Julie Knight
After last week’s gagtastic double anal scene with Kelly Wells we had to make sure we had the right girl for a follow up scene. So we brought in proper and polite miss Julie Knight, being the lady that she is Julie wanted to make sure this scene would be classy, respectable and artsy all at the same time. So we started things off nice and slow, warming her up with some friendly anal fisting before feeding her dick until she was drooling all over herself. Julie has such a way with words, screaming out and I quote “fuck my shit hole” while she’s being sodomized, her parents should so proud that her degree in Shakespeare studies is being put to good use. We only had one guy with us and not wanting to be out done by Kelly’s anal DP Julie brought a toy that Richard could ram into her ass while he’s fucking it stretching out her anus like it’s a fucking rubber band. If you’re in prison and need a mule to smuggle in some drugs, a carton of smokes, maybe a small TV then you might want to give Julie or Kelly a shout. Julie did a great job for her first time with us, I’m sure we’ll see her again real soon, maybe next time we’ll try and stuff a football inside her.
Toilet Whore Anna
Ever since I banged Anna to repay her debt to me she drops in once in a while for a good fucking, kinky bitch. I showed her a tape of me destroying one of the other toilet whores and she asked me to do it to her. I showed this dirty whore what being a dirty whore is all about. She didn’t get off easy, I skull fucked her and fed her back her puke, flushed her pretty face in the toilet, banged her tight ass and fed her 2 loads of cum. I treated this cunt like the dirty whore that she is, what are friends for after all!
Sasha Grey
We have a Christmas treat for you guys today, Sasha Grey. This girl isn't like most of the other dumb whores that come though our door; she's a smart, sexy and funny whore. Sasha is a fit and natural 19 year old that really has a bright future in taking dick. Sloppy, drooling and deep throating, this bitch give is a gagtastic performance swallowing cock. We stretch open her pussy, stuffing it over and over with man meat. With the mad blow job skills this cunt has, I don't know if I would have ever taken my cock out of her mouth. She's a dirty little pig that likes to be spit on, slapped, chocked, gagged, fucked and treated like a complete fuck doll. You can tell she loves what she does and god knows we love doing it to her. Sasha has a pretty face, it gets better when stuffed with cock and even better when we cover it with cum, you guys are in for a treat this week, enjoy…
This week we have our way with curb side trailer trash Jasmine. So if the hot blonde at the beginning of this clip looks familiar it’s because it’s porn star Puma Swede. We met her at a porn show and she kept going on about how much she loved our Biohazard and Cumhogs sites and wanted to shoot a few scenes for our members. We knew she was hardcore so were happy to put her to the challenge. We had no idea she’d be picking up some hot trailer trash on the side of the road and using the dumb little cunt as much as she did. Puma and this fucktard who thinks he’s porno Slash pushed his cock down her throat until she was gasping for air. To make things worse they had Jasmine shove her own fist down her throat while lying upside down so her spit, puke and bile would run over her face and she wouldn’t be able to breathe. Then again not being able to breathe must have served this dumb cunt well while she was sticking her tongue into this guys anus and milk his cock. Jasmine’s big fake titties must be a new addition to her soft pudgy body, her scars look mighty fresh. They really put this whore through the ringer, reaming her ass then feeding her the dirty cock, making her lick some guys colon, and leaving her with a mouth and face full of baby batter, it’s amazing what some girls will do for a dollar. You can see at the end of the clip this girl is broken and fighting back the tears. Bravo Puma, brav-fucking-o!
Ah my little blowfish, this whore must feel special she got a nickname. Just wait till you see how round her face gets when she has a cock rammed down her throat and her cheeks pop like a blowfish. This cunt has a nice little body, she could use some big fakies, but I think that for any bitch:-) When you see the pain on her face as she’s getting pounded in the ass, that’s genuine pain boys, the bitch confessed after it was her first time doing anal! Good thing for her she waited till after the shoot was done to say that or I’d have torn her up even more.
If this whore is your taste I’m sure you’ll be seeing her on some street corner giving $5 handjobs for crack pretty soon. Karen is one high class bitch, a really piece of work that you’d be proud to bring home to meet the folks. Her resume includes eating cum out of a condom, gets fucked in the ass with a plunger, drinking dirty toilet water, and having her teeth brushed with a dirty toilet brush.
When this whore showed up I thought she might have down syndrome or something, turns out she’s just another dumb French whore. It’s a good thing for this bitch an IQ test isn’t a requirement to lick toilets and suck cock. It’s amazing how skull fucking whores until they puke, feeding it back to them then flushing their face in the toilet never gets old. This bitch was too much of a pig to stick my dick into, would you fuck a bitch that disrespects your dog by drinking out of the same toilet as he does, I didn’t think so. She did earn the right to be fucked with a sharp toilet brush and fed her own ass juice though. Enjoy...
This weeks lucky wanna be starlet is cute brunette Bobbie. If you saw Bobbie on the street you'd never guess she's one sick fucking whore, she doesn't have massive fake clown boobs or look like she over applied her make up in a dimly lit room with no mirror. She looks more like a hot grade school teacher then a dirty fuck slut. We put this innocent looking bitch through the paces, and she took it like a pro. Sucking down 10 inches of man meat, balls deep at that! This bitch took the cock sausage down until she was drooling on herself and had tears running down her cheek. If you think her blowjob skills are impressive (and they are) wait till you see the anal reaming this bitch endures! The anal gapes we get from stretching her out like a rubber fuck doll are sick, the close ups are not for the faint of heart. Bobbie does such a great job looking into the camera while her throat is filled with man meat we can see her eyes swell up with tears as she's having ass soaked cock rammed down her open throat. Bobbie must be a hoot at parties, how many people can say they've tasted the inner lining of their lower intestines:-) For you anal gape fans this scene is pure gold! Next time we have Bobbie come by we'll break out the putter and knock some balls into her giant gaping anus. One day when Bobbie meets the man of her dreams and settles down to start a family I sure hope none of them ever see what we've done to her, it's one of those things that once you've witnessed it, you can't just erase it from your mind!
Last week we had the tiny twat Kat and this week we have another hot little number, Katsumi! The year might be new and fresh but not here at Biohazard, we have old, used and abused, but that’s not a bad thing especially when it comes to a pro like Katsumi. We love fresh meat as much as the next person but you never know what to expect, with Katsumi we know we’re going to get a hottie with a tight body that can not only deep throat Lee’s foot long dong but take it balls deep in her ass as well! Lee goes from hole to hole, mouth to pussy to ass and back to mouth over and over, filling each one as much as he possibly could. I never studied to be a doctor and have very little knowledge of the inner anatomy and how things work on the inside but there has to be some type of limit as to how far you can shove a solid thick object into your rectum, obviously 12 inches isn’t an issue for some. So hats off to you Katsumi, your super stretchy holes are mighty impressive.
Kristy is a plump little whore with a nice face that we\\\'ll destroy. She walked in smiling in a bubbling mood and all eager to get to cleaning my toilet with her tongue. I’m sure the toilet licking was fun compared to the throat fucking she experienced. She was a good little whore and a great sport smiling even with tears running down her cheek. She wouldn’t do well on fear factor with her gag reflexes, as soon as I poked her throat up came more Micky D’s. When her stomach was empty and bile started coming up I gave her throat a break (because I’m a sweet guy) and double penetrated her hole with a plunger and my cock. There’s a lesson to be learned if any future toilet whores that are watching this, don’t eat Mc Donalds before you’re about to be throat fucked!
There’s a good reason crazy shows like Jack Ass have a disclaimer for viewers not to try the stunts at home, Biohazard needs an “All gagging and face fucking are done by professional whores, do not try this at home” disclaimer lol. One of our members sent us this clip of him giving his girlfriend the Biohazard treatment while a friend of his filmed it for you guys. That’s right a fan sent this in, they don’t speak much as he said in his email “sorry we don’t both talk no good English”. Lets face it, just about all the whores we have on Biohazard are from North America and half of them can’t speak proper English either. Roman really goes to town face fucking Amalia, shoving his cock down her throat until she’s gasping for air over and over. Thanks for the clip guys, and next time we want to see her face in a toilet bowl!
This weeks Biohazard bitch, lucky Annette, gets a double stuffing. Some of the dumb sluts that shoot for us love to talk, before the shoot during the fucking and after we're done they just keep their motor mouths going. The only way to shut some of these whores up is to stuff a cock in their mouth. Originally Annette was scheduled to shoot with one guy, but this dumb fucking chatterbox wouldn't shut up before the shoot so we tossed in another stunt cock and sure enough it solved the problem. Seems she isn't so talkative when she has cock shoved all the way down her throat. Whatever was on her mind before she was being slammed in her pussy and ass at the same time, seems to have lost it's importance, because all this bitch could do was moan and groan once the hardcore reaming began. We stretched this whores anus wide enough you could have tossed an apple up there and it would have just fallen right back out as soon as she stood up. I think we have some record gaping action with this anal fuck slut, which is pretty fucking gross if you're not into that type of thing. After reaming and stretching her once tight ass hole we cover her butt with two huge loads of jizz.
We have piss pot toilet whore Glauren for you guys this week. This chick is fucking nuts, aside from the tattoos and piercings she’s off the wall bat shit crazy when it comes to sex. This chick loves being mistreated, used and abused on camera and off. When she wrote us she said she would only shoot for us if we gave her true toilet whore treatment, we were more than happy to oblige. She started off giving the toilet a cleaning with her tongue, being sanitary is important after all. Glauren must really love being face fucked and having cock shoved all the way down her throat, she has tears of joy running down her face from the start. We didn’t want the tears to mess up her makeup so we washed her face off in the dirty bowl. You know when you start with a swirly it’s going to be a fun fucking time. This whore can deep throat like a fucking champ, taking down every inch of our stunt cock and holding it until she erupts with spit and bile trying to catch her breath. Glauren is a bit of clean freak, she made sure to not only lick the spit and bile off the toilet but slurp up whatever hit the floor.
Layla Rivera
This week we have hot little Latina Layla Rivera. Holy shit this bitch is skinny, she needs to cut down on eating cock and get herself a tasty burger. We know she can fit 12 inches of man meat down her throat, it’s time she tried the same thing with some Quiznos! For someone with zero body fat she actually has nice little tits, if you’re into little tits that is. Whenever we have tiny sluts we like to pair them up with guys like Lee who can pretty much split them in half. But I almost felt bad for Layla, you can see her rib cage and we’re pairing her up with a cock as thick as her bicep, her twig legs are about as big as Lee’s arms, I’m talking forearm not bicep! He looks like he’s going to snap her legs apart like chicken wings, get me some hot sauce and ranch for dipping and turn on the game! When I first saw this bag of bones I was a little turned off, but watching her suck down Lee’s cock and seeing that tiny ass bounce up and down on him, I have to admit the anorexic cunt has grown on me!
You know those hot chicks you see at clubs that think their too good for most guys, the ones who flaunt themselves then get bitchy when guys look at them? Well next time you see one just think about Maryanne, a beautiful girl, who I’m sure loves to tease and act like she’s the boss in public, amazing how the tables gets turned when they step through our door. We make sure whores like Maryanne learn the deal real quick, being pretty with a hot little ass means we’re going to treat them like the whores they are that much more. We wasted no time feeding her own ass and choking her with cock until tears swelled up her pretty eyes. This cunt took a serious ass pounding, the only time her ass got a break from the pummelling was when we’d feed her the dirty cock. It always amazes me how much these whores actually enjoy getting treated like pieces of meat. Who knows what disturbing shit happened to them growing up that they get off being used, abused and smile while eating some strangers cum, that’s for their therapist to figure out, our job is to entertain you guys and turn yet another innocent girl with big dreams into a biohazard bitch!
Catherine is a dirty, dirty whore with big natural tits. She was actually a really nice and friendly girl, which is good because with a face like that you need to be a whore with a nice personality. She took anything and everything, throat fucking, spitting, tit slapping, ass licking, hard a fuck ass pounding, and I mean hard, ass to mouth back to ass and back to mouth, I even shoved a toilet brush in her cunt while fucking her in the ass, this dirty cunt got the works. Because she was such a good sport I let her wash the taste of my ass out of her mouth with some toilet water before cumming in her mouth
Brooke and Holly
This week we have blonde bombshells Brooke Haven and Holly Wellin. These two super sluts are some of the hottest pieces of ass in porn, and we pair them up with the ugliest mother fucker we can find. How lucky is this son of a bitch getting his cock and balls sucked by these two nasty whores, going back and forth gagging them until they are drooling all over themselves? It’s a rhetorical question you ass hat! I don’t think it can get much better than slamming your dick balls deep into Holly’s pink pot and having Brooke pull your cock out to suck it clean. But payback is a bitch and Brooke gets to suck dirty dick as she pulls it straight out of Holly’s freshly fucked anus. You gotta love how these chicks encourage each other and strive to be nastier then one and other. Hey if you’re going to do a job, do it right and these fuck sluts go above and beyond.