She must be a stripper with her nice hair and eyes and a kind of cute face at the right angle and an okay body, all of which must look great in a dimly lit room with a few drinks in your system. None of that matters when you see how she sucks back a couple hard cocks and takes them in each of her holes. Talking about dimly lit rooms, whoever does her cunt waxing needs to turn the lights up, look a little closer and take care of hair around the back of her asshole. You can hardly notice it but I’m a picky mother fucker and hate when people are fucking lazy. I think I got spoiled by the double anal the last two weeks, watching Sheridan take a pole in each hole and suck her ass juice off the cocks is looking a little tame to me. I was also expecting more of a face frosting from these two dudes, like Sheridan they are also mediocre ass hats. Sorry for the hate this week guys, not sure why I’m a such a fucking bitter prick, I’ll blame it on being Monday!
The first thing we ask every broad that walks though our door is if she’s over 18. So this dumb bitch replies “of course I’m over 18, I just turned 19”. At first glance you can tell there’s no fucking way this string haired stretched out whore is even in her early twenties. I don’t understand why these dumb cunts lie about their age, first off we’re going to pound the shit out of them the exact same way, they can be18 or 38, second of all we need 2 pieces of photo id before we shoot! Where else can you walk in to an interview, have the first words out of your mouth be a lie and still get the job? Sometimes even I’m amazed how nice we are, giving odd jobs to unemployed, uneducated, unskilled, lying chicks who would most likely get fired from their job at Wendy’s by some pimply faced 16 year old assistant manager. We know it can be hard out there working for “the man” that’s why we are such good folks, take in these lost souls, give them work and help them follow the right path. Ok we pay them a nominal fee to ram cock so far down their throats they can hardly gasp for air, ram their pussy and ass until they have red gaping holes, spit at and smack their overly made up faces, then feed them cum from guys they don’t even know. Strangely enough many of these stupid cunts want to come back for more, must be because we’re such givers, it’s in our nature, what can I say:-)
Kendra, Melissa & Audrey
We’ve had great feedback from those 3 chick destruction videos, seems you guys don’t always need some cock on screen. Besides these chicks love to rough each other up and see how much they can push one and other. The issue here is when you shove a finger in someone’s ass better be careful, you may get a fist up yours in return! This isn’t your boring girl, girl making out, pussy licking with the occasional nipple flick video, these whores do some serious dildo damage before going knuckle deep into each other’s anal cavities. Who said you can’t have ass to mouth and complete domination and destruction without a guy in the mix, these bat shit crazy bitches do a hell of a job. They even make some of the guys we’ve used in the past seem like a bunch of pussies!
We get some real pigs that walk in to shoot with us; Kelly is not one of them. She\'s a hot milf with an insatiable appetite for cock and cum. She told us in the interview she\'d done anal before but not on a regular basis, so being the good guys we are we had Ben loosen her up by shoving some anal beads up her tight ass, then in true biohazard fashion he fed them to her:-) Kelly has a beautiful face as it is, but watching it get rammed with cock until she was gagging and gasping for air made it an even prettier site. Ben had some fun fucking her face then didn\'t waste much time before he started to drill her tight ass. For an anal rookie this whore took the reaming like a champ. She probably told us she was somewhat of an ass virgin thinking we\'d go easier on her, but as you sick fucks know, that\'s not the way we work. Kelly also mentioned she loves cum, we usually hear that from all the whores so we put this cum slut to the test and let a few guys hanging around blow their loads in her mouth while Ben was pounding her in the ass. You guys are gonna love this scene!
We have an ass jamming good time with Jasmine this week. This hot little whore is one of thousands of young, bright eyed, wanna-be actresses that left her mid-western home in search of stardom in sunny Hollywood. Like many of the semi talented hoochies that go in search of fame and fortune after a few months of no call backs and bills coming in she went looking for an acting job she\'s been practicing for most of her life, and we are more then happy to give her the break she\'s been looking for. Amazing how naturally acting like a dirty fucking whore comes to most of these girls, it\'s like they\'ve rehearsed the part hundreds if not thousands of times before. She might not ever make it to the big screen but with her cock sucking skills and anal abilities she\'s guaranteed to make a few fans. We pound her tight wanna-be actress butt hole and continuously feed her ass-soaked cock, this way she can taste her talentless ass over and over. She can now write home to her parents in Nebraska and let them know she\'s stared in her first short film that might one day make it to DVD. Her family will be so proud to see what a good job their cum soaked little angel is doing and how far her acting career has advanced:-)
What a treat, we have the gorgeous all natural Defrancesca Gallardo for you perverts this week. By “all natural” I mean no fake tits or bleached blond hair, don’t worry I’m not referring to a natural hairy bush. Although there are a shit ton of guys that love a hairy clam, we don’t see it all that much with the sluts we have walking through our door. I don’t know if it’s the brown hair, perky tits, fishnets or the glasses but I find Defrancesca one seriously hot piece of tail. That’s strictly based on her looks, I haven’t even gotten into her cock sucking skills, taking down 8 inches with ease, even as she’s getting fucked hard from behind. You foot guys are going to love the little treat we have for you, I don’t want to ruin the surprise so I won’t go into detail. If you’re into douche bags, one of our stunt cocks looks like an overly orange tanned Jersey Shore reject! There really is something for everyone this week.
Lexi Love
This week we have the homely Lexi Love. This skinny bitch does fuck all for me, which is odd because she’s slim, her tits and ass are okay and her face isn’t ugly or beaten up. This cunt is far from anything special, maybe it’s the ugly ass white trash tattoo across her belly, or her stringy hair, she isn’t the worst we’ve had but for some reason she just rubs me the wrong way. She puts effort into gobbling cock and her face is fuckable yet I’d rather hit it with a shovel than stick my dick in it. Maybe that’s extreme, I’ll try again... After fucking her meth addicted face I’ll do her a favor and swing my shovel across it and straighten or just knock out some of those crooked teeth. Most of the below average girls put in the extra effort so they down a 3 but come up an 8, this bitch doesn’t score any extra points, she didn’t even take it in the ass. Some of you guys might like this white trash piece of human garbage, and I would never judge you for it. Shit someone here must like here because she’s been back a couple times, maybe she works cheap when rent is due or she’s run out of her curbside pharmaceuticals.
Penny and Dani
This week we have a couple of crazy broads, Penny Flame & Dani Woodward! When it comes to the seemingly fun and bubbly Penny Flame I need to clarify when I call her crazy. Unlike Dani who is a wild and crazy fuck slut Penny is actually bat shit crazy. This bitch is loco, I don’t know the exact reason she recently quit porn but I believe finding Jesus had a small part to play. She did the rounds of the 3rd rate talk shows telling anyone who would listen about her hardships and drug abuse woes. Yeah yeah we get you’re the hooker with the heart of gold who was taken advantage of all your life. Get over yourself you self righteous cunt, you should have stuck to porn because you are hot and suck cock like a champ. I could go on and on about this mental case but instead I’ll quit my bitching and let you guys watch a kick ass, gagtastic threesome, enjoy...
Angelina and Kylie
Happy July 4th to all the American perverts out there! This week we actually have a story line to the fuck session, I won\'t waste my time or yours trying to describe the dumb fucking scenario some douche nozzle came up with. Bottom line is Angelina Bonnet and Kylie Worth get it on until our stunt cock comes in and sodomized both whores. I\'m trying to think of something nice to say about these two broads but after last week\'s fuck session with Leah and Claire it\'s hard for me to be nice to any whores that follow and don\'t quite measure up. It\'s a shame too, Angelina & Kylie do put in the effort, deep throating dick fresh out of the others pussy, taking it hard in the ass and tonguing balls. On paper I should be praising these whores especially after seeing them on top of each other taking turns having their ass holes penetrated but they just don\'t do it for me. Seeing Kylie\'s facial expressions as it gets hit with sperm makes it seem like someone is dripping battery acid on her, which might actually be a good idea for a future shoot.
Lucy Kai
This week we have a hot young import for you guys, Lucy Kai. I have to admit when a tight little Asian with big fake tits walks through my door I figure there’s a 30% chance it’s got a dick, most of the tranny’s out there look like Lucy... luckily this hot little 19 year old was cock free! Well she was cock free until we stripped her ass down and slammed a couple in her. I didn’t think Lucy would be up for the Biohazard challenge but this tiny twat takes the cock like a fucking champ. The boys started off nice and easy skull fucking her until she was drooling all over herself, the bitch damn near broke the camera when she soaked the fucking camera lens. No one disrespects our equipment, it was punishment time, I think I heard what sounded like Lucy crying and screaming something when we jammed a cock in her ass but it was hard to understand what she was saying with a cock balls deep in her mouth. This chick took some serious cock for such a tiny thing, we pinned her legs up and double penetrated her, stretching out each hole and slamming her while she screamed and shrieked! Our guys were going fucking crazy, they double stuffed her cunt tearing that shit up, this poor little girl got the stretching of her life! Lucy said she was thirsty so we gave her a glass to drink the two loads of sperm out of, a little cum cocktail for her to play with as we finish up the shoot!
The countdown to Christmas is on and this week we have big boob Davia fucking one of Santa\'s overgrown giant elves. Davia is the kind of girl that looks great after a few drinks in a dark room while wearing sunglasses. She has a half decent body but looks like a young Sally Struthers that got hit in the face with the ugly bat a few extra times. I\'m glad she got a professional to do her make-up, problem is it was a professional musician; Ray Charles! Whenever I see this dumb cunt I can\'t help but think of the \"Molee, molee, molee\" scene in Austin Powers, look it up on youtube for a good laugh if you have no idea what I\'m talking about. I won\'t ruin the scene by harping on Davia\'s ugly mug, she does look good with a cock in her ass and jizz dripping from her chin so let\'s focus on the positive!