Toilet Whore Anna
Ever since I banged Anna to repay her debt to me she drops in once in a while for a good fucking, kinky bitch. I showed her a tape of me destroying one of the other toilet whores and she asked me to do it to her. I showed this dirty whore what being a dirty whore is all about. She didn’t get off easy, I skull fucked her and fed her back her puke, flushed her pretty face in the toilet, banged her tight ass and fed her 2 loads of cum. I treated this cunt like the dirty whore that she is, what are friends for after all!
Sasha Grey
We have a Christmas treat for you guys today, Sasha Grey. This girl isn\'t like most of the other dumb whores that come though our door; she\'s a smart, sexy and funny whore. Sasha is a fit and natural 19 year old that really has a bright future in taking dick. Sloppy, drooling and deep throating, this bitch give is a gagtastic performance swallowing cock. We stretch open her pussy, stuffing it over and over with man meat. With the mad blow job skills this cunt has, I don\'t know if I would have ever taken my cock out of her mouth. She\'s a dirty little pig that likes to be spit on, slapped, chocked, gagged, fucked and treated like a complete fuck doll. You can tell she loves what she does and god knows we love doing it to her. Sasha has a pretty face, it gets better when stuffed with cock and even better when we cover it with cum, you guys are in for a treat this week, enjoy…
This week we have our way with curb side trailer trash Jasmine. So if the hot blonde at the beginning of this clip looks familiar it’s because it’s porn star Puma Swede. We met her at a porn show and she kept going on about how much she loved our Biohazard and Cumhogs sites and wanted to shoot a few scenes for our members. We knew she was hardcore so were happy to put her to the challenge. We had no idea she’d be picking up some hot trailer trash on the side of the road and using the dumb little cunt as much as she did. Puma and this fucktard who thinks he’s porno Slash pushed his cock down her throat until she was gasping for air. To make things worse they had Jasmine shove her own fist down her throat while lying upside down so her spit, puke and bile would run over her face and she wouldn’t be able to breathe. Then again not being able to breathe must have served this dumb cunt well while she was sticking her tongue into this guys anus and milk his cock. Jasmine’s big fake titties must be a new addition to her soft pudgy body, her scars look mighty fresh. They really put this whore through the ringer, reaming her ass then feeding her the dirty cock, making her lick some guys colon, and leaving her with a mouth and face full of baby batter, it’s amazing what some girls will do for a dollar. You can see at the end of the clip this girl is broken and fighting back the tears. Bravo Puma, brav-fucking-o!
Ah my little blowfish, this whore must feel special she got a nickname. Just wait till you see how round her face gets when she has a cock rammed down her throat and her cheeks pop like a blowfish. This cunt has a nice little body, she could use some big fakies, but I think that for any bitch:-) When you see the pain on her face as she’s getting pounded in the ass, that’s genuine pain boys, the bitch confessed after it was her first time doing anal! Good thing for her she waited till after the shoot was done to say that or I’d have torn her up even more.
If this whore is your taste I’m sure you’ll be seeing her on some street corner giving $5 handjobs for crack pretty soon. Karen is one high class bitch, a really piece of work that you’d be proud to bring home to meet the folks. Her resume includes eating cum out of a condom, gets fucked in the ass with a plunger, drinking dirty toilet water, and having her teeth brushed with a dirty toilet brush.
When this whore showed up I thought she might have down syndrome or something, turns out she’s just another dumb French whore. It’s a good thing for this bitch an IQ test isn’t a requirement to lick toilets and suck cock. It’s amazing how skull fucking whores until they puke, feeding it back to them then flushing their face in the toilet never gets old. This bitch was too much of a pig to stick my dick into, would you fuck a bitch that disrespects your dog by drinking out of the same toilet as he does, I didn’t think so. She did earn the right to be fucked with a sharp toilet brush and fed her own ass juice though. Enjoy...
This weeks lucky wanna be starlet is cute brunette Bobbie. If you saw Bobbie on the street you\'d never guess she\'s one sick fucking whore, she doesn\'t have massive fake clown boobs or look like she over applied her make up in a dimly lit room with no mirror. She looks more like a hot grade school teacher then a dirty fuck slut. We put this innocent looking bitch through the paces, and she took it like a pro. Sucking down 10 inches of man meat, balls deep at that! This bitch took the cock sausage down until she was drooling on herself and had tears running down her cheek. If you think her blowjob skills are impressive (and they are) wait till you see the anal reaming this bitch endures! The anal gapes we get from stretching her out like a rubber fuck doll are sick, the close ups are not for the faint of heart. Bobbie does such a great job looking into the camera while her throat is filled with man meat we can see her eyes swell up with tears as she\'s having ass soaked cock rammed down her open throat. Bobbie must be a hoot at parties, how many people can say they\'ve tasted the inner lining of their lower intestines:-) For you anal gape fans this scene is pure gold! Next time we have Bobbie come by we\'ll break out the putter and knock some balls into her giant gaping anus. One day when Bobbie meets the man of her dreams and settles down to start a family I sure hope none of them ever see what we\'ve done to her, it\'s one of those things that once you\'ve witnessed it, you can\'t just erase it from your mind!
Last week we had the tiny twat Kat and this week we have another hot little number, Katsumi! The year might be new and fresh but not here at Biohazard, we have old, used and abused, but that’s not a bad thing especially when it comes to a pro like Katsumi. We love fresh meat as much as the next person but you never know what to expect, with Katsumi we know we’re going to get a hottie with a tight body that can not only deep throat Lee’s foot long dong but take it balls deep in her ass as well! Lee goes from hole to hole, mouth to pussy to ass and back to mouth over and over, filling each one as much as he possibly could. I never studied to be a doctor and have very little knowledge of the inner anatomy and how things work on the inside but there has to be some type of limit as to how far you can shove a solid thick object into your rectum, obviously 12 inches isn’t an issue for some. So hats off to you Katsumi, your super stretchy holes are mighty impressive.
Kristy is a plump little whore with a nice face that we\\\\\\\'ll destroy. She walked in smiling in a bubbling mood and all eager to get to cleaning my toilet with her tongue. I’m sure the toilet licking was fun compared to the throat fucking she experienced. She was a good little whore and a great sport smiling even with tears running down her cheek. She wouldn’t do well on fear factor with her gag reflexes, as soon as I poked her throat up came more Micky D’s. When her stomach was empty and bile started coming up I gave her throat a break (because I’m a sweet guy) and double penetrated her hole with a plunger and my cock. There’s a lesson to be learned if any future toilet whores that are watching this, don’t eat Mc Donalds before you’re about to be throat fucked!
There’s a good reason crazy shows like Jack Ass have a disclaimer for viewers not to try the stunts at home, Biohazard needs an “All gagging and face fucking are done by professional whores, do not try this at home” disclaimer lol. One of our members sent us this clip of him giving his girlfriend the Biohazard treatment while a friend of his filmed it for you guys. That’s right a fan sent this in, they don’t speak much as he said in his email “sorry we don’t both talk no good English”. Lets face it, just about all the whores we have on Biohazard are from North America and half of them can’t speak proper English either. Roman really goes to town face fucking Amalia, shoving his cock down her throat until she’s gasping for air over and over. Thanks for the clip guys, and next time we want to see her face in a toilet bowl!
This weeks Biohazard bitch, lucky Annette, gets a double stuffing. Some of the dumb sluts that shoot for us love to talk, before the shoot during the fucking and after we\'re done they just keep their motor mouths going. The only way to shut some of these whores up is to stuff a cock in their mouth. Originally Annette was scheduled to shoot with one guy, but this dumb fucking chatterbox wouldn\'t shut up before the shoot so we tossed in another stunt cock and sure enough it solved the problem. Seems she isn\'t so talkative when she has cock shoved all the way down her throat. Whatever was on her mind before she was being slammed in her pussy and ass at the same time, seems to have lost it\'s importance, because all this bitch could do was moan and groan once the hardcore reaming began. We stretched this whores anus wide enough you could have tossed an apple up there and it would have just fallen right back out as soon as she stood up. I think we have some record gaping action with this anal fuck slut, which is pretty fucking gross if you\'re not into that type of thing. After reaming and stretching her once tight ass hole we cover her butt with two huge loads of jizz.
We have piss pot toilet whore Glauren for you guys this week. This chick is fucking nuts, aside from the tattoos and piercings she’s off the wall bat shit crazy when it comes to sex. This chick loves being mistreated, used and abused on camera and off. When she wrote us she said she would only shoot for us if we gave her true toilet whore treatment, we were more than happy to oblige. She started off giving the toilet a cleaning with her tongue, being sanitary is important after all. Glauren must really love being face fucked and having cock shoved all the way down her throat, she has tears of joy running down her face from the start. We didn’t want the tears to mess up her makeup so we washed her face off in the dirty bowl. You know when you start with a swirly it’s going to be a fun fucking time. This whore can deep throat like a fucking champ, taking down every inch of our stunt cock and holding it until she erupts with spit and bile trying to catch her breath. Glauren is a bit of clean freak, she made sure to not only lick the spit and bile off the toilet but slurp up whatever hit the floor.
Layla Rivera
This week we have hot little Latina Layla Rivera. Holy shit this bitch is skinny, she needs to cut down on eating cock and get herself a tasty burger. We know she can fit 12 inches of man meat down her throat, it’s time she tried the same thing with some Quiznos! For someone with zero body fat she actually has nice little tits, if you’re into little tits that is. Whenever we have tiny sluts we like to pair them up with guys like Lee who can pretty much split them in half. But I almost felt bad for Layla, you can see her rib cage and we’re pairing her up with a cock as thick as her bicep, her twig legs are about as big as Lee’s arms, I’m talking forearm not bicep! He looks like he’s going to snap her legs apart like chicken wings, get me some hot sauce and ranch for dipping and turn on the game! When I first saw this bag of bones I was a little turned off, but watching her suck down Lee’s cock and seeing that tiny ass bounce up and down on him, I have to admit the anorexic cunt has grown on me!
Julie Knight
After last week’s gagtastic double anal scene with Kelly Wells we had to make sure we had the right girl for a follow up scene. So we brought in proper and polite miss Julie Knight, being the lady that she is Julie wanted to make sure this scene would be classy, respectable and artsy all at the same time. So we started things off nice and slow, warming her up with some friendly anal fisting before feeding her dick until she was drooling all over herself. Julie has such a way with words, screaming out and I quote “fuck my shit hole” while she’s being sodomized, her parents should so proud that her degree in Shakespeare studies is being put to good use. We only had one guy with us and not wanting to be out done by Kelly’s anal DP Julie brought a toy that Richard could ram into her ass while he’s fucking it stretching out her anus like it’s a fucking rubber band. If you’re in prison and need a mule to smuggle in some drugs, a carton of smokes, maybe a small TV then you might want to give Julie or Kelly a shout. Julie did a great job for her first time with us, I’m sure we’ll see her again real soon, maybe next time we’ll try and stuff a football inside her.
You know those hot chicks you see at clubs that think their too good for most guys, the ones who flaunt themselves then get bitchy when guys look at them? Well next time you see one just think about Maryanne, a beautiful girl, who I’m sure loves to tease and act like she’s the boss in public, amazing how the tables gets turned when they step through our door. We make sure whores like Maryanne learn the deal real quick, being pretty with a hot little ass means we’re going to treat them like the whores they are that much more. We wasted no time feeding her own ass and choking her with cock until tears swelled up her pretty eyes. This cunt took a serious ass pounding, the only time her ass got a break from the pummelling was when we’d feed her the dirty cock. It always amazes me how much these whores actually enjoy getting treated like pieces of meat. Who knows what disturbing shit happened to them growing up that they get off being used, abused and smile while eating some strangers cum, that’s for their therapist to figure out, our job is to entertain you guys and turn yet another innocent girl with big dreams into a biohazard bitch!
Catherine is a dirty, dirty whore with big natural tits. She was actually a really nice and friendly girl, which is good because with a face like that you need to be a whore with a nice personality. She took anything and everything, throat fucking, spitting, tit slapping, ass licking, hard a fuck ass pounding, and I mean hard, ass to mouth back to ass and back to mouth, I even shoved a toilet brush in her cunt while fucking her in the ass, this dirty cunt got the works. Because she was such a good sport I let her wash the taste of my ass out of her mouth with some toilet water before cumming in her mouth
Brooke and Holly
This week we have blonde bombshells Brooke Haven and Holly Wellin. These two super sluts are some of the hottest pieces of ass in porn, and we pair them up with the ugliest mother fucker we can find. How lucky is this son of a bitch getting his cock and balls sucked by these two nasty whores, going back and forth gagging them until they are drooling all over themselves? It’s a rhetorical question you ass hat! I don’t think it can get much better than slamming your dick balls deep into Holly’s pink pot and having Brooke pull your cock out to suck it clean. But payback is a bitch and Brooke gets to suck dirty dick as she pulls it straight out of Holly’s freshly fucked anus. You gotta love how these chicks encourage each other and strive to be nastier then one and other. Hey if you’re going to do a job, do it right and these fuck sluts go above and beyond.
Eva Angelina
We have a hot Hispanic whore for you perverts today, meet Eva. Taking a break from her regular job cleaning hotel rooms this big boob Latina hoochie came by to choke on Papi\'s cock. Eva has an extremely beautiful face and a great smile, unfortunately once we started shooting we didn\'t see her pearly whites all that much, not her fault though, it\'s hard to smile while being fed dick. This whore has just the right amount of meat on her, she\'s not a skinny crack whore or a plump pig, she\'s right in the middle, just enough cushin\' for the pushin\':-) For a dirty talking slut she\'s quite the polite putana, asking please may she have her face stuffed with cock, gotta love sluts like this one. Sasha pounds the shit out of her pink pussy and took frequent breaks to have her clean her cunt juicy off his cock with her mouth. He helped her wash down the taste of her cunt with a mouthful of cock sauce which she let dribble from her mouth all over big titties.
This week we bring back the kinky submissive boot licking biohazard bitch Aria. If you were to see Aria in regular clothing you’d never guess she’s a kinky little whore that loves being dominated. She looks like just an average nobody, until you get her clothes off and get her turned on a little. She claims she loves being smacked, spit on, made to gag and fucked in the ass hard. I don’t know if she really enjoys it or goes home and cries while scrubbing the whore off in a boiling hot shower, which would actually make watching her even hotter. Then again any person that can take Lee’s foot long schlong balls deep in their ass without passing out can’t be faking it, not to mention licking his dick clean after it’s been up her ass. She finished things off my dripping cum from her pussy into a glass and drinking it back, we really shouldn’t wait so long before bringing Aria back again!
Joselynn Pink
This week we have cock hungry pervert Joselynn Pink. When this tiny slut came in to talk with us she mentioned she wanted to shoot for us but doesn’t do anal, then she went on and on about how she loves to suck dick and eat cum. She looked like a bit of a strung out crack whore but was still cute enough that we didn’t want to slam the door on her face, well not before we at least stuffed it with dick. We were nice and gave her a pass on the anal, to make up for it we got 5 guys to come in and feed her all their cocks. Watching these idiots smacking her in the face with their dicks trying to get their turn is hilarious. Wrapping her hair around their dicks and jerking themselves off with it, trying to ear fuck the dumb slut, smacking her in the back of the hear with their cock and balls, these guys were all fighting for position. Hey that’s a lot of dick for one slut to take care of at the same time, but Joselynn did her best and had her mouth and hands full the whole time, good thing this cunt knows how to multitask! The issue with trading a bit of anal for a five man cock sandwich is the big five load bukkake finish, and this one is extra chunky!
Jessi Summers
This week we brought back hottie Jessi Summers! Last time Jessi was here she had help from her sidekick Daisy Marie, this time she\'ll have to handle things all on her own like a big girl. I have to give her props she doesn\'t need anyone else to take the hit, she can not only take it but she can even give it to herself! When our stunt cock stops choking her she takes over and chokes herself until her face turns beat red. If you\'re a sick fuck like yours truely and love the big fake funbags you\'ll like Jessi\'s rack, they\'re not the best bolt-ons I\'ve ever seen but they\'re pretty fucking nice. Even if you\'re not a fan of a fake rack I\'m confident after watching her get choked, smacked in the face and fishhooked she\'ll start to grow on you. It seems my fondness for her grew as her eyes get more and more bloodshot from being used and abused.
Audrey Hollander
This week we triple team hardcore hottie Audrey Hollander. There are some sick and twisted chicks out there, girls that love being treated like pieces of meat and tossed around like a cheap worthless rag dolls. They are rare but we’ve seen a handful of twisted bitches over the years, as fucked up as any of them were none even come close to being as messed up as Audrey. I don’t know what happened to this girl when she was growing up, but something is serious fucked up this crazy sluts head. We triple team this red headed whore, making sure she always has a hard dick (or three) being slammed inside of her. Each guy takes turns violating her anus then shoving their cocks in her mouth balls deep for an ass to mouth clean up, tasting her own ass is one thing but each guy squats on her face so she can eat their dirty stink stars too! We stretch this bitch out like she’s made of rubber, double stuffing her pussy then moving down for some extreme sodomy, shoving two cocks in her ass at the same time! We didn’t stop with the real deal double penetration we managed to take it one step further and shove two dicks in her ass and one up her cunt simultaneously, that’s right mother fuckers a triple penetration that you have to see to believe. After being used, abused and made to do some sick shit Audrey gargles and plays with her dinner of three load semen soup before swallowing it all!
Ay Papi, today we bang the crap out of Makayla, a hot Latina whore. This puta sucio took some time off from her maid duties at the local Sleep Eazy Motel and told her boyfriend Jose she had a job interview in order to get away long enough for us to fuck her up. With most of these douche bags there\'s a natural progression; fuck the face, fuck the pussy then destroy the ass, Ben decided to speed things up and Sampedro this slut going straight for the back door. Don\'t worry we made sure to rip into her chocha and pie hole with man meat. Double stuffing this bitch, slamming one in the pink and one in the stink, just about breaking this bitch apart like a cheap pinata. After railing this dumb putana the boys filled her dirty Latina mouth with cock sauce and sent her back to Juan or Jose or whatever the fuck his name is.
Deja Daire
This week we have sexy brunette Deja Dare. This hot little slut has been in the business for a few years but this is the first time we’ve gotten to tear her up. I’m not sure why we’ve never had her in here before, she’s just as good if not better than most of the dumb cunts we destroy. I don’t know why she got special treatment and had her pussy eaten before cock was jammed into her mouth, what the fuck is with the romance this is Biohazard Bitches for christ sake. Then again momma always told me “give a little and get a lot”, maybe this is what she was talking about. Give two minutes of box munching and get rewarded with balls deep gagtastic blow job, sounds reasonable. Especially when you follow the skull fucking with Deja riding your dick, the difference between you and our douche stunt cock is you probably wouldn’t have any issues getting hard like this fuck tard. Don’t worry he comes through but to see her sucking his semi limp dick at the beginning makes me want to hit him in the head with a shovel. Between this wet dick jerk off and the retard camera guy thinking he’s being artistic shooting from underneath the coffee table (Only for a minute, don’t worry) I have to give Deja that much more credit for such a great performance. All boy wonder had to do was stay hard and I guess he did that eventually, well until he popped his load in Deja’s ass hole.
Jada Fire
This week we tag team hot chocolate Jada Fire! We\'ve shot her before for our Banging Whitey website, Jada loves herself some big white cock and we have the some of the biggest around for her. Trent is a little above average but our man Chris Charming is sporting a 12 inch bat and that beast is hungry for some ass. I don\'t know what I like better about Jada her big mother fucking titties or her unbelievable blow job skills, this whore knows how suck dick. With her lips and skills I wouldn\'t even worry about taking my chances with those shiny sharp braces. Our guys don\'t spend too much time fucking her face, and who can blame them when they can be double stuffing her pussy and ass. If her big ass titties and killer oral skills aren\'t enough to put Jada in your good books then how about when asked which guy she wanted to fuck her in the ass she chose Chris and his foot long schlong! What a dirty fucking whore, sucking up every last drop after getting blasted with cum.
We have another member-submitted video for you perverts today. Chris and Emily are Dutch members of Biohazard Bitches, they wanted to show us all how much they’ve learned from us and actually taught us a trick or two. I would refrain from calling Emily a whore but in her emails to us she refers to herself as a dirty whore, so Emily you dirty fucking whore; brav-fuckin-o on a job well done! We learned a new move from Chris; about 1:50 into clip 2 he holds Emily’s face down on his cock with this figure four-cock lock move, simply brilliant! Chris has a blast roughing up his slut girlfriend, she just keeps asking for it more and harder, this chick rocks. Any whore that gets off being choked, gagged, sucks dirty cock right out of her freshly pounded ass and most importantly tapes it so all our members get to watch it is a keeper. I have a funny feeling Chris might have a hard time keeping up with Emily, she seems like she could swallow cock and get fucked in the ass for hours, what a good girl. I hope you guys enjoy watching these two sick puppies perform for us. I think they did a hell of a job and look forward to receiving their next tape. Care to share your experience banging the hell of some whore (or your loving wife)? Send it in for the rest of us to watch:-)
Gabriella and Alex
This week we learn about sharing with Gabriella Banks & Alex Del Monaco. As children most of learn to share our toys with others. As adults most people have gotten extremely selfish, finding someone that will share their girl or guy is not an easy task. What happened growing up that people have become so possessive over their toys? Lucky for Brett his girlfriend Gabriella has no issue sharing with others; here she shares him with hottie Alex. These girls have a blast passing him back and forth and work together to suck him off. They then take turns riding him, and are even considerate enough to suck each other cunt juice off his dick before hopping on for a ride. It’s most guys fantasy to bang two chicks at the same time, going back and forth taking your dick out of one and slide it into the other, having one chick suck your dick while the other tongues your balls. I’m sure that gets worked into most guys spank bank, your truly included, shame my girlfriend isn’t into sharing. When I suggested a threesome with one of her friends she replied with... “Why? So you can disappoint two women at the same time.” Seems there’s a reason I sit here and write text and Brett is on screen banging the shit out of two whores at the same time, we all have our places in life, I’m just glad I don’t have the job of mopping up after the shoot!
Like your whores petite and tight? Then you\'ll love this week\'s tiny tart Nyomi. She must have been hungry when she came over because this little slut wasted no time eating cock. This bitch gobbles cock with the best of \'em, shoving it balls deep down her pie hole. With the ass Nyomi\'s sporting Ben didn\'t spend much time fucking her pink pussy before sodomizing this skank. Ben gave this bitch the ATM special, non stop Ass to Mouth action, fucking her tight little ass then cleaning off by shoving his fresh from anus cock down her throat. If tasting her own ass over and over wasn\'t enough Ben shoved her pretty face into his crack giving her a sampling of his stink star. He twisted, turned and bent this bitch in all kinds of funky positions, and this little whore smiled through almost all of it:-) You have to love dirty whores like Nyomi who get off being treated like pieces of worthless meat, the rougher you are the more they want.
Summer time is great for finding whores all over the place, I picked up Allison drinking in a park not far from my place. This bitch was half in the bag when I found her, an easy score:-) She isn’t a toilet whore and I had her licking my balls and tonguing my ass in no time. The throat poking, ass eating and fucking was enough to make her sick. She didn’t expect me to keep fucking her while she’s tossing her cookies, but I’m sick like that. A bit of puke isn’t going to stop me from banging her in the dirt box, cumming all over her wasted face then sending her on her merry way.
Judy Star
This bitch is Judy Star, a pro who’s been in over 100 movies, she knows how take a hard ass pounding. She’s actually a dyke who only fucks guys on camera, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to bang the shit out of her, BAREBACK! That’s right boys I barebacked this whore, pussy to ass to mouth!
Allison and Leah
This week we double the fun with a couple of kinky fuck faces. Allison Pierce is fresh off the farm, moving here from Kansas just two months ago. The other whore is Leah Luv, this dirty fucking slut has 3 years and hundreds of guys on Allison, I don’t know any guy in the business who hasn’t fucked or cock chocked this filthy little twat. We paired up a newbie and veteran slut and you’d never know who’s who when they get down to business. One of the things we really enjoy doing to these whores is pulling out of their freshly fucked anus and ramming the cock straight down their throat for some dirty ass to mouth action. I would imagine the only thing worse then tasting the inner walls of your colon would be sucking the filthy ass juice straight out of some other whore’s anal cavity, how fucking revolting! Our boy has a good time with these sluts, banging Leah in the ass while Allison licks on his nut sack, going back and forth cock slapping these sluts while they give him a double BJ. Allison and Leah’s parents should be so proud of themselves for the terrific job they did raising their little angels in what was obviously a well adjusted home, we see they were taught to share with their friends and never waste food, swapping cum back and forth before swallowing the whole dirty load!This week we double the fun with a couple of kinky fuck faces. Allison Pierce is fresh off the farm, moving here from Kansas just two months ago. The other whore is Leah Luv, this dirty fucking slut has 3 years and hundreds of guys on Allison, I don’t know any guy in the business who hasn’t fucked or cock chocked this filthy little twat. We paired up a newbie and veteran slut and you’d never know who’s who when they get down to business. One of the things we really enjoy doing to these whores is pulling out of their freshly fucked anus and ramming the cock straight down their throat for some dirty ass to mouth action. I would imagine the only thing worse then tasting the inner walls of your colon would be sucking the filthy ass juice straight out of some other whore’s anal cavity, how fucking revolting! Our boy has a good time with these sluts, banging Leah in the ass while Allison licks on his nut sack, going back and forth cock slapping these sluts while they give him a double BJ. Allison and Leah’s parents should be so proud of themselves for the terrific job they did raising their little angels in what was obviously a well adjusted home, we see they were taught to share with their friends and never waste food, swapping cum back and forth before swallowing the whole dirty load!
Daisy Fox
I got this bitch to come over thinking she was auditioning for a new reality show similar to Fear Factor called No Fear. She is one of hotter whores I’ve had the chance to bang (on camera:-). It’s amazing what a bitch will do for 15 minutes of fame or the chance of winning a few bucks. This whore must have really wanted to get on the show, letting a stranger straight rod her pussy with no condom, stupid bitch. I should play the “casting director” roll more often, not even a cock bareback in her ass and a face load of cum scared her away.
Monica Sweetheart
Holy hottie alert, we have the uber sexy Monica Sweetheart this week. It\'s amazing what a hot body and nice hair can do for a chick with an ugly face. Who gives a flying fuck what her face looks like when she has perfect natural tits and such a sweet peach of a pussy and ass. Even if you set those great attributes aside I would still put Monica close to the top of my short list after watching her suck cock. She\'s so damn good at deep throating that she doesn\'t give a single gag, what a shame! With her skills I\'m pretty confident I would pop way before I get to penetrate any of her other holes. But I\'m no pro, which is why our stunt cock is now on my shit list. This dumb ass has been given carte blanche to do whatever he wants to her and he doesn\'t so much as stick his finger in her tight little ass hole. Sure getting head and the opportunity to bareback what sweet pink pussy would be more than anyone can ask for, but have you seen that ass??? So I apologize for the lack of sodomy this week, although Monica\'s great BJ skills and finger licking face blizzard makes up for it.
If any of you guys ever dated a red head you know the kind of attitude and tempers these bitches can have. For any guy who’s felt the wrath of a psycho carrot top, you’re gonna love the payback that we administer on this stupid cunt. Audrey may have run the show in some of her past relationships but one round with Marco and Alberto is enough to put this hot tempered hussy in her place and show her who’s the boss. Audrey’s face, tits and ass are going to be just as red as her hair after these two guys are done smacking the crap out of her. It’s one thing to have a guy treat you like a dirty pig, most of these whores are used to that, but to have two of the roughest guys in porn tearing your holes apart, choking, gagging and slapping the crap out you is what Biohazard is all about! Not since Bonnie have I seen a bitch take two cocks in her ass and just keep asking for more, if they had a league of super whores, Audrey would be ElastiSlut:-)
Melissa Lauren
I don\'t know what\'s worse, the terrible story line, the bad accents or poor acting at the beginning of this shoot! Luckily it doesn\'t last too long before our two stunt cocks start ripping into Melissa Lauren. We\'ve had Melissa here about half a dozen times and each time we make sure to mistreat and abuse her as much as possible, yet she keeps coming back for more. There aren\'t many whores that can take what we dish out but those that can, enjoy it and keep paying us visits. I think we need to start double stuffing their rectums and give them a serious stretching session that they won\'t forget so easily. This should be a fun place for you guys to visit, if the sluts keep coming back because their having a lot of fun we\'re not doing our jobs properly. When our guys aren\'t reaming her in the ass she takes the liberty to entertain us by fisting it, then gagging herself, god I love this nasty cunt!
Jenny Simpson
Holy mother fucking moly we have out done ourselves this time. I think this is one of only a handful of times we’ve ever had a natural blond with rug that matches the curtains, oh and we just about drove a small bus into her rectum. There’s anal then there’s ass fucking but what we have here is some off the wall fucked up sodomy! We stretch out Jenny’s sphincter like it’s a rubber band, one that’s about to snap. I almost forgot about her champion deep throating skills when I saw what she took in her clown car of an anus. We warmed her up with a giant black dildo that had the circumference of a grown mans bicep and the gape was spectacular, if you like the view of someone’s lower intestines. Our stunt cocks, Big Black and Porno Russell Brand reamed her pussy and ass then crossed swords and double penetrated her anus. We did a triple anal once before, two cocks and a dildo but I don’t think it was as fucked up as what Jenny went through.
Tory and Vanessa
We take a ride down a two Lane bi-way this week with super sluts Tory Lane & Vanessa Lane! They aren’t related but they sure do have a lot in common, like Barrett’s dick in them for starters. I love these two whores, they are fucking hot and know how to fuck on film! They play off each other and are always striving to outslut the other one, if Vanessa is getting her pussy pounded Tory will pull Barrett’s cock out to suck it clean then lick Vanessa’s snatch and ass hole. Not to be outdone Vanessa will pull the cock out of Tory’s ass and lick it clean. I don’t know what’s hotter watching these girls slobber all over dick or seeing them spit on each other. I have seen hundreds of these girls come and go over the years, all shapes, sizes and colours and if you asked me which ones I like the best, Tory and Vanessa would near the top. I’m a clean freak that likes my women dirty, and these chicks are just the right amount of dirty.
Gentlemen we have a bonus scene for you guys today. We had this couple come in wanting to shoot a scene; they claimed to be rough, dirty and just what we were looking for. As you can see Dana is a petite cutie and although she likes to think of herself as a dirty whore she has a ways to go before she achieves that status, we have faith with lots of practice and help from us kind folk she’ll achieve her goal:-) Her boyfriend likes to have her gag on his cock and fuck her hard, but we can teach him a thing or two about mistreating his girl. Next time we’ll team her up with one of our guys so she can get skull fucked, sodomized and fed cock straight from her ass while her boyfriend watches how it’s really done. Dana aspires to be a dirty fuck pig after all, and we’ll do our best to make sure she gets there. Unfortunately when dealing with amateurs the guys don’t quite last as long as our regular guys, so enjoy this sweet bonus scene…
Tiffany Raine
We have hottie Tiffany Raine for you sick fucks this week. If this little slut looks familiar it’s because you might have seen her on our website where we shot her right when she started in this business and went by the name Amber. She was 5 years younger, 15 pounds lighter and way less of a dirty whore then she is now. It’s amazing she stuck with porn for this long and it’s nice to see how she’s progressed, she started doing blow job scenes an now she’s getting face fucked and sodomized by Lee’s foot long cock. She’s obviously been getting work and been sucking a lot of dick, to be able to take down all 12 inches of man meat and not bring up lunch is amazing. Tiffany is loud one, but how can anyone fault her for screaming when she has a massive cock jammed all the way up her ass. Like the good girl that she is she licked Lee’s cock clean each time he pulled it out of the pink and the stink.
Eva Angelina
This week our busty friend Eva Angelina comes back for a visit. Eva has great big fake titties and it\'s a good thing too because she isn\'t a small girl. I have nothing against a bitch with a little cushion for pushin, it\'s good to have some meat to grab on to and slap around. Sir Mix Alot said it best, when girl walks in with an itty bitty waste and a round thing in your face you get sprung. With tits like ka-pow and an ass like bam, I don\'t know what I like best, even without them her plump blow job lips would do the trick. It\'s doesn\'t matter that she has a little in the middle when she has much back! Sad thing is Eva told me she was made fun of for being a chubby girl when she was growing up, and had a hard time getting guys in school, I think she\'s more than making up for it now. Question is what would you do to have that ass bouncing up and down on you while her double d\'s are smacking you in the face almost knocking your sorry ass out.
Alicia Alighatti
Hey perverts, we have a treat for you today, we give school teacher Alicia Alighatti a lesson on being a cock gobbling, cum drinking whore. Marco had to face fuck with caution, you need to have good aim when shoving your cock into a mouth full of metal. Although Alicia appears to live the life of a conservative school teacher with her glasses and braces, she likes to indulge in some raunchy after school extra curricular activities. This little vixen is proof you can never judge a book by it\'s cover, if you saw Alicia walking down the street you\'d never guess she likes to be gagged and fucked by strangers. Alicia admitted she has a serious cum fixation so we made sure to cover her pretty little face and fill her metal mouth with three loads of cock sauce.
We welcome in the new year with this 25 year old whore, Lorelei. We had a blast with this snaggle tooth slut, double teaming the dumb cunt and really putting her through the ringer. Lorelei is one of those broads that has the \"I\'m a dirty whore\" type of face, and we make sure to stuff that face and make it a reality. Thankfully this dumb bitch was able to multi-task, it\'s not easy riding cock and while having another stuffed balls deep down your throat, or so I\'m told. Our guys took turns stuffing a pole in each hole, double teaming her and gagging her with cock that came straight out of her ass. As if chocking on cock wasn\'t enough we practically fisted her mouth until her eyes swelled up with tears, all the while the horny slut was screaming for more. I think she was screaming for more, it\'s hard to understand someone when their mouth is full. Lorelei isn\'t a bad looking girl but I have to admit she looks a lot better with two loads of cock sauce all over her face.
Jayna is an exotic looking whore, she mentioned where she was from but who the fuck really cares! We couldn’t give a rats ass where these cunts come from as long as they open wide and take whatever we give them. This dumb bitch swallows cock like a champ, chose a hole and ram it good:-) The boys had a blast bending this bitch and double penetrating Jaynas tight ass; 2 poles + 2 holes = smiles all around. It seems the smaller the tits the tighter the ass, this seems to holds true for most of the skanky whores we destroy. Banging the crap out of these small whores is fun, we can bend them, lift them and toss them around as much as we like. I think I heard her complain only once during her reaming but her mouth was full of cock, it was too hard to understand what the fuck she was saying so we just ignored her:-) After a solid ass pounding Jayna got a nice cum bath from the boys to finish her off.
Mrs. Clause
It\'s the 26th and that means Christmas is over! As you can imagine St. Nick is exhausted and needs a few weeks rest so he has his elves on top of things while he recovers. They need to clean up the workshop, take care of the reindeer and make sure Mrs. Clause is taken care of. I don\'t know if mistreating her by ramming cock down her throat and having her eat man ass is what Santa had in mind when he asked them to look after her. Santa is an old fat drunk that spends his time running sweatshops filled with midgets, so when the elves get a chance to rail the wife in the ass then feed their dirty dick back to her they make sure to give her some extra Christmas cheer and a face full of jolly white stuff!
This week we brought back Kat and her terrific tiny titties. When we first met Kat she was begging for change on the street corner so she could buy herself a happy meal, now she’s sucking cock and getting sodomized so she can buy designer jeans and over priced purses to hold some make up and the money she no longer has. One thing’s for certain with her cock gobbling and gagging skills she’ll never go hungry again. Kat is an adorable little slut, and so much fun to toss around. I don’t think this light weight weighs more than 90 lbs. She might look young and innocent at first but she’s as nasty as they come, taking it in the pooper then sucking her ass juice off Brian’s man meat. Kat should do quite well fucking for money, I just hope she plays the young look for as long as she can before she gets all cracked out and gets big ugly bolt-ons. I love fake titties but a whore has to have the body to rock a set of big flappy fun bags, Kat would look like a complete ass clown if she got her rack done. Just like Kat and all the other pigs we shoot why worry or plan for later when all that matters is right now, so let’s not stress over her getting a tit job down the road and focus on her getting sodomized, skull fucked and splattered with cock cream by our man Brian.
Jaime is a cute whore with a little bit extra meat on her. For some reason (probably low self-esteem) the chunky chicks are always dirtier and willing to take more abuse. It could also be they\'re hungrier and want to swallow more cock than the skinny girls with eating disorders. Ben sure had fun ramming his cock down this whores throat and gagging her time after time, if that wasn\'t enough he also rammed his feet down this sluts pie hole. Jaime couldn\'t get enough cock; eating it straight out of her pussy and filthy ass time after time, she probably skipped lunch. If you\'re into big natural tits you\'re gonna love watching these big boobs flop all over the place.
We bum blast red head horny hottie Trinity this week. As you\'ll be able to tell by her gaping anus Trinity has been around the block a few times. By being around the block I mean this fucking slut has been whoring herself on film getting reamed by guys for over three years now. You\'d think this seasoned pro wouldn\'t scream so much when we smack her in the face and ass, at some point a bitch has to get used to being used and abused. If you like dirty talk you\'re going to love hearing this fuck slut beg for more as she\'s being sodomized and choked, then fed fresh ass soaked cock. Our boy tosses Trinity around like a live raggedy Anne doll, filling her pussy ass and mouth with his fat cock in all kids of crazy positions, then spitting on her face, treating her like the anal whore that she is. With all the smacking Trinity took on both sets of cheeks the dumb cum slut will leave us with a matching red glow on her face and ass. I can\'t wait to bring this bitch back, only next time we\'ll stuff two cocks up her abused and stretched out ass.
We wasted no time ramming cock down the throat of this dumb bitch. Stacy told us she has hopes of being a porn starlet, she said she always wanted to see her name in lights, don’t worry Stacy we’ll make you famous:-) Famous for being cock jammed and treated like a filthy whore. Any time a new slut walks through our door with tattoo’s we know she has higher threshold for pain, we make sure to push her to her limits, ramming cock down her throat and up her tight ass until we see her eyes swell up with tears. Hey if you want to be a star you have to do what others won’t, or some bs like that lol. We hope you’re road to stardom gets smoother after this Stacey, you dumb whore!