Makayla Cox
In honour of the Vancouver Canuks being in the Stanley Cup finals we bring back the big boob Makayla Cox! Canada has given the world so many great things, unfortunately all the good that they have done for the world has been wiped out by introducing everyone to Celine Dion. She has a great rack and it almost looks natural, not that it matters if it looks real as long as it looks real nice eh! We shot her a few years ago and man she has just gotten better with age, I can\'t pinpoint what it is but I don\'t recall her ass looking so damn delicious. The sound on the video is a little off, I don\'t know what that\'s all aboot, must be a Canadian thing. I don\'t have money on the Canuks will best the Bruins but one sure bet is Makayla getting her ass reamed then covered in cock sauce!
Samantha Rose
If you want to lose your appetite or if you\'ve already eaten and want to toss your lunch let me introduce you to Samantha. Some chicks were just meant to do porn, we\'re talking natural born whores, girls like Kelly Wells that look the part, talk the part and act the part. Then you have poor Samantha Rose, a single mom in her early twenties that doesn\'t look a day over 39. After watching this pitiful excuse for a whore try and fuck I really wanted to try and say something nice. This way if and when she reads this (assuming she can read) she doesn\'t feel worse about her small flapjack tits, lose skin after baby stomach, shapeless ass and meat flap cunt. So here it is Samantha… you have really nice eyes, and you\'re the idea woman for any man who loves roast beef curtain pussy lips. There are plenty of guys who enjoy chewing on big old flappy wizard sleeves and looking at the back of a woman\'s head as he bangs her from behind in a dark room!
Dani Woodward
We have an enthusiastic headcase for you sick fucks this week, meet Dani. This fun little fuck is originally from Detroit but moved to LA to become the next big thing in porn, at least she was moderately realistic and didn’t move thinking she’s become a successful mainstream actress. Within just a couple weeks of her move Dani’s mad deep throating skills she got a contact offer from Vivid. Unfortunately she couldn’t seem to pass the drug test, so now she’s shooting for scum bags like us:-) Unfortunately you won’t find many scenes out there starring this little whore, she had a short lived porn career. We’re damn glad we got to pound her tight pussy and ram cock down her throat before she swore off men and moved in with some chick. We weren’t even that hard on her but it seems it was a little too much for her fragile psyche, I wonder if she still cries in the scalding hot shower while trying to scrub the “dirty” off.
Vanessa Lane
We bring back one of hottest porn stars in the business, Vanessa Lane. If you like voluptuous women then you won\'t agree with me on the hotness part, but if you like your women toned and fit, you\'re gonna love this fuck slut. Each time Vanessa walks through our door she keeps getting hotter, her big fake titties aren\'t that new but they look fucking delicious. Aside from being hot as hell this slut is as hardcore as it gets, no matter what we do to her, the crazy cunt keeps coming back for more! One time we had 4 or 5 guys face fuck her, give her a serious face blizzard and some pink eye to remember us by. This time we took it easy, jamming a foot long cock balls deep in her ass, then feeding her the ass soaked dirty dick. It\'s crazy to see the size of the dick compared to her tiny ass, then we double stuff her. The only thing that beats watching her getting railed is watching her take two pop shots to the face, enjoy it you sick mother fuckers...
Avena and Katsumi
Not everyone gets off on blondes with big fake tits, that’s why this week we bring in exotic hotties Avena Lee & Katsuni. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that we aren’t equal opportunity scum bags. Here at Biohazard Bitches we feel that discriminating against a whore just because she isn’t a bleached blonde with fake tits wouldn’t be fair or just. We will gag, fuck and sodomize women of all colors, religions and backgrounds, just as long as they aren’t fat. Not that we can be all that picky, let’s face it you can’t always dine on filet mignon with a happy meal budget. Thankfully this week we had a 2 for 1 slut coupon and ordered in some spicy latin along with our Japanese entre. Katsuni gets full props, taking Sasha balls deep up her ass then down her throat while Avena seemed to join in for moral support. At least Avena helped clean some dirty cock, pulling it out of Katsuni’s ass and sucking it down. Even though Katsuni did most of the work she was nice enough to split Sasha’s load, after all sharing is caring!
Tyla Wynn
We brought back the fun and energetic Tyla Wynn. I really like this whore, which is big because I don’t like many of the fucktards we use and abuse each week. Tyla isn’t the best looking or smarted chick we’ve shot but she knows the game and does her job like a fucking champ. She’s nice and vocal even though she knows full well she gets smacked across the face for opening up her pie hole. This dirty slut knows her place and takes whatever we dish out, gagging on dick that’s fresh out of her anus, getting spit on and slapped around like a worthless piece of meat, Tyla takes it all with a smile. Okay it looks like more of a painful grimace than a smile but I am almost positive that the tears swelling in her eyes and running down her cheek up as we jam cock down her throat are tears of joy. Tyla is proof that you want to fuck an average girl and not a drop dead gorgeous princess, the less than average sluts make that extra effort, they might go down a 4 or 5 but always come up an 8 or 9.
Lauren Pheonix
This week we have two top notch perverts Lauren Phoenix and Kurt Lockwood. He’s a fucking rock star, no joke he’s played with some decent bands and was even in the movie Mixed Nuts with Steve Martin. Seems he’s much better at fucking then playing guitar because this career is the one he’s been in the longest. Then there’s Lauren Phoenix a 5’10” Canadian stick of dynamite, this crazy canuck sucks dick like it’s the dead of winter and the heat’s been turned off, she gobbles and strokes Kurt’s dick with so much enthusiasm it could melt her igloo. I’m no ignant American thinking all Canadians live in igloos and ride their husky driven sleighs around their snow covered streets to get to their job as a lumberjack or making maple syrup. After talking with Lauren I realize Canadians are just like Americans except they are polite, peaceful and the rest of the world doesn’t hate their guts. Enough of this geography lesson and back to Kurt flipping Lauren upside down for a standing 69, pile driving her ass, feeding her his ass soaked dick then covering her in sperm...
Bobbie Starr
This weeks lucky wanna be starlet is cute brunette Bobbie. If you saw Bobbie on the street you\'d never guess she\'s one sick fucking whore, she doesn\'t have massive fake clown boobs or look like she over applied her make up in a dimly lit room with no mirror. She looks more like a hot grade school teacher then a dirty fuck slut. We put this innocent looking bitch through the paces, and she took it like a pro. Sucking down 10 inches of man meat, balls deep at that! This bitch took the cock sausage down until she was drooling on herself and had tears running down her cheek. If you think her blowjob skills are impressive (and they are) wait till you see the anal reaming this bitch endures! The anal gapes we get from stretching her out like a rubber fuck doll are sick, the close ups are not for the faint of heart. Bobbie does such a great job looking into the camera while her throat is filled with man meat we can see her eyes swell up with tears as she\'s having ass soaked cock rammed down her open throat. Bobbie must be a hoot at parties, how many people can say they\'ve tasted the inner lining of their lower intestines:-) For you anal gape fans this scene is pure gold! Next time we have Bobbie come by we\'ll break out the putter and knock some balls into her giant gaping anus. One day when Bobbie meets the man of her dreams and settles down to start a family I sure hope none of them ever see what we\'ve done to her, it\'s one of those things that once you\'ve witnessed it, you can\'t just erase it from your mind!
This week we have a cute young porn newbie Christie. We told Ben that Christie was relatively new to the porn game and to start off slow, so he grabs her head and rams his cock as far down her throat as he possibly could. I don’t think he said more than 2 words to her before the shoot started and he just grabs her head and basically face fucks her, and what a pretty face too. Lesson learned for this dumb fucking slut, if you’re going to shoot for a site called Biohazard Bitches don’t expect to start with light kissing and sensual foreplay! Christie will probably do well in this business; she seemed to enjoy every bit of the face fucking and tit slapping. By her nervous giggle I don’t think she’s used to being slammed with a cock this big but the little slut was enjoying every bit of it, that or she’s a pretty decent actress. Either way it’s fun watching her get filled with man meat.
We have a fresh hottie for you sick fucks this week. Korina is a cute little cock gobbler with a damn near perfect little pussy. She\'s still new to this porn thing so she doesn\'t have nasty hanging roast beef curtains like some of the whores that get plowed for a living. We don\'t want to give this dumb little slut too much credit, any whore that\'ll shove her tongue up a guys ass is a flat out pig, and we like our nasty little fuck pigs here at Biohazard:-) Ben has a hell of a time fucking this slut, shoving her panties up her snatch then wrapping them around his cock and ramming them into her mouth. We sure this cutie comes back for some second helpings where we can really go to work on her:-)
Georgia Peach
We have sweet Georgia Peach for you sick bastards this week. This southern belle is a busty blonde with just the right amount of junk in the trunk. Georgia jumps right in and starts gagging herself on Sashas cock, ramming her face down until she’s drooling all over herself, spitting all over his rod and licking it all up like a good whore. When Georgia walked in we weren’t sure what to expect, she didn’t look like the typical dirty girl, good things looks are deceiving, this cunt is one dirty little fuck slut. You guys who love a juicy phat ass are going love watching Georgia’s rump get pumped. We rip her apple bottom apart, flipping her upside down into the pile driver and jamming her with cock. We sodomize this stupid pig in every position imaginable, having her lick and suck Sasha’s cock clean in between each position. We stretch out her anus to the point you can drop a golf ball in and not touch the rim. When Georgia said she was up for anything she wasn’t kidding, we abuse and rip this bitch apart and she seems to love every painful minute of it. Even if you’re not a fan of big bubble butts by the end of this scene you’ll want to crank one out in Georgia’s big bottom.
Luba Love
What’s going on mother fuckers? For those of you old enough to recall the cold war you know there was some tension between Americans and Eastern Europeans back in the day. Don’t worry I’m not going to get all political up in this shit, besides I’m a Canadian and we mind our own business, but more so we sit on the fence about everything. After watching the videos from the last few weeks I have noticed there actually are many cultural differences between Eastern European and American whores. We have been filming overseas and I have to say the most recent fuck sessions have been second to none! I don’t know what it is but these Euro girls are fucking hot as hell, in a dirty pig kind of way. They may not be considered as “pretty” by the usual standards, but this isn’t a fucking beauty pageant, this is Biohazard Bitches! Fuck the swimsuit competition and the highlights in their hair; we want to see how big a dildo we can ram up some slut and how many cocks we can slam in her anus. There are a handful of American “actresses” and I use that terms loosely that are true fuck pigs, but just about all of these Euro trash whores have no issue with double sodomy and eating their own ass or some dirty hairy man ass. So if there’s ever a fuck slut Olympics, or any type of whore wars, then we in North America have nothing on these European cum covered goddesses!
Shayna Knight
We double team poor German immigrant Shayna Night for you sick fucks this week. Shayna has been in the porn scene for a little while and contacted us because she wanted a little more experience on the extreme side of things, and we’re always here to help a whore. I don’t know why Germans are so fucking sick in the head when it comes to sex, Shayna requested that we get two guys for her and make sure that they fuck her face just as hard as her ass. With these Germans you never know what they might request, then again we have no problem treating women like subhuman urinals. After banging the hell out of this euro trash skank I have a feeling Shayna gets plenty of experience being double penetrated and used like a worthless piece of fuck meat. I’m not sure what her deal was with that red garbage bag of an outfit she had on, then again who gives a shit what she had on as long as we get to sodomize her and feed her ass soaked cock then leave her with a mouth full of cock sauce.
This slutty milf contacted us after joining our site and wanted to know what she would have to do to come and get used and abused. For any of you people who think what we do is immoral and degrading you should talk to Roxette, this bitch doesn\'t just love the cock, she loves having it rammed down her giant pie hole and up her tight ass. We made sure to hook her up with Ben and our new German 10 inch monster cock man. Some women just love the rough stuff and being treated like worthless pieces of meat, we wouldn\'t dare send them home disappointed:-) You can tell by the size of her mouth, Roxette is used to having it stretched out and filled with dick. This slut was so proud when she was able to deep throat 10 inches of cock and barely gag, she must have been a popular girl before she dropped out of high school.
Delilah Strong
This week we have flap jack crack addict Delilah Strong. I don’t really think Delilah does crack, why would she poison her body with that low life drug when she’s able to be such a valuable member of society spending her weekends tweeked out on meth. I really hope they got that couch scotch guarded because this bitch is a squirter! That’s right boys fucking miss Delilah can result in not only serious wetness but a complete cunt juice shower. Either banging Chris has her extremely excited or his foot long dong pierced her blatter and the bitch sprung a leak. The more I watch Delilah the more I like her, asking Chris to smack her floppy little tits harder and harder, enjoying getting choked out and then soaking herself in her own cunt juice, this bitch looks like one fun fuck. My only advice to her would be save some of that meth money and get some fake tits, time to invest in something more permanent than a dose of dope and enough with those ugly asse ink stains she has all over her body. But hey what do I know, I’m not in front of the camera with her, I just sit here with one hand on the keyboard writing drivel about her getting serious pussy pounding!
Taylor Rain
This week we have the slightly insane Taylor Rain. This chick is as crazy as she is hot, and she is one hot piece of ass. I’m a fan of the fakies but this bitch has great little titties that I wouldn’t even mess with, and I’d slap some bolt-ons to just about any chest. Her ass is a little boney but hey you only notice that when she is bent over with her ass up in the air and face buried into the mattress. Brett and Sasha seem to have a blast tag teaming Taylor, making sure they have their cocks stuffed into one of her holes at all times. While one is fucking her face the other is stretching out one of her holes. I don’t know what’s worse, Sasha stuffing his cock down her throat and pinching Taylor’s nose until she’s gasping for air, or when he had his hands wrapped around her little neck choking her out and spitting in her mouth. Being the kind and considerate guys that they are they gave Taylors mouth a rest and double penetrated her, one in the pink and one in the stink, double teaming her and giving this slut a serious stretching. If that doesn’t give you wood, then watching her take the cocks out of her pussy and ass and sucking them clean then getting a face full of splooge certainly will.
Arianna Jollee
This week we double team hottie Arianna and she’s willing to do anything you want. Arianna not only has a smoking body, a great natural rack, killer eyes and a great sense of humour but she’s also total whore! This bitch downs cock like she hasn’t eaten in a week, taking in every inch of man meat while drooling all over herself. The guys flip her around into all kinds of position and make sure she’s always has a mouthful while they are pounding and violating her. That’s unless they are busy double penetrating her, stuffing a pole into each hole stretching her out. She takes it all with a smile, which means they should have been smacking her around a bit to wipe that ass eating grin off her face. I don’t think this dumb cunt realizes this is Biohazard Bitches, we skull fuck and sodomize whores, pummel them with multiple cocks and feed them ass soaked dick then cover them in cock sauce. Yet this cunt is smiling, laughing and begging for cum, Jesus Christ bitch at least act like it hurts and pretend to fight us off. Arianna is hot and willing to do anything, I think I just met my future ex-wife!
Hillary Scott
We brought back one of our favouritest whores Hillary Scott. We actually shot this a while ago and I have no idea why it wasn’t put up. I can’t think of any sound I like better then listening to Hillary gagging and drooling while being face fucked, so much so that it happens to be my ring tone, it gets a little embarrassing when I get a call in church though. The main reason I like the way Hillary sounds when she has a mouth full of man meat is because she isn’t talking. Don’t get me wrong hearing a chick talk about how she wants to eat her pussy and ass juice of my hard cock and tell me to “pound her fucking ass hole” or hear her say “my ass tastes good off your cock” rocks, but this dumb fucking cunt doesn’t shut up unless we fill her face with dick. Hillary has been in this game a while, this chick loves the cock, she’s had more dick in her then a urinal at Madison Square Gardens.
Nadia Hilton
Unfortunately for this week\'s biohazard bitch Nadia Hilton she isn\'t related to the much more famous, much wealthier and sadly I actually think more talented Paris Hilton. I imagine it\'s safe to say the majority of people think Paris Hilton is an annoying talentless cunt, other than a trust fund the only other thing going for her is her half decent body, and that\'s only if you like the body on young teenagers with eating disorders. As little as I think of Paris I think less of this ass clown Nadia. Here we have a serious case of good from far but far from good! She\'s about as exciting to watch as a season of the Tony Danza show, I\'ve never seen the show but I assume it\'s as bad as this train wreck. When I first laid eyes on Nadia she was dressed and all I wanted to do was see those great big titties, then I saw them, now I can\'t unsee them. Talk about a bad tit job, what do you say to a surgeon to get a botched up job like that, I sodomized your daughter? I went to to buy Nadia\'s last movie, it said \"People who bought this also bought a rope and a stool\"! What makes things worse is she actually thinks she\'s hot which makes are about as appealing as going down on Gabourey Sidibe after she\'s been jogging! At least Gabourey was entertaining to watch in her movie Precious.
Eve Laurence
We have Eve Laurence for you sick fucks, you big fake tit lovers are going to love this whore. A lot of these sluts that get big bolt-ons usually end up packing on a bit of weight and their ass grows into the new rack, not Eve, not yet at least! She has a little extra meat but she’s still fucking hot and those great big cannons make up for a little jelly in the belly. Our stunt cock takes full advantage of her giant rack and titty fucks her in between ramming his cock balls deep down her welcoming throat. Eve worked our newbie hard, he was sweating so much the poor bastard looked shinier and greasier than Eve, and she unloaded a bottle of baby oil all over herself before they got started. Then again if I spent twenty minutes pumping her pussy and watching those massive melons bounce all over the place I’d be dripping too. He filled her mouth with his cock cream and then Eve spit it all over her giant juggs, then rubbed it in like it was sunscreen and she was spending the day at the beach!
Veronica Jett
Ahhhh... for you guys who don’t already know Veronica Jett you’re about to get acquainted with her. At first glance you’ll see her cock sucking skills and want to stick your dick in her mouth and fuck her squirrely looking face. Then you’ll take a closer look and see that scab she has on her lip, ewww! Then you have to decide, do you pull it out and skull fuck the dirty whore and roll the dice... is that a piece of oatmeal from breakfast, a burn from sucking on a crack pipe or more than likely a cold sore better known as face herpes. I know something like 80% of the population gets cold sores but they don’t schedule a double blowjob during a breakout like this dumb cunt. Most guys would roll the dice, these two grease ball looking stunt cocks had no issue apparently. Chances are you wouldn’t have even seen the nastiness on her lip if I didn’t mention it, but I feel a public service announcement is in order here, besides I love calling people out when they do something dumb as fuck, and these three ass hats you see in the clip deserve to be called out for going ahead with this! I can only speculate that if her lip looks like that and they thought the best approach was a double BJ zooming in on her mouth, imagine what that diseased pussy and ass must look like. Hope you weren’t about to eat:-)
Leah Luv
I hope all you sick fucks had a good weekend, just in case you didn’t here’s a little something to put a smile on your face... The facial and anal abuse of one Leah Luv. If you’re into young looking girls you’re going to cream your pants when you see this petite slut gag and have her head slammed down on some big hard cock. Our boy Sasha has to be careful while he skull fucks this whore, she’s got a mouth full of metal and he doesn’t want to know the damage braces can do to his money maker. Maybe that’s the reason he spends much of the time bare backing Leah, fucking her pussy and ass almost nonstop. The only time he takes a break from filling Leah’s two holes is to have his cock washed off in her mouth. She might look young and innocent but this cunt is one filthy slut! There is nothing innocent about any chick that can take an anal reaming like we administered with such ease, Leah must have a long history of being used and abused. Leah didn’t stop telling us how much she loves getting fucked, we must have heard “I love a good fucking” a dozen times when we interviewed her and another twenty times the day of the shoot. To teach this bitch a lesson, we cut her a check and said “Here’s the $20 for your hard work, be happy bitch it looks like you’re getting fucked again, it’s your lucky day!” What’s most amazing is she was actually about to leave with just $20, when we gave her her actually pay her face lit up and she thanks us nonstop. Good thing she’s hot and fucks like mad because this twit is dumb as dirt!
Lauren Pheonix
We have cock hungry Lauren Phoenix for sick fucks this week. Lauren loves the cock, she loves touching it, tasting it, feeling it jammed in any hole on her body big enough to fit some man meat. Lauren told us her fantasy was to have all three of her holes filled at the same time and be the center of attention. Be careful what you wish for, we gave this worthless piece of meat what she wanted and more during this fuck session. The guys took turns ramming her pussy and ass switching up often so they could clean off their cocks in her mouth. The guys had a blast destroying this stupid fuck pig, pulling her hair, choking, spitting on her, and smacking her while stuffing her pussy, ass and mouth simultaneously. Lauren must have loved her fantasy being fulfilled; this bitch was dripping from all her holes, self-lubed to perfection. The icing on the cake was the frosting in her mouth, she swallowed every drop of all three loads.
Dillian Lauren
Fresh to Biohazard Bitches we have hottie Dillan Lauren. Because we are so caring and thoughtful we wanted to break Dillan is nice and slow not to scare her off. So we had her get on her knees and sent in two depraved fucks with anger management issues to skull fuck her. She was like a bobble headed whore bouncing back and forth gasping for air between dicks. It didn’t take long before these guys got bored of playing face fuck ping pong and tossed her on the couch so they can ram her cunt and ass while the other fucked her face equally as hard. These guys held back nothing slamming her in the ass balls deep, then double stuffing her jamming a pole in each hole. This bitch has a tight body, she’s lean, fit and has a half decent natural rack even if it’s on the smaller side. All and all I think she enjoyed getting used, abused and made over with a two man sperm moustache.
For anyone who thinks size doesn\'t matter, talk to this weeks stretched out sodomized slut Jasmin. This tight little twat learned the hard way that not only does size matter, but it\'s all about the girth. We set this slut up with our thickest guys, and they gave Jasmine a serious and I mean serious stretching. After watching this poor little girl get her mouth and ass almost torn open I don\'t think I\'ll ever break the law again, watching this bitch getting plowed has me terrified of what can happen in prison lol. The most amazing thing is this crazy little cunt actually likes it. Who knows maybe she practices at home by sticking beer cans in her ass. I almost feel bad for this bitch, if getting her mouth and ass stretched isn\'t bad enough she ate the asses of these two hairy sweaty fucks. I sure hope Jasmine buys herself something really nice with the money she earned, it sure as hell didn\'t come easy.
Normally I start off by giving you guys my opinion on the whore of the week, usually bashing the dumb bitch, after all most don’t deserve better. But this week I have to start by saying we need to toughen up our man, he starts out kissing and licking this dirty whore, what the fuck is he thinking!?! He tries to make up for it when he grabs Monica’s whore face and rams his cock down her throat, but he was being a little to gentle with her for my liking. She may be gagging and drooling but if he can’t get those pretty eyes swelling with tears then his job isn’t done. I hope if any of you sick puppies out there ever have a whore as hot as Monica you take full advantage of the stupid cunt and ram her face, pussy and ass as hard as you possibly can. Not that being pounded in the ass then fed dirty cock is tame but this stupid whore could have and should have taken a lot more punishment. We’ll have to bring Monica back one day so Sasha or Ben can take a crack at her and show her what the biohazard treatment is all about.
Everyone meet Rachel, she\'s as intelligent as a brick and looks as if someone hit her in the face with one. We get emails asking us why we don\'t talk to the girls a little more before we get to the action; you\'re about to see the reason for it. Talking to these girls is like trying to have a conversation with a retarded three-legged dog. That was harsh, I sincerely apologize, the poor dog didn\'t do anything to deserve that. The advantage of shooting girls that are dumber then dirt is they let us do pretty much anything we want to them. Unfortunately for the lovely Rachel Luv we did just that, Starting off gagging the dumb whore until she had tears running down her overly made up face and had her eyes rolling back into her empty head. We didn\'t care to hear any of the stupidities that were going to come out her mouth so it pretty much stayed stuffed with cock while we reamed her tight ass. We did take the time to double penetrate the slut and freshen her breath with some ass to mouth action before covering her face and I mean covering it with two monster loads of cock sauce!
Sativa Rose
It’s been a while since we’ve seen hottie Sativa Rose. It seems she’s been working on her skills and has made some great strides in her ability suck cock, she still has some work to do on her deep throating skills but I have no doubt she’ll get there. You know what they say about practice;-) I like Sativa, probably because she isn’t built like you’re typical porn whore, she’s a tiny one at 5 feet tall, natural brown hair and unbelievable natural tits! Oh and what an ass on this tight little Mexican senorita, give me lobster bib and I’d feast on that behind for hours. Unless you like blondes with big fakies then I’m sure you’re gonna love Sativa with her near perfect tits and ass. What I don’t get is why Sasha kept is dick in her sweet wet pussy and didn’t crack that ass open. Last time she was here Ben fucked her in the ass, maybe Sasha is getting soft in his old age. Then again he’s the one who had Sativa gargling on his cock, riding him bareback and drinking his cum, not me, so who the fuck am I to criticize!
Audrey and Tori
We brought back our two favourite girls for some serious biohazard destruction. There are various reasons why a chick would let a guy use and abuse her, Audrey and Tori’s reason; they just fucking love it. These two whores are serious troopers, going straight into ass pounding anal then having their throat jammed with cock fresh out of each others bung holes. As if tasting your own ass juice isn’t revolting enough, these filthy whores eat each other’s dirty asses. The boys go fucking wild on these two dumb broads, and push the boundaries of how much you could possibly stretch someone’s stink star. They gave Audrey a serious reaming, ramming two cocks up her once tight ass hole. Other than great entertainment for sick fucks like us nothing good can come from stretching out any part of ones body like that. There’s a great shot of the guys banging Audrey in the ass with both cocks while stepping on the bitches head, then ramming Tori’s face with the dirty cock, it’s fucking priceless! If you like dirty ass to mouth scenes you’re gonna love what we have for you this week!
Penny Flame
We get all kinds of messed up whores that come through our door and this week’s Biohazard Bitch Penny Flame is one crazy slut. I’m not talking crazy as in she likes to have her face fucked and treated like a worthless piece of meat, although that would also fit when describing Penny. I’m talking off the wall batshit crazy, this girl is nuts... when you first meet her you think she’s an energetic airhead who is all over the place but she doesn’t fucking stop, at first you think she’s fun and want to fuck her, after a while you just want to knock her the fuck out. The only time she shuts up during the shoot is when her mouth is filled with cock, she happens to be cute and have awesome natural tits so she’s fun to watch and listen to for a while but this is definitely one that you’ll want to kick out as soon as you’re done. I’m being a little hard on Penny, when she would sit still for a few seconds and talk on subject she was fun to be around but it never lasted long, she’s like a kid with attention deficit disorder that’s been left alone in a candy store and is about to have a sugar overdose.
Julie Knight
This week a Biohazard veteran is back with us, miss Julie Knight. I can’t say enough good things about this dirty little fuck pig, so I won’t even bother starting. She isn’t the hottest girl we’ve shot, I doubt she’d even make the top ten list in the hotness category. She sure as hell doesn’t have the biggest tits or the best ass and her face can be kinda cute in a dimly lit room. With all these little shortcoming she’s still by far one of my favourites, she is like one of the boys but much more fun to get head from:-) This bitch and I call her a bitch because she loves to be called one is a hardcore nympho off camera and on, Julie loves the cock. She isn’t doing this to feed a drug habit or some pimp boyfriend, she’s got a head on her shoulders and doesn’t fuck around when it comes to her business. Her business is fucking and for this whore business is good. But I guess when you have a great personality, love to fuck, you’re reliable and you take whatever is thrown at you with a smile you’ll do very well in this sick perverted business of fucking on film. I don’t have to describe the scene, you’ll watch it and no doubt love it, so just I’ll say it again Julie fucking rocks!
Jenna Presley
This week we have brunette cutie Jenna Presley. With many unknown wanna-be porn stars out there we try and do our part by giving them a little work and helping them get one step closer to being the professional skank they so desire to be. Jenna came knocking thinking she’d be the next big thing and claimed she gave the best blow jobs, that’s quite a claim to make and one we’ve hear oh so many times. What these cunts don’t realize and this goes for most women, guys will always tell who ever is gobbling their knob that they give the best head, dudes are just happy someone is blowing them. Jenna does a good job deep throating and gagging herself on some man meat, sloppy and slobbery she drools all over herself as she tries to take it all down. Because she’s relatively new and was a fun fuck we’ll excuse Jenna for being such a naive douche and making such ridiculous claims as she gives the best head. Then again this twit also thinks people will believe she’s 18, someone needs a dose of wake the fuck up! So Jenna if you’re reading this you conceited fucktard, you’re cute, have nice little titties and a nice personality, now remember you’re just an average whore who fucks strangers and gets left with a mouth full of sperm, get over yourself whore.
We have another cum slut for you guys today; this bitch is Tiffany Holiday. We make sure to stuff this whore with some big black cock and make sure her time with us is no holiday. We bend this bitch like she\'s made of rubber, twist her sexy little body so we can plug her holes from every angle. Tiffany must have skipped breakfast and lunch because this bitch was hungry for cock; she kept gobbling it right out of her ass and gagging on it. We really splatter this slut with cum, first blowing a load in her pussy then letting it drip out on her face, then just because we had some friends around we had each of then blast her face with more cum. It\'s fun to do things just because we can:-)
We have cute big boob blonde bimbo Bree for you this week. So Bree tells us she\'s studying pre med biology because she wants to be a surgeon, ummm yeah and I want an orange and purple unicorn for my birthday. Apparently she\'s taking some time off from her studies and delaying her career as a brain surgeon so she can choke on cock and be treated like a dumb fucking whore. We gave her a little lesson in anatomy; professor Sasha taught Bree just how much the mouth, pussy and ass are able to stretch when they\'re being continuously pounded by a big hard cock. I hope she took notes; it just might be on the final exam lol. If she\'s half as good a surgeon as she a fuck slut then she\'ll be one hell of a doctor. But as good as she looks in a nurses uniform, and no matter how many home prostate exams she gives, something tells me she\'ll never have the letters M.D. after her name. Follow those big dreams Bree, and if the road to becoming a surgeon seems too difficult or unattainable you\'re always welcome to take the dirty little fuck slut detour through our door.
Melissa Lauren
This week we brought back one of our favouritist whores, frenchie Melissa Lauren. It’s not too often we get sluts to come back and shoot for us again so when Melissa gave us a call we were more than happy to bring her in for a double stuffing. This dumb whore loves being roughed up, choked, slapped, gagged and fed cock until she’s drooling all over herself and gasping for air. Best of all, all that sick shit is just foreplay for this hardcore hussy. If she can take that much abuse on her face just imagine the abuse and destruction she endures when we crack her pussy and ass wide open. We stretch this bitch out like you won’t believe, if you’ve ever wondered what the inner lining of a pornstars colon looks like you’re in luck, we get way too up close and in depth with Melissa during this fuck session. I can’t decide how I like Melissa best; with her beautiful face being stuffed with dick, watching her get double penetrated, being fucked in the ass while riding reverse cowgirl and sucking dick, or sitting on the floor looking up with a face full of sperm. Luckily we get to see all of that and more, enjoy...
Tyla Wynn
If Rod Stewart was a half decent looking whore and not an ugly old man he’d look like this week’s Biohazard Bitch Tyla. Actually I think Tyla is more masculine then our asshat of a stunt cock. The first sign this guy was a total douche was when he showed up in that retarded fake chain link sparkle shirt. Tyla starts off by telling everyone she wants to be fucked in the ass and then fed said cock so she could taste her dirty ass! So what does the fagmaster do? He jumps in starts eating pussy and pleasuring her! Don’t worry this fucktard finally finds his balls, Tyla must have showed him where they are and he does his best to act like the whore master. Thankfully Tyla knows what she’s doing and saved the scene. The only thing worse than this guys fucking is the stupid music our soon to be unemployed editing guy sporadically put in throughout this clip. I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on boy wonderless, he’s used to fucking ass just not one that’s attached to a woman
Melissa Lauren
This week we bring back Melissa Lauren, without a doubt one of the best fuck sluts we have ever put through the ringer! No matter what we do to this cunt she keeps coming back for more, she either really enjoys being used and abused or has a serious drug habit to support. Before Melissa gives me shit for implying she\'s a drug addicted crack whore I can assure you she is far from it, she is on the other hand addicted to being treated like a worthless piece of fuck meat. It\'s rare we have girls come back for second helpings, and this crazy bitch has been here at least 5 times! Melissa is to Biohazard Bitches what Alec Baldwin is to Saturday night live only sober and a lot less bloated. He\'s hosted SNL more than anyone else, which goes to show how horribly desperate that show has gotten. Enough of my dumb ass obscure analogies and references, quite reading this steaming pile of shit and watch Melissa get her ass stretched out like a busted rubber band...
Trina Michaels
We brought back big boob babe Trina Michaels to give her a little cumster in the dumpster:-) The beautiful thing about bringing a whore back here is that they know what to expect, a skull fucking like no other and an anal stretching session that can permanently ruin a sluts sphincter. There are two things these twits usually lie about; their age and their weight. Trina claims she’s only 22, there’s no way this plastic pig is anywhere near 22, and if she actually is then I’d hate to see her ass clown overly made up face when she hits 40, look out Sally Struthers! I don’t get why these sluts lie about their age, 18 or 38 we’re still going to face fuck them, have them eat man ass and sodomize them regardless. You can tell by her little bit of extra meat Trina likes to eat, if she devours her twinkies and hoggies as quickly and savagely as she eats her own ass juice off Sasha’s cock then I understand why she has those few extra pounds. The only thing more vial then sucking cock ass to mouth style is eating a dirty load of cock sauce after it’s been farted out of ones freshly pounded anus, and Trina does it with a smile, such a good little whore.
This week we team up ex rocker Kurt Lockwood with exotic hottie Annie Cruz. If you appreciate a nice natural pair then you\'re gonna like the Annie\'s average sized lady lumps. Annie mentioned she hadn\'t eaten much before the shoot because she has horrible gag reflexes and was afraid she\'d puke, way to put Kurt up to the challenge. We skull fucked this bitch until her eye liner was running and she was gagging and drooling all over herself. Unfortunately we couldn\'t get her to throw up, but being the nice guys that we are we wanted to help with the hunger problem so we fed her some man ass along with the cock meat sandwich. To make sure this dumb fucking cunt didn\'t pass out from the starvation we made sure to take frequent breaks from getting railed in the ass for her to eat some of her fresh ass juices off of Kurt\'s hard cock. Nothing finishes off a meal of ass soaked cock meat like a loaded anal creampie.
This week we have the talentless slut Venus. When this twit came in she asked us what the story line was going to be. We told her it’s a tale of a girl from a small town that moves to the big city with dreams of becoming a famous actress. Then realizes she doesn’t have any talent and would have to fuck strangers to pay the rent in her studio apartment. Fucking story line, you get naked, we abuse and humiliate you, then you leave, that’s the fucking story line! Dumb cunt actually showed up with a script of a porn scene she wrote, she thought it was genius when the guy makes a crack about his organ. We said we’d amuse her and let her have her little unturned piano start but instead of one guy as the script called for we’re going to tag team her. We made some edits, like instead of the guy going down on her for 10 minutes, we face fucked her and had her choke on dick. She didn’t have anything about getting sodomised and fed cock straight out of her ass, so we made the executive decision to add that. Her big finish of the guy cumming on her tits was reworked into a face full of goo. Right before the cumshot she’s looking into the camera making all kinds of retarded “I think I’m sexy” faces, like she’s a big sexy starlet and the guy holding the camera is paparazzi. Venus if you’re reading this, you’re half rate wanna be porn whore, wipe that shit eating grin off that cum soaked face of yours! We are glad we made your dream come true, you’re welcome!
We brought back one of our favourite Biohazard Biatches, Katja. This bitch loves to get used and abused like a good little whore; no matter what we dish out she takes it with open holes! We hooked her up with two of our bigger guys to make sure we get maximum stretch in every hole we penetrate. The guys start off stuffing her face with dick, making sure she gobbles the cock deep down till her chin in pressing against their nut sacks. They proceed to then take turns fucking her pussy and ass, using her mouth to clean off their cocks after pulling it out of each hole. When these whores come back for a second time we know we can push the envelope and really destroy them, they did come back for more after all. We seriously stretch this bitch; double stuffing her sphincter, shoving two massive cocks in her ass at the same time, OUCH! The boys add the icing to the cake as they paste her face with two massive loads. I don\'t think Katja will back for round three for a little while:-)
Amber Wild
This week we\'re getting wild with Amber! She\'s been around for a little while but this is her first time getting the Biohazard treatment. Amber has small naturals and I would guess she\'s even a natural blonde, there\'s no rug to match the curtains so it\'s hard to say for sure. Amber told us she liked big dicks so we shoved a couple in her face and let her go to work on them. She swung her pretty little face back and forth sucking one dick then the other, being a good little slut she took the time to suck their nut sacks too. We kept Amber mighty busy, I don\'t think 10 seconds went by that she didn\'t have a cock in her mouth or pussy, she has both holes were filled pretty much the whole time. As each guy took their turn, she made sure to suck her cunt juice off their cocks as they pulled out of her tight freshly shaved pussy. Amber has killer eyes and watching her stare into the camera as she got two mouth and face loads of cum puts an ear to ear smile on this pervert.
Havana and Diana
This week we have a couple of dirty fuck pigs for you sick pervs, meet Havana Ginger and Davia Ardell. Make sure you turn down the volume for this scene, these hyenas are as loud as they are ugly. Just in case you were wondering which hog is which, Davia is the one that looks like a post-op tranny (the white slut). They say two wrongs don’t make a right, well same goes for fugly women, two heffers don’t make a hottie. Now if you focus on the giant titties the train wreck of a face shouldn’t bother you much at all. For you giant nipple loves Havana’s aerials are so big her nips look like giant brown yarmulkes (the little hats worn by them Jewish folk). What I don’t understand is when Davia went to the butcher to have her ass clown implants installed, once Dr. Nick had the knife out why not have him remove the dead Siamese twim baby fetus from her cheek at the same time. She wouldn’t look half bad without that giant mole, or whatever that disgusting growth is. If you think the chicks in this scene are fucked up wait until you see our pitiful excuse for a man, this fucktard had the nerve to choose the porn name Van Damage! I can only assume he got this name because he drives a beat up rusted out 1987 Dodge Caravan with a ton of damage on it. He does have a big dick though, so if you take anything away from watching this train wreck, it should be... A big dick or giant rack is all you need to get work shooting porn, nothing else seems to matter, at least not for these fuck nuts.
Gentlemen meet our latest dirty whore, Roxy. This bitch loves the cock, and put such dedication into swallowing as much as we shove down her tight little throat. For a tiny little bitch she could take quite a pounding, her parents must be so proud:-) We tossed this little cunt around and fucked her eight ways from Sunday, just wait till you see the ass pounding we administered to this little bitch. We gave this cunt a serious double team and cream, shooting our loads in her ass then feeding it back to her.
Samantha Ryan
This week we bring back 26 year old hottie Samantha Ryan. It\'s not often we get an actual blonde with real tits wearing little to no make-up, this chick is a natural beauty. All that means absolutely nothing if she can\'t deep throat dick and take a face fucking like a champ. Luckily for Samantha she\'s able to take down every inch of Kurt\'s cock while drooling all over herself and takes the initiative to eat his ass hole. So far she\'s batting a thousand, she let\'s Kurt toss her around like a slutty rag doll, even flipping the tiny tart upside down for a standing 69! These two have chemistry and put on a great show, the only disappointment is he didn\'t fuck her tight ass. Give me a line of blow and a lobster bib and I\'d chow down on that fine behind for hours!
We love dirty whores and this week we have Sierra Sinn, a dirty, dirty whore. We treat this dumb cunt like you would that ex-girlfriend if you had the chance to fuck her again like the stupid slut that she is. I have to give Sierra credit she\'s a passionate whore, sucking cock with that extra care, gagging, choking, spitting, drooling and licking the drool back up like the nasty little fuck pig that she is. Stuffing these tiny girls with a big fat cock is always a good time, stretching out their ass as we sodomize them and rail them nice and rough giving them small breaks to taste the cock fresh from their ass. We do like to add a little romance, some hair pulling, ass slapping and choking to show how much we care. As you\'ll see the more hair pulling and ass slapping the more Sierra enjoys her time with us, that\'s why we love the dirty ones, they\'re always the most fun. After a serious ass pounding Marco drains his cock sauce down Sierra\'s throat and all over her whore face.
Barbara Summer
If you’re an ass man or a boob man you’re gonna love this week’s Biohazard Bitch Barbara Summer. This blonde bimbo has a smoking body that’s tanned to perfection. You better believe Alex isn’t going to take this asstastic opportunity lightly; he goes straight for the prized piece of ass. Gotta love this guy, most stunt cocks get a little head, then fuck the pink before sticking it in the stink, not this mother fucker. He starts by fucking some ass then removes his dick so Barbara can taste her anal juices then goes right back to pummelling her pooper. This isn’t Barbara’s first visit, last time we paired her up with two guys who used and abused her like the dirty fuck pig that she is. Barbara’s body is just banging, long legs, tight phat ass and a perfect pair, shame she fucked it up some ugly ass tattoo. I have no objections to ink but the majority of the time it doesn’t look like body art, it looks like a white trash tramp stamp, at least it’s not some guys name, or worse yet her own name like last week’s nit wit Missy. Enough of my ramblings, enjoy watching Barbara take a face full of cock sauce.
Stacy Thorn
This week we have fake blonde and fake 18 year old Stacy Thorn. She’s cute, tall, has a decent rack and a great sense of humour, couple that with the fact she loves to be used and treated like a worthless piece of fuck meat and I think I found my future ex wife. She’s witty but I wouldn’t go as far as calling her smart, then again other than a couple of whores we’ve destroyed I wouldn’t label any of these fucktards as smart! If they had any smarts they would save some of their hard earned cash and not call us for work 2 days before rent is due, each and every month. I’m not complaining, if it weren’t for dumb whores I wouldn’t have this wonderful job, then I might be getting skull fucked and fed dick that’s just been rammed up my poop shoot just to make rent and buy a happy meal. Then again we’re all told no matter what we chose to do in life we should do it to the best of our ability and in that respect Stacy does her job like a champ. Unlike our freshly fired editing guy who couldn’t do his job and match the video and audio in this scene! Should he ever show up to our office even to pick up the final pay check he’s never getting, I’m going to have Stacy strap on a fat dildo and ream his ass. Something tells me he’s not going to enjoy it as much as she did, then again ya never know.